Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hawaii... where have you been all my life?

Ok, so Hawaii has been here, but only in my dreams!!  This week my dreams became a reality, and for free and I get paid for it too!!  Man, I am so blessed.  And so far it has been paradise!

We left on Thursday Morning on US airways!  The girls were AMAZING on the flight, seriously, AMAZING!

Natalie and Ainsley sat like this playing for lots of times during the flight.  The fussiness was few and far between! 

Wanna see the PARADISE that we are staying at (I have my own sweet with an AMAZINGLY deep bathtub!)  YES!  I am in LOVE!

So this week, if you are wondering where Meg is.. I am in Hawaii looking for a husband, cause I don't wanna be here alone again!! hahahha Wish me luck! :)

P.S.  Maybe the next time I am looking for a husband, I shouldn't have 2 twin newborns with me, 
it's kind of hard to get them to believe I am just borrowing them!