Monday, May 5, 2008

Ohana means "family" and family means nobody's left behind!

In my life family is extended through many families not just the family I was born into. I have so many families to me that are like my own.. atleast I would claim them as such!
First I have my own family. My Mom was born into a family where she is the oldest of 11. So my family from birth is HUGE!! Then I have my immediate family My Mom, brother Pat and his wife Andrea and 3 kids, Kobe 5, Dylan 4, and Chloe 1.
I never lived with Dad growing up but he is Married to Lisa and has 3 step children Andrea (1 child), Tyler (deceased), and Haley ( 2 kids+).
Now comes the part that may get confusing... So throughout my life I have always had "ADOPTED OHANAS" who in my heart are really my family. I need these families. Being from a only 2 child household with a single Mom it never felt quite complete until I started becoming parts of other families as well! I am so blessed to have the families in my life that I do.
In my early Childhood there were a few families that acted as my Ohana. My Babysitters the Farrar's as well as my friends the Carters.
Then came my new families: The Whitings/Wrights/Williams, The Stayners, The Drapers, The Latu's, Pat Terry, The Nilson's and The Pectols all of Orem, The Lewis/Cusak Family (Ohio), Browns in Carbondale, IL, Jen Willahan and Sam and Sarah Pettit Family. Of course I am sure there are a few that I am forgetting to mention that I just ADORE..all and all families or individuals such as this have shaped my life and given me so much love!
I thought this entry was a great way to start off my Blog!I will include as many pictures as I have of the families who have not left me behind..ENJOY!

I have NO idea how to put these in ANY bear with me!!This is the Whiting extended Family

My Dad and Step Mom Lisa (3 yrs ago)
2 Of my Carbondale Brown Family
My Mom and My Kobe
The Williams

The Pectols
Me and my Gram Gazaway

Sam and Sarah Pettit

The Boy Latu

Pat and Andrea and 3 kids
Pat Terry
Jen Willahan