Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thankful Thursday...Gratitude Journal

I have a gratitude journal that I keep when things feel a little rough. I started it months ago and open it up on those not so happy days. When I started this journal I decided that I didn't want to do the usual gratitude journal where I wrote about all the things that I am thankful for (although that is noteworthy) but that I wanted to put a twist on it and write about the things that are most important to me.. PEOPLE. So each time I feel in a slump, I open up that book and pick someone in my life that I am grateful for and dedicate that page to them. So, I have decided that every Thursday I am going to post these gratitude moments so all that read this will know what great people I have in my life and why they are so great.

I am going to start off this tradition with my Brother... I know, I know some of you may be a little suprised because we fight like an old married couple, but really over the last 8 or so years, I have really learned that my brother loves me so much. This is for you Pat. Thanks for always trying to be a Dad to me, even when I don't like it most of the time, I know that it is all because you are just trying to watch over me.

The Top Ten Reason's why I am grateful for Patrick Neal Gazaway...

10. Whenever I have needed help with things car problems, money, fixing something he always comes through.
9. He suprised me with a car for Christmas in 2004 that has works like a champion!
8. He bought the house that my roomies and I live in and eats money on it every month but still lets me live there.
7. When he knows that something is really important to me, he does whatever it takes to help me. (personal trainer, weightloss, non profit work, etc)
6. He is the daddy of my two nephews and one niece.
5. He tries so hard to be there for Mom when she needs him. Helps with yard work, repairs, upkeep when he can.
4. He let Dad and Lisa stay at his house for a week.
3. He has a hard exterior but is just a soft cuddly bear on the inside
2. He has actually started complimenting me and saying sorry on occasion.
1. He is sensitive to the spirit. I am thankful that my brother is not afraid to cry when he feels something sweet.

Pat I am very thankful for you, even though sometimes I am not the greatest at showing it. I love you Bro!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Weddings Wednesday....

For all of you that don't know I started a new business called Posh Decor (weddings and events). I am focusing on the wedding planning aspect of it (and have had lots of previous practice before I officially opened my buisness)but I also do decorations at weddings as well. I love it so much and have been able to pull off some really beautiful weddings.

If you know anyone that needs a planner please send them my way. I have lots of connections and really do EVERYTHING for them. I also have lots of references.

Also If you know someone that needs someone to decorate, I do that as well. Each Wednesday I will be doing a blog about what I have worked on or what I will work on. Stay tuned...

Today has been a busy day on the catering end (not my favorite thing to do... I'd rather do the others). I catered a JetBlue Luau in Salt Lake. I made Kalu pig, Shoyo chicken, sticky rice, macaroni salad and then had green salad and rolls. It was a success! Then I came rushing home from that to cater a dinner bridal shower for the bride I am planning for right now Ann Bahr. I made chicken salad sandwhiches, macaroni salad, bowtie pasta salad, strawberry poppyseed salad, fruit flower kabobs, chocolate dipped strawberries, key lime pie, and we also had a vegetable tray with hummus dip and don't forget my trademark, Lem Wa (lemon Water). It was well attended with 47 people there! So I must say my day went rather smoothly having two events and two helpers.. Thanks Ghetto (steph) and Linda (roomie) for all your service to me today!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tribute Tuesday... Jen's Bday!

Anyone that knows me well knows one of my most favorite things in the world..My sister friend Jen Willahan. She goes by many different names.. some call her, Chicken, Willy or willis, Jenny, Sister, Sig-o, Sweet thing to name a few. Whatever you call her I am sure she loves it :)
Jen is such a fun, vibrant part of my life as you will be able to tell from the slide show you are about to watch. Anytime you need someone to tease you, cry with you, laugh gut laughter, be mad at someone with you (we call it bugged), enjoy yummy food, go shopping, LISTEN to your woes, take care of you (yes, when I was sick in IL she had to 'ice" my bare bum!), anytime you need a spiritual upbeat or someone to say a choice word, A diet Coke run.. you name it this girl is it all!

Willy I love us! I love that I can call you my significant other (because of Jetblue travel benefits). That we can share emails to help each other have a great day. That we pass the beautiful day list back and forth to each other. I am so glad that I have someone who likes to travel as much as I do. Thank for for all the charitable acts you have done on my behalf. Love all our laughs... lots of them! I love the llama face. I love when you are being silly and start food and water fights. I could go on and on..

"Friends are quiet angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering to fly"

This is you all the way my dear! Above all you make me want to be a better person.. to pray as hard as you.. read my scriptures as faithfully as you.. treat others as kindly as you.... I am blessed daily by my Heavenly Father because you are in my life! I love you dearly sweet Jen! I hope that you had a relaxing and rejuvinating Birthday!! You deserve it! Enjoy the memories and we will have A LOT MORE!

Dream Big - Ryan Shupe

Monday, July 28, 2008

Memory Monday: Adventures in Illinois and surrounding areas

Today I was sitting around needing a laugh and so I started thinking of some of the crazy laughable times in my life and I instantly thought of Murphysboro, IL. and my adventures with Jen and mandy and company! :)

In Illinois we lived in the home of a lady who was serving a mission in NY. Her name is Sister Schaack. Oh how we love and adore Sister Schaack. I never lived with her...but I have stayed with her on returning visits and she is a gem!

This is our favorite room in the house. That couch is THE MOST comfortable thing ever! (She would just die if she new how many times we vegged, slept and ate on her beautiful white couch! but it just was so inviting and just drew us in!)

Some of my favorite laughable moments on this couch would be.. all 4 seasons of 24 in a month were watched on this couch, outrageous teasing moments were done on this couch, Totinos pizza, diet coke and Graeters ice cream were consumed in quanities we won't mention here, Computer time was done here, sleepy time was done here and some of the most awkward social gatherings you will ever witness took place in this very room! :)

While in Illinois Jen and I became Road-trippers. I went went all over the place. Several times to Chicago and St. Louis, a couple to Nauvoo and other history sites, Memphis, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana (Kim S and I), Arkansas (with my Dad's family for Thanksgiving...bless Jen's heart!), Iowa and I could pretty much name all the midwest states and I went there at one time or another while living in Illinois. The next few pictures are memories from those very roadtrips...

When we went back to visit my Mission in Ohio... My former investigator Bob Dempsey decided he wanted to see me do some Tae something.. this is Jen's fav memory (minus Carol at Golden Corral without her teeth in gumming her steak). I have lost all pride in posting this... but it makes me laugh gut laughter so it MUST go on my laughing memory blog.

This is the 3 of us in our element! Oh was this an experience!! How I love my Jen and Er! Erika came to visit us after we left her roommate-less at the Crestwood when we moved to Illinois. Funny part is that when she came to IL and we decided that we wanted to go to Kentucky (mind you 4 hours away) so that we could have her experience Graeters Ice Cream. So on a wim we took off for Kentucky! Laughing all the way. We went to stay at a hotel, ate at cheesecake factory, went to a movie, came back to hotel, went to the Kentucky Temple the next morning then PF Changs and then to Graeters. We are crazy! We all bought take home ice cream $50 worth each I believe! hahaha Who does that? We did! Then we couldn't find ANYWHERE from Illinois to St Louis to buy dry ice so Er could take it home on the plane... so she had to leave it.. bummer for her.. blessing for us!
This is one of the stupidest ideas that we ever thought of and one of the most hideous pictures but I had to share it cause it is so funny! We brought this on a trip thinking we would watch the TV like that.. we had gone to Liberty jail area to do an EFY training...isn't that funny. we were laughing like crazy.. don't worry it didn't last
This is Jen and I when we met Ryan Tucker in Memphis for dinner! We went to Rum Boogie.. oh how we loved the food and the saxophone player and jazz music. One of the fun memories we had.See the little man in blue.. we will call him "TAZMANIAN DEVIL" this is the little boy I worked with at the brain injury center that kicked the "trash" out of me, caused me to have syatica and gave me my grey tooth. Can you believe a little dude like that could beat me up.. I had to state trooper him on the ground till my big black co-workers (in the back row that you can see) came to my rescue. What a memory... I must say, I still loved little man taz after that.

Thanks for joining me for a little ditty down memory lane :)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Come, Come ye Saints...Happy Pioneer Day

Throughout Utah, July 24th is known as Pioneer day! This is a day that we take a moment to celebrate the pioneers who sacrificed so much so that we could have the church established in these latter days. Celebrations include parades, fireworks, marathons, bbq's, family reunions, firesides and devotionals, decorating of graves etc.

I have had opportunities to visit the sites that the pioneers traveled through. I have been several times to Kirtland (Where the members were forced out of), Nauvoo (where the temple was burnt to the ground and the members forced to flee), Carthege (where our beloved prophet Joseph Smith and brother Hyrum were murdered), Winter Quarters in Nebraska (where we lost many pioneers in the bitter cold), as well as Martin's Cove where I was incharge of a trek last year in that sacred place. All these experiences were sweet and unforgetable. I learned so much of what huge sacrifices were made for us and the faith to continue the long, hard journey these pioneers had. They showed such increased faith as to say they had "nothing to fear from the journey."

In Nauvoo I was so touched walking down Parley street reading about all the lives of faith and courage which existed among the pioneers. They were so honorable and led lives of true devotion to the Savior.

While on the trek at Martin's cove I couldn't believe how hard it was to pull and push the handcarts up the steep inclines and rocky areas. An astonishing part that made the ending of the trek the hardest part because it turned out to be miserable was while crossing the sweet water. We were hot and tired and stopped to take in the moment as we crossed. Getting the handcart through the water was a chore! But what it did to you after crossing was MISERABLE. We got wet and experienced great chafing as well as blistery feet due to wet shoes. I could only imagine the condition of those dear saints feet and bodies!

I am going to recap some of my favorite pioneer stories I have been told. I hope they touch and inspire you, as they do me at the faithful spirits within each of them.

I think of the girl who lost all but one of her family members on the trek to the Salt Lake valley. Carried her last remaining sibling on her back all the way there. As soon as she made it on Utah soil, she put her sibling down. Layed on the ground and died.

Or the story of a little girl who was so frozen and so cold that she kept climbing into the hancart to rest and her father kept putting her down and making her run alongside the cart the whole way. She was so upset that she wasn't given a rest.. later she came to find out that the reason for that was to keep her blood flowing to all her extremities so that she wouldn't loose any from frostbite.

Of all the illustrations of faith in the Lord, few stories are more powerful than that told of the pioneer who years later stood to defend the decision of the Martin Handcart Company to start for the Salt Lake Valley late in the year of 1856. He had been one of the nearly 3,000 Saints who walked from Iowa and Nebraska to Utah between 1856 and 1860 in one of 10 companies pushing and pulling handcarts loaded with their belongings.
In a Sunday School class there was sharp criticism of the ill-fated Martin and Willie Handcart Companies, which met with tragedy because of their late start on the trek to the Salt Lake Valley.
An elderly man arose and said: “I ask you to stop this criticism. You are discussing a matter you know nothing about. Cold historic facts … give no proper interpretation of the questions involved. Mistake to send the Handcart Company out so late in the season? Yes. But I was in that company and my wife … too. We suffered beyond anything you can imagine and many died of exposure and starvation, but … we became acquainted with God in our extremities.
“I have pulled my handcart when I was so weak and weary from illness and lack of food that I could hardly put one foot ahead of the other. I have looked ahead and seen a patch of sand or a hill slope and I have said, I can go that far and there I must give up, for I cannot pull the load through it. … I have gone on to that sand and when I reached it, the cart began pushing me. I have looked back many times to see who was pushing my cart, but my eyes saw no one. I knew then that the angels of God were there.
“Was I sorry that I chose to come by handcart? No. Neither then nor any minute of my life since. The price we paid to become acquainted with God was a privilege to pay, and I am thankful that I was privileged to come in the Martin Handcart Company” (as quoted in David O. McKay, “Pioneer Women,” The Relief Society Magazine, Jan. 1948, 8).

Often time I think of the hymn Come, come ye saints. This part is especially poinant to me.. "And shall we die, before our journey's through, HAPPY DAY all is well." I think I would think it was a happy day after suffering that much on the plains.. they probably meant it very differently but I have to sing that Happy day with such emphasis after experiencing the trek myself.

These stories are only but a mini sized portion of the trials and miracles that these blessed saints endured. In my own life I hope that I can be worthy of this kind of faith that is displayed. Thank you pioneers for the rights and freedoms and truths that you suffered so that we would have everything that we have here in Utah in 2008. My faith is increased through your example!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Celebrating the birth of Matt Dearing!!

Happy, Happy Birthday Matty!
Macho, Marvelous, Million Dollar, Matty-

Today is the Birthday of one of my dearest friends Matty! We have been through the ringer together... the EFY ringer that is!! hahhaa Matt has made me laugh, made me cry and has been a friend to me when other's didn't know how to. There are so many different reasons why I love Matt. Here are a few...

Matt always knows what he wants and will go for it regardless of the cost!

    Matt is rough on the outside but such a tenderheart on the inside

    He will cry with you or laugh at or with you.. whatever fits the situation

    He knows when he is wrong and will make an effort to let you know.

    He has a fire for the gospel and isn't afraid to tell you spiritual things

    He loves his Mom and his wife... they can do nothing wrong!

    He is loyal.. it's hard to get in his heart but once you are there... you are there forever.

    He loves kids and turns into one when they are around.

    He is a true friend through and through

I bonded close to Matt when I was one of the EFY building Counselor riding in the van ("cruiser") when he hit a parked car.. everyone else remained quiet but I was afraid Matt was going to start crying (although he would never admidt it.. there were tears a brewin) so I called him the "Cruiser Bruiser!" Everyone thought I was so rude.. but I think it endeared me to Matt and the rest is history. The next year we became Coordinator partners and had to totally take care of eachother to survive that summer. All the things that happed to us that summer I couldn't have survived with out his steady friensdhip and concern. Matt has saved me from sleepwalking, bought me food when I was physically weary, protected me from hard situations, tried to keep me posted on the comings and goings in his life while I was away in Illinois and when I came back for his wedding, he let me be in the all guy buddy picture outside the temple.

Even though life changes, people get married and everyone has to move on he lets me hang with his wife and him from time to time. I think Matt knows how I feel about him and cherish his sweet friendship. Heck, he let's me call him Matty which is a big step in itself!

I have been trying to upload this great slideshow I made for his birthday a few years ago with lots of fun pictures from his past.. Maybe someday I will get it to work! But in the meantime, I will just share some pictures of why we all celebrate this boy named Matthew Timothy Dearing's Birthday!!

Hope you and Aubs had a FANTASTIC day Matty!
Laughin our heads off in the middle of the night!
Cheesy EFY days! This is when I was in the wheelchair at EFY.. Always willing to show off! This kid is strong he could pick me up!The married Man! He got really lucky!

He's got the WHOLE world in his hands!! Always there to lift you up when you need him!

Everyone that knows the real Matt celebrates his BIRTH!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


As you can tell this weekend was bitter sweet. Not only did I have a funeral but I had a WONDERFUL EFY Old School Reunion. What a blessing that was. I saw people that I haven't seen in over 5 yrs! So much fun! Not to mention 4 EFY babies on the way!

The thing that I found most amusing was that many of the couples that showed were the 10% couples. If you aren't familiar with that. It has been said that 10% of EFY counselors marry eachother.. I don't think that is quite right... I think personally it is much higher! Here are some snipits of pictures from the night...
These are the people that came.. that I have been able to remember... I am so sorry if I forgot you!

  • Jackson Westenschow and Heather Brinkerhoff Westenschow (pregnant w/ child)
    Troy Anderson and Heidi Brinkerhoff Anderson
    Fernando (sharon was in Cali with the kids)
    Kurt Johnson, wife and 2 kids
    Julie Little Erikson and hubby Phil (pregnant with child)
    Anna Osmond Poole and Marcus Poole and son Connor (pregnant with Child)
    Deveney Tucker Jensen (pregnant with child)
    Desiree Marchant Syme and hubby Chuck
    Kylee Shields
    Kevin Peterson
    Staci Yamada
    Jen Willahan
    Adam Esenshroder
    Amy Peese Bellamy and hubby Adam with Baby Boston
    Kristen Mcmullin
    Randilyn Nordstrom
    Emilie Johnson Adams plus 2 kids, Mckenna and Hadley
    Katie Montgomery
    Tiffany Stephen
    Jessica and Greg Warner
    Tyson Ripley
    Andrea A
    Don Osmond
    Carrie Drake
    Brett Barrett and Sister Jamie Barrett
    Cindy King Merryweather and husband Reid
    Ry Guy tucker
    Mark Millet (wife Mary was at Girl's Camp)
    Meg Gazaway (hahaha)
    Emily Hansen, husband and kids
    Tammy Burton Lamm and husband and baby girl Emma
  • Sharylann Goertzen
    I know there are people I am missing.. sorry!


Saturday, July 12, 2008

A sweet Farewell

Today was Craig's funeral and the service was beautiful, peaceful, hopeful yet still tearful!

His Brother's David and Kevin had everyone laughing about the CRAIGISM'S and his Sister Shelley gave a tearful reading of a short essay she had wrote in school about her hero brother and had read to him on his Birthday in November. It was precious. The Decker family (parents and siblings) joined together and sang Our Savior's Love and there was also a beautiful rendition of Abide with me played on the trumpet.

Craig's Mother gave the most humble accounting of the last encounter with her son and told us how heart wrenching it was to watch her son die right before her eyes and there was nothing that she could do about it! She taught us about what the atonement really is and how the Savior took her pain and guilt away completely and replaced it with overwhelming peace and re-assurance.
His Father Lynn bore a powerful testimony about not allowing fear to overtake us but taking that fear and turning it into action for good. He shared how his son was secretely, painfully shy but none of us would EVER know it because he refused to let fear paralyze him and mustered what ever courage it took to be outgoing and loving to all.

I will never be Craig Decker. I am not blessed with the same spiritual gifts that he has. But I do know that I can make some changes in my life that will make me a more sincere and a better example of my Savior, Jesus Christ.

Good bye sweet smiley Craig. Your legacy will live on throught the eternities!
All my love, Meg

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Craig's Obituary... still learning from him even though he is gone!

Craig Hammond Decker - Obituary
November 22, 1982 – 7/5/2008

It is with tender feelings that family and friends bid farewell to our beloved Craig, who died while sailing with his parents at Utah Lake.
Craig Hammond Decker, 25, was born November 22, 1982 in Murray, Utah to Lyle and Marie Decker. He was a vibrant young man who was loved and respected by the many people whose lives he touched.
An Eagle Scout, he graduated from West Jordan High in 2001. He and Mark Hendricks were Drum Majors of the school’s award winning marching band where he learned to inspire and lead with love. His loving leadership continued as he served as a missionary and branch president in the Argentina Neuquen mission, as a youth councilor for EFY, and as a devoted member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
In Jan. 2007 he lost his right hand in a fireworks accident. He said, “I will not be a victim.” Two days later he returned to his studies at BYU in Neuroscience. Craig overcame his trials with optimism and ingenuity, and continues to be an inspiration to many people through his YouTube videos under “captaindanger384.” In spite of personal difficulties he sought to bring love, light, laughter and faith to more people than ever imagined. His life was an active expression of his faith in the Savior, Jesus Christ.

His written personal goals were:

  1. People are always more important.

  2. Do what you need to do when you need to do it whether you want to or not.
  3. I am not a victim, ever.
  4. Purity is power.
  5. Leave it better than when you found it.
  6. Life is a joy, a journey in becoming like my Heavenly Father.
  7. Live with purpose.

Craig is survived by his parents, Lyle B. and Marie (Error) Decker, his brothers and sisters, Joanne, Emily, David and Heidi (Vriens), Lynn, Kevin, and Shelley Decker, his grandmother, Bertha K. Error and numerous loving extended family.
A tribute website at Donations to the Craig Decker Legacy Trust and Scholarship Fund can be made at any Key Bank or at through PayPal. has been created to remember this remarkable young man.
We extend our deepest gratitude to the many selfless and compassionate staff and volunteers of the search and rescue effort. Thank you also for the many prayers and kind words offered in our behalf.
All are welcomed to attend a visitation Friday, July 11, 2008 from 6-8 pm at the Jenkins-Soffe Mortuary, 1007 W. South Jordan Pkwy (10600 S.) South Jordan, Utah. Funeral services will be held Saturday July 12, 2008, 11:00 am at the LDS chapel located at 7265 S. 2700 W. West Jordan, Utah, with visitation one hour prior. Internment, West Jordan City Cemetery, 1300 W 7800 S.

I definately celebrate your BIRTH!! Happy Birthday Mom!

My sweet Angie Sullivan always does the nicest, kindest Birthday tributes to her loved ones and today I thought I would follow suite and let my Mom be my first ever Birthday Tribute!

For any of you that know my Mom you know I am one lucky gal. I was born of a wonderful woman. A Woman of Charity. A Woman of honor. A hard working Woman. A self sustaining Woman. A patient and loving Woman. A Woman I proudly call Mother.

Mom was the oldest of 11 children born to Les and Joyce Schroeppel in Ames, Iowa in 1954. She had to be one tough cookie to survive 7 brothers and 3 sisters and all the babysitting hours that must have meant.
I was born when Pat was 3 yrs old and Mom was in the middle of a divorce. She has always made me feel so special and like I was really wanted even though she was going through one of the hardest times of her life. She always tells me that I was her angel baby and that I was just what she needed to get through that hard time. I think she is just one amazing woman to have done it!

Little did my Mom know what she was getting herself into. Two very high maintainance children. I was the creative one.. always putting on plays and choir concerts for the whole neighborhood and expecting Mom to provide all the refreshments for the hoards of people that I had invited. Pat was the trend setter. He always had to get the latest and greatest shoes, bikes, clothes etc. But Mom always filled the need and provided what we felt we "needed" no matter what the sacrifice. Heck she didn't even own a car till I was 18!

My favorite life lesson that I learned from my Mom is she is a woman of Faith. I shared a bed with Mom till I was 12 yrs old. She would put me to bed and then do a few more things around the house before she retired for the night. I always faked asleep because the truth is I couldn't sleep till I knew my Mom was there by me. There were many nights that I would hear her prayers at a whisper. And here her petitions to the Lord for our family. Mom knows her Heavenly Father and she knows the order of prayer. I learned from her faith without her even knowing I was listening.

Mom was always a favorite of our friends as well as our cousins. People were drawn to our house because she brought love there. Ok and junk food too :) Still our friends every so often stop to visit Mom. Infact when I was on my mission, Jer even took her out a couple times. People love her!

Mom is the BEST Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Grandma and Friend around!

Mom I know I probably over shared for your liking but this is only a small part of what I know to be true about you and what I totally love about you! Thanks for who you are. Thanks for the lessons I learned through your faithful example. Thanks for loving me even though I am a brat. Thanks for being YOU because that is who I love!

Let yourself enjoy it! I love you forever. I like you for always. Forever, and ever my MOMMY you'll be!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Thou Art The Man...The World Will Never be the Same!

Craig Decker
November 22, 1982-July 5, 2008
Today they found the body of my EFY friend Craig Decker in Utah lake after a massive 4day search for him. Late on Saturday eve waves overtook him while he was trying to retrieve an ore.

All I can say is we lost one of the kindest, meekest, funniest Men I have ever known that Saturday night!

I worked several years at EFY with Craig. His smile made life seem ok even through the stress of EFY. I moved out of Utah for a year and came back. Craig's firework accident happened while I was away. Upon returning I came to EFY to check in with all my old friends. As soon as I entered the cubical there Craig sat with his bandaged arm and came over to me to give me a hug. I was seriously in shock to see this wounded smiley boy looking at me! I said, "CRAIG! what did you do to yourself?!" Smiling from ear to ear he made up this tall tale of how he received his injury. Honestly I was in so much shock that I couldn't tell you the long story he told. At the end of his story I got really emotional for him and he giggled and told me that he was "pulling my arm" and gave me the real story. I hugged him again, not knowing how to respond because usually someone with a story like that would be seeking compassion but there Decker's' was just smiling at me! I said, "Craiggers, what can I do for you?!" Smiling again he looked at me and said, "If I ever need a HAND I'll defiantly let you know!, or if you need a HAND you tell me!" I couldn't help to trade my shock for a loud Meg laughter and a slug on the good arm! I told him, "Craig of course you would have this attitude! I wouldn't expect anything less of you!" Everyone that has ever met or even heard of Craig knows this to be true. His pure innocent attitude and smile had the power to penetrate even the worst of days. Last night I was chatting with a EFY buddy and we were discussing our heartbreak over the loss of this good man. We were in awe that in such shallow waters our friend was not being found. I said to Buck, maybe he was translated like Enoch...he is good enough to be! And I believe he could have been if that were the Lord's will! That is just the kind of person he is... "He lived great and died great!"

This picture completely captures Craigs witty sense of humor!

I want to just show you a glimpse of who he is by a blog entry he wrote back in February 07. (A little side note on Craigs history. Craig spent A new years a couple years ago in Mexico. While there he did fireworks at midnight on new years eve and a faulty one blew off his right hand. Here is some lessons he learned..)

7 lessons from a firework (written 2-07)
I haven’t always been left handed. In fact, I still get weirded out when I look down at the stub where my right hand used to be! Christmas vacation this year took me on a road trip to Mexico.

Question: Where can you buy better quality fireworks than in Mexico? (Answer: anywhere.) On New Year’s Eve I lit a harmless looking firework at midnight, and a moment later I looked down and realized that my hand took the early bus back to heaven!All joking aside, I have learned some powerful lessons through that experience. (Surprisingly, most of them have very little to do with firework safety!)

Although what occurred was tragic, I believe what I have learned has made me a better person and will continue to bless the lives of many individuals.

1. Don’t buy fireworks in Mexico!

2. There are some things in life that we simply cannot control. (If I hadn’t blown off my hand, some other poor person would have.) It’s okay. As we let go of those things quickly and completely, we become free.

3. “Men are that they might have joy”! Life is good. Laughter heals. Life is funny. There are funny things that happen every day even in the worst of situations. Bad days make good stories. There is a time to laugh and a time to cry. It’s funny that laughter and tears come together so easily.

4. The atonement of Christ brings peace and healing “that surpass all understanding”. We come to know ourselves and we come to know God through our trials. We are surrounded by miracles. When we trade self pity for humility, our eyes are opened to see them.

5. There is so much life to live! Why waste time worrying and stressing about inconsequential things? Spend time doing what matters most—the things that bring the most light and joy to life. Enjoy the ride.

6. Challenges make us stronger and better. With creativity and patience, we are capable of much more than we ever imagined. Our perspective determines our reality. (There is nothing that quite compares with the feeling of accomplishment gained from flossing with one hand for the first time!)

7. We can always lift others, no matter how bad of a situation we are in. It is a divine gift. The only true and lasting joy comes from forgetting ourselves and lifting those around us through love and service.I would never wish another person to lose their hand. But I hope my experiences and lessons make a difference in your life. Wahoo for the resurrection!!

If I got a choice what was written on his grave in big letters I would put... "WAHOO FOR THE RESURRECTION!" Because I can just hear him saying that and living that!

This picture above is that million dollar smile I talk about.. I've never NOT seen him like this!

Although this blog entry doesn't come close to expressing the type of kindness and meekness that pertruded from Craig, I hope you can get a glimpse of the person he was and the love people had for him. I will never forget that smile that million dollar attitude changing smile.

Craig, thanks being virtuous, lovely, of good report and praiseworthy! God be with you till we Meet again!