Sunday, July 6, 2008

New Years Resolution: TRAVEL and boy have I :)

After achieving the New Years Resolution for the FIRST time in my life in 2007 by saying I was going to loose weight and did.. 54 lbs! I decided that in the year of 2008 I was going to have a fun resolution to achieve! I chose TRAVEL. Since I have worked for a year at JetBlue Airways I thought it was about time to use the glorious benefits I have and so I started jetting and these are the places I have been so far...

Feb 2008: A Carnival Cruise with a woman who is like a mom to me and a best friend all at the same time, Pat Terry. We celebrated my 30th Birthday Cruise style to Baja Mexico.

  • March 2008: Went with some of my Roomies, EFY GHETTO, and Jon Portie to San Juan Puerto Rico. We all got fried (3 degree burns I tell you) but LOVED it there!

  • May 2008: Jen (my benefit significant other and BFF) went to Ireland and London! That was an UNFORGETTABLE experience.. LOVED IT! Some highlights from that... Kissed an Irish man, Our first day in London we got seperated on the subway, The spa at the Marriott at the end of our trip, Choral performance at Westminster Abby, The scenery and seeing all the sights that you have heard about your ENTIRE LIFE! And spending much needed time with Jen.

  • May 2008: Our families FIRST EVER DISNEYLAND trip! I flew in straight from Ireland to meet my family at Disneyland... well not exactly. I didn't get on my flight so I had to take a taxi to pick up a car that my brother Pat had bought in Oakland, CA and drive it 7 hours to Long Beach all ontop of Jet lag... My cell phone died and I had no idea where I was going, when I stopped to try to buy gas and a charger the car battery died! I sat in the parking lot sobbing and a guy came to help and after he got my car started he wanted me to spend the night with him...don't worry I didn't evensay a word.. I just put my pedal to the medal! I finally got connection with my Mom for about 1 min before my phone died again...enough for her to here me having an emotional breakdown and telling her I had no idea where I was (so mean of me.) About 4 hours into the drive I found a compatible cell phone charger and was able to contact my family. My brother paid for me to stop at a hotel for the night! (loved him for that!) I was so exhausted when I climbed in the sheets and there were holes...yes, literally HOLES in them, I didn't even flinch.. just slept! The next morning I wanted to take a picture but my camera battery and the car battery was dead again! :( To make a long story short, I did finally made it to my family and had a wonderful time with them at Disneyland for 2 days!

  • June 2008: Mesa, AZ . Joslyn Whiting's Wedding. Got to fly into our sweet Josie's wedding of adventures! My cell phone went on the fritz again and so I had no way to call anyone when I arrived at the airport and my rental car wasn't ordered till the next day.. so I slept at the Mesa airport!! It is so suprizing how many people actually sleep at the airport! The next morning I left the airport and headed to find a sprint store to see if I needed a new battery or what. My phone got fixed but the sales person ERASED all my 350 numbers!!! So then I was stranded in AZ not even knowing a single number to call! I spent the whole day in the mall praying that someone would call or text me and Rachel Annes Burner did! (she is who I stayed with .. THANKS RACHIE BABY!)

We had lots of Adventures while we were in AZ. I met Holli and baby Dallin there! Love them and Holli did my hair so I was totally HOLLIFIED to come back to Utah, Joni, Justin and I ended up lost the majority of the time, We had to carry in pounds of ice, food and decor for the treats at the reception and even drill a hole in the table, All the cards aka Money got stolen at the reception including the bridal parties purses and car keys, and Joni missed her flight by one minute and I ended up flying home to her family in Boise without her :(

Upon arrivng in Boise I stayed for a few hours the next day, went to pick up Joni at the airport and dropped her off and took her 2 youngest and her mini van back to Utah with me! The following week all 4 of her youngest and I boarded that same mini van and drove back to Boise, Met Joni at the Boise temple and she took me to the airport and dropped me off to fly home.. what a whirlwind.

As you can see ALL my travels have many adventures.... What is still to come this year?

7 -day cruise with Scotty, Amy and Jen (Fall time)

A trip to NYC with Kevin and Jen

Fall in Ohio ( I hope)

Thanksgiving at my Dads'

I highly recommend keeping one New Years Resolution! It feels great :)


Melanie & Troy said...

WOW Meg!!! You have quite the adventures!! I'm impressed that you're still alive with all that luck. I miss you and I'm glad to hear that you're doing so well. Is that Jer in the picture? How is he!?

Amy's blog said...

Meg, you're still my hero! I know, it's been a while. I love being able to peek in on your wonderful life. I love that you have been able to travel so much, and that you met your new years resolution. Some day I might be able to be as cool as you...perhaps when I'm like 1,000 years old!

(this is Amy Pease Bellamy)

Nate and Jessica said...

You've got a place to stay in Ohio if you need one!

Meg said...

Thank you EVERYONE for your kindness and charity towards me! It is fun to have something for people to comment on again.... I still need to learn how to do it! :)

Nicole & Weston Maughan said...

Wow Meg, you are quite the traveler!!! That's awesome. What a wonderful New Years Resolution. I'm so jealous that you've been to SO many cool places recently. I need a vacation!!! Great to hear from you and see what you're up to!

Amber said...

LOVE your blog! I'm glad you've added more for us to see. Maybe more people might keep their resolutions if they set out for something FUN! You are amazing. Love you tons and forever!

The Burners said...

you are quite the traveling woman :) Hope you travel to AZ soon again!!