Monday, April 20, 2009

Who says that?! Oprah what is up with you?

So.. this blog is SOOO overdue! I have been fuming about this for over a week right now.. and I think that it is such FALSEHOOD that I need to speak up about it. And yes, Oprah is getting a letter from me.

Beware this is adult material so if you have a kid that reads this, please use caution as to what you want them to read.

Anyone that knows me, knows I have been an Oprah JUNKIE since I was 12 yrs old. I would buy all magazines with her on it, read her auto biography's I just really connected with her. And even though there were shows on that I didn't want to watch, I loved the heart that she put on her show.

It seems as though Oprah this past year has traded her feel good-family viewing and sold her viewing network to the Liberal people. Sad to see the feel good show that I love come to an end and be traded for politics, worldly garb and liberal philosophy's.

This past week she did a series on Talking about Sex with your teens. There were some good segments until she brought Dr. Laura Berman on who suggested such a RIDICULOUS philosophy about what you should do for your teens that I had to turn off the show and have been fuming since, wondering what the best forum would be to STAND FOR SOMETHING! And let them know what they would be doing.

To spare those who may not want to see the video details and to help you understand why I share this next story what she suggested was forms of "Self Love". I am going to show you this clip because I would love for all my readers to write to Oprah and others and let them know what a ridiculous thing it is that they are suggesting!
Besides the OBVIOUS reasons why I DO NOT think this is okay. There is an experience I had while living in Illinois that made this so clear to me why we are counseled by our church leaders to not give in to the "natural man" and how sexual desires are appropriate and essential within the bonds of marriage of a man and woman.

I lived in Illinois for a year while my best friend Jen was attending grad school. While their I worked at a Residential Treatment Center for kids with Brain injuries. I sure loved those teens. I loved the things they were learning retrain themselves to get back in the real world after their traumatic injuries and live back with their families. It was a very organized, structured and safe program. Sic months after working there, we received a new program director. She made "self Love" an accepted behavior. The youth were told that they just needed to tell staff that they needed "personal time"and that would be appropriate in their rooms. What happened when we embraced this concept? All hell broke loose. ( I don't know another term that more adequately describes what happened!) We had kids molesting each other because they didn't know how to control themselves anymore. The state was called in so many times because of rape reports that had to be filed. The center that was so recommended and so respected started to come under major scrutiny. I saw with my own eyes that if you give girls free rein to masturbate in all forms you create sex addicts and teen pregnancy rates will rise.. you mark my words.. I watched it flip my rehab in 3 months time!
I want to protect the innocence of children and teens. I want to make sure that the world doesn't put these promoting ideas into their heads. These rituals are NOT OK, they are NOT normal. Those feelings should be saved within the walls of marriage period.

So for now, Oprah.. I am sad to say goodbye to a show that has brought such sweetness into my life with the guests that it has featured and the stories they have told. Let me know when you come back to your senses!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Melba Dear...

How I love this girl! This is my Melba Faye Latu and today is her Happy Birthday! Merba and I have been through so much together and have helped each other through many obstacles.

Merba is amazing! She is so motivated, dedicated and when she puts her mind to something, she does it! She even completed law school a couple of years ago!

Merba and I love to have girls nights, eat yummy food together and have unplanned sleepovers!

I have seen such spiritual strength in this tongan sister of mine. Not only has she conquered overwhelming trials and accomplished more than anyone would have said she could, She served a spanish speaking mission in California, she stays close to the spirit and is now serving as The Relief Society President in the tongan singles ward.

Merbs is the queen of asking fun, thought provoking questions and sometimes it catches you off guard and really makes you have to stop and think hard. These questions are like, "If you had to marry someone tomorrow who would it be? If you could change 3 things in your life past, present or future what would it be? etc" It always gets us laughing and keeps good conversation.

Melba/Merbs, I totally celebrate your birth! I am so thankful for ALL the memories, chats, food, and testimony that we have had together and look forward to a lifetime of those things and more!

Ofa Atu' My dear sister!
***This song is one of Merbs and my favorite. This song was played on constant repeat when melbs was in the hospital. At the time it was a little annoying but it was all that she wanted.. now it provides sweet memories.. ***

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

If YOU Care to Share Blog... check it out!

So my wonderfully, talented sweet Ang (the one that edited my BL audition video) has started such a FUN blog for Mommies, Nannyies or Grammies what ever you are and ALL are welcome to contribute to the blog!

Here is what she wrote to introduce the blog....

Hello bleader family! I have a new idea, and a new website as you can see! I wanted a blog where parents and homemakers can share ideas, hints, and maybe even some how-to's that they've figured out along the way. I know there are so many of you out there with great ideas, but you just haven't created your own blog yet! Well, I've done it for you! This blog will allow many different authors and I'm going to keep it public so anyone can get ideas from it.Now, don't be shy, send me your e-mail address or just leave a comment and I'll add you to the authors list.

This will enable you to post on this blog too! Then, go for it! Whenever you figure something out, find a new way to do something, find something creative for a school project or holiday, or just have something inspiring to share, you can post it here! Or, if you have a question, that you just know there are mom's out there who could help you find the answer, don't hesitate to post it too! We're all in this together, and with each other's help, we'll have lots of fun ideas, traditions, or maybe something fun to laugh at.

Now, don't worry if you don't know how to blog, just call me and I'll walk you through the process. It's quick and easy and lots of fun! Come on gals...if you care to share!

Wanna Join?
Do you want to join our panel of mom's? Send your e-mail address to along with a little bio and a picture and you too can "share!"

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Nannying fun

Since I was 12 I have always told my Mom that I would be happy to be the mommy of a Down syndrome. I used to watch the sweet Robbie Mcclellan and loved every second of the things that he taught me. Since the first day I watched him, I wanted to one day be blessed with such an amazing spirit in my home. I got another little sneak peak of how great these sweet ones are when I was able to watch this family of three for 11 days. I had a blast and loved every minute of it!

Meet the sweet Macy

This 18 month old baby has my heart! She is so much fun. From signing more food to me every 3 seconds to her "gollum" crawl. I had a piece of heaven in my midst for those 11 days. I had fun playing dress up with her, laughing and snuggling. And even when she threw fits, there was still things to laugh about!
Now on to the two adorable boys. Andrew and Even ages 4 and 5. These two are such good pals. They love to play dress up and play games together. We had many adventures. We went to Color me mine, The Air force Museum, Fun center, Chuck-e-cheese and some fun restaurants and such. Can you tell they were having fun?! Evan was my pal. He loved to snuggle, watch movies and tease me. Andrew was a true BIG BROTHER. He was SOO helpful and really wanted to help with anything that he could. Another great time with some great kids!! Thanks Family H for the great experience!

Working with kids with Disabilities

I had the blessed experience to work with the H family from March 27th to April 6th. I had such a great experience and a great time with these 3 cuties!
Macy is the sweetest of the sweet and was born with Down Syndrome. If you haven't goten the chance to be around a child so precious as this, please make time to do so.. they will melt your heart!
Evan was a sweet heart. He always wanted to be by my side and cuddle, watch movies and tease me by thinking of different names to call me. He always had me chuckling!

Andrew the oldest brother loves sports. He wanted to watch March Maddness and loved the sports that he played. He also was such a great helper and always willing to bring me items that I needed.
All in all the 11 days flew by quickly and we had SOOO much fun! We did a TON of activities. Played dress up at the airforce museum, went to chuck-e-cheese, made bowls at Color me mine and bounced at the fun center!Thank you for letting me love your kiddies for some fun packed days!! Hope to see you again!

The Vacation Nanny

Friday, April 10, 2009

I didn't make the cut...

I just thought that I would let all my supporters know that I didn't make the cut... I got the information just seconds ago. THANK YOU EVERYONE of you that believed in me!! It means the world to me and I love you ALL SOOOO much!

I believe in dreams coming true... just don't know how or when!

The Video is in....

I just wanted to let you all know that this will be the last update from me about Biggest Loser. I just wanted to let you know that since the 3rd of April at 1:55pm my Audition video for Biggest Loser 8 is offically in the hands of the NBC casting directors. I tried to make my envelope stand out and Angie tried to make my video stand out! I think we did a great job!

The next step of the process is hush, hush so you won't be hearing from me about any of that till after I win season 8!

When they decide they want to know more about me, I will recieve a call (sometime this month) and then after that I can't say a peep about what is happening! Basically you meet with Casting Directors somewhere in LA and you are sequestered (held without any outside communication) in a hotel till they decide to use you or not. If they do use you, you go straight the ranch and start kickin some trash! (Atleast that is the info I read by a casting director)
I REALLY want and need this experience!!
Thanks for all the LOVE and support!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Grandma's 76 TODAY!

Seventy-six years ago today one of my best friends was born. You've got it right,
My Grandma Schroeppel.

I got the awesome privilege to spend A LOT of time with my grandma growing up, since Mom had to work. I talked to my Grandma about everything. She taught me to cook, she played games with me and taught me my first lessons in service! Gram was ALWAYS serving someone.. everyday. She would write letters to missionaries and orphans, take in food ALL the time to the needy, drive people places, take her kids and grand kids (Pat and I) to places. My Gram taught me how to drive, I could always sucker her into to let me drive at least, she has been a pillar of strength and love to me all the days of my life.

Gram is Patient. A little background... When I was 9 months old my parents divorced and my grandparents moved my family (Mom, Pat and I) plus their other 10 children to Utah. I grew up with uncles around similar ages as me. One uncle is one year older than me and an uncle one year older than Pat. Grandma jumped right in and helped take care of us in any way that she could while Mom went to work to financially support us. Yes as you can tell, Gram has the PATIENCE of Job!

Gram plays with her grand kids. Some of my fondest memories include cooking with my Gram, playing dress up in all of her heals and handbags (someday I want to own them!), visiting people in her ward, hanging out with her when I was sick, her homemade popcorn, Sunday night popcorn and caffeine free Dr. Pepper for dinner, her sneaking homemade popcorn in the movies in the shoulder's of her coat, glass bottled soda pop, her swimming pool and the hours of fun and recreation that brought to us, her chuckle (her whole body shakes but not much noise come out), singing me silly songs, taking naps with her and hearing her snore, The red mercury and all the many adventures we had in it (pushing it down the hill with fireman, forgetting to take out the gas hose and pulling out the whole gas pump as we drove away, and then finally me ending up totalling it).

Grandma has a Mother Heart. I always admired Grandma's nurturing spirit. She always had needy friends and she loved them where they were at. She would let them talk to her on the phone for hours and never complained about it. She has for sure written and sent out hundreds of get well cards in my lifetime. She would give anything to anyone and has been reprimanded by our family for being too nice and getting taken advantage of.

Gram is selfless. Gram lives in St. George(Ivins) and really gets homesick there and wishes she could be with us in Utah County but stays and chooses to be happy cause that is what Gramps needs for his health. She has quite the people that miss her while she is gone. 11 children, umpteen grandchildren and we aren't even going to try to count the greats!! SHEESH! She is the WOMAN. (When Gram let's me know the counts after reading this, I will post the real numbers!) Growing up I wanted to have 12 kids cause Gram made it seem so easy and so I thought could get one more and be OK.. as you can tell, that isn't going to happen, but I thank Gram for letting me believe it were possible.

Grandma loves unconditionally. EVERYONE that crosses paths with my Gram has nothing but POSITIVE things to say about her and that always makes me feel so proud to call her Grandma, in fact anytime that you introduce her to any of your friends she says, "Hi, my name is Grandma!" and that is what they call her.

Grandma is prayerful. I don't know of any other women alive today that prays as long, as much, and as individually as my Gram does. I remember as a child waiting forever to talk to her in the morning cause she was saying her prayers. She is a spiritual giant and the FIRST person that I want praying for me when I going through something.

As you can tell, I have the best example, the most Christ-like friend, the most patient person in my life and it is an honor for me to call her Grandma!

I love you FOREVER Gram!!

Happy Birthday!