Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Happy Birthday Alyssa Dear!

This is my sweet, talented and loving cousin Alyssa! Today is her 19th birthday! I wanted to let you know that I definately celebrate her birth. I even came home from my mission so that I would come home on her birthday (she wrote me a letter on my mission asking me to be home for her birthday) because of a plane delay I barely made that wish, but it did happen!

Alyssa has always been so dear to my heart! Alyssa was a very shy child who was very clingy to her mommy in her early ages. I remember a particular time in my life where she was such an answer to my prayers and she was only 2 years old.
I was going through a very hard, challenging part of my life. I was 13 years old and we had just moved from my childhood apartment to a new house. We were in a new neighborhood with all new people. I was feeling very lonely, very displaced, very sad. My Aunt Kay came to pick me up one summer afternoon (as she did often) and brought Alyssa with her. When we got home all the kids dispersed and went about all their activities but I wasn't feeling too well emotionally so I just kind of sat there. Alyssa who usually didn't give me the time a day (yet) came up to me with her blanky and her thumb in her mouth and just crawled up and cuddled on me for 2 hours! I needed that more than a 2 year old could ever know. It is amazing how much little children sense and even more amazing is the effect that it had on me that even 17 yrs later I remember that. Alyssa and I became quick buddies after that!
I loved to fix Lyssa's hair in big poofy curled pigtails with matching bows on either side(she probably hates me for it)! I loved taking her on stroller rides, bike rides, having sleep overs and just being with miss alyss!

Alyssa has always had such a peacemaker disposition and love just shoots out of her ever pour!

This year Alyssa graduated and got married just a few months a part to the man of her dreams Justin Sorenson. Although I told her she was on my poo poo list for not telling me she was engaged and finding out on facebook... I think she knew that I could never hold a grudge at my sweet wyssa!

I love you my lys! Thank you for being such a loving part of our family! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Thankful Thursday: 8 years ago today... How is it possible?!

Sister Gazaway, was a beloved name that I went by for 18 months of my life as I lived in Riverside, Ohio. Deleware, Ohio. Westerville, Ohio. Englewood, Ohio. It was a name that defined who I am, what I stood for and who I represented.

I am literally in shock and don't know how it is even possible that 8 years ago today, I was walking off the plane with my Mom in Salt Lake City, returning home from my 18 month sacred grove in Columbus Ohio.

I still remember that day like it was yesterday...

After touring my mission and other areas for about a week, (Kirtland and Palmyra NY) with my Mom and Grandpa and Grandma Schroeppel we had to separate to go on our flights home. I sat in my seat on the airplane grasping my Mom's hand and tears just pouring profusely down my face because I had to leave the land that I loved SOOO much. It really was a good thing that Mom was with me, I am pretty sure I would have run off that plane and stayed a while longer! (at least 6 more months.. that was the first time ever I wanted to be an ELDER)

We had a lay over in Cincinnati, OH and when I found out that our plane would be delayed 4 additional hours I had a nervous breakdown...literally! There I stood with Mom at the ticket counter as they told us this news. I started uncontrollably crying. Mom was so embarrassed with my antics as I had my missionary tag on.. she kept nudging me and saying, "stop it! You are a representative of the Lord!" I couldn't stop! I had so much pent up emotions inside they just came tumbling out of my eyes. The ticket agent didn't know what to do and Mom could tell she felt awkward about my situation that she proceeded to explain to her the reason I was crying that way. She told her that I had been away from my family and friends for 18 months and wasn't able to talk to them or anything so I was very anxious to be reunited. She explained that as missionaries we pay our own ways and in return we focus on what we are there to do and so we aren't able to call home. The agent felt pity for me and I think she really wanted me to stop causing a scene so she sat us FIRST CLASS! (Mom, you can thank me later for embarrassing you! hahhaa)

I was so worried that all the people that made such effort to come would be waiting at the airport for hours that I started to call and cry as I talked to each of them and tell them that I was delayed.

As emotional as I felt there at the Cincinnati Airport I could not expect how much more emotional I could possibly get until I walked off the plane in Salt Lake City to a sea of a hundred waiting at the terminal for me. It was an unforgettable moment. When I started to walk down the ramp into the terminal it was like the herds were unleashed. ALL the kids in my life that I loved so much ran down the hallway (nearly where I got out of the door of the plane) and litter ally tackled me. I was flat on my back with kids dog piled on top of me and I just kept hugging and kissing them and crying. I can't even imagine a better reunion. So many people that I loved and cherished were there. All My Aunts, Uncles and Cousins, The Whiting Crew, Draper Crew, The Goulds and Latus, Friends, Missionary buddies more people than I could count... all there for me! I felt so loved and so special.

I remember my Brother driving home with Mom and I and his new bride and just crying as he told me and showed me all the new things that had been built in Utah while I was gone. I remember that from the point of the mountain back to Orem NOTHING looked the same.. there was NO LAND LEFT! One of the funniest parts was he had to take the long way home so he could show me something amazing! We got off the University exit and there at almost midnight there was a line of cars a mile long trying to get a Krispy Kreme doughnut. He thought they were so amazing and I played along with him but on my mission Krispy Kreme was like how it is now in Utah, you could buy it at every gas station and grocery store and so I didn't understand the fuss, but I played along!

I hid from the Stake President for 3 extra days until Lynn Whiting ratted me out and told him that I was home and I got a call asking me to be released. I didn't want to be released. I didn't want to give up the badge that gave me great honor and courage the last 18 months! I wanted to wear it forever. I was so thankful that President Lloyd never asked me to take the badge off. He just read the letter he had received from my mission president, gave me a blessing and released me as a FT missionary and asked me to stay in my family ward for at least year after.

I went home with lots of tears. Sat on the couch in the front room totally numb as to the fact that I was going to have to surrender that tag and wondering how I was going to do it. Just then a tap at my door and then someone opened it. There stood Richard Kolopeaua (one of my best-est friends since twelve yrs old) he gave me a huge hug, escorted me back to the couch and put his arm around me and I just snuggled up to him and he held me. He asked me for my tag, I handed it to him and told him all about my mission and he told me about his. I don't know how it all came about. I can't remember if I even told him I would be released that night, all I know is it was the BEST way to end the wearing of the tag I could have ever imagined.

Today I don't wear a tag with the name Sister Gazaway over my heart which gave me such power and authority. But just as we learned at conference I can still have Christian Courage to share the gospel and stand up for the right, day and night where ever I may be.

My mission wasn't just the best 18 months OF my life, it was the best 18 months FOR my life! I left a part of me in Ohio that I will never get back, but I came back a stronger, more in tune, more Christ-like, more compassionate and fortified person. How eight years has come and gone since this day recalled, I don't know. But what I do know.....


Wednesday, October 29, 2008


All my BLOGGER friends I need your help and brain power in helping raise some money for the sweet Emily that I have been talking about on my Blog for MONTHS!!

I need some connections to help with her benefit concert that we will be throwing on Monday the 10th or Tuesday the 11th of Novemeber at Payson or Spanish Fork High Schools.

We have a performing group coming in from Mesa Arizona that is called LIGHT (like the BYU Young Embassadors that has Emily's cousin the group) and we need one or two well known people in Utah to put their names on the event and come and perform there as well.

Do you know any of these people that would like to join in such a GREAT cause for a little 6 yr old girl and her family?

Emily's Medicine's alone are so expensive to keep her alive that we are trying everything that we can to help ease that expensive for her family.

If you know a UTAH performer, could you please pass Emily's story along. You can read about her at (click on the label Emily)

I need to know ASAP so that I can get a move on with the advertising. If you or your family would be willing to volunteer to spread the word, bake things for a bake sale, or help at the event, PLEASE let me know!!

I have seen mighty miracles happen when people unite in faith and charity to bring about a good cause. I expect that with all of your help, this could turn out to be just that a miracle.

My email is

Thursday, October 23, 2008


I just have to give a shout out to Wendy Williams Fent!
I love you Wendy! I am so sorry to make this short and sweet but my blogger memory is out!

Wends I have some great memories with you! Our singled out renditions that we would do at The Whitings when you would come up, lots of laughs, and BRICK OVEN! Yummy!

I love your little giggle laugh and your smile... I LOVE your smile. You are a great person and you try so hard all the time. I love reading your blog and watching your life unfold. May this year bring you EXTRA happiness and love! You are loved by many.. including me!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Two of my favorite people, who also happen to be cousins, are getting married 4 days apart! So wedding dress shopping was together this time! It was so fun to see them in all their pretty glory. We went to my Aunt Leslie's bridal shop Veronica Michaels. It was a good time for all! You can judge for yourself.. Aren't Amy (Meemsy) and Lexi (Lou) amazing brides?!

How do you choose when you look good in EVERYTHING?!! This one is a dress that was made for our Meemsy! I love it. Angie and I got all emotional when she came out in this one!! It was so fun because they were the same size so they tries on the same dresses for the most part! Most people don't ever get that opportunity! Here is a TWINNER picture!

Now on to Lexi. She went so far in and out of the things that I didn't get too many detailed pictures of her.. but I did get soe good ones.. this is embarrassing to admit but my blog is telling me that I hit the maximum photo storage... so I can't upload them yet.. I will have to buy more storage and then add them! Sorry Lexi fans!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happy 15th Birthday Mac!!

It is one of my best buds birthday today!! We have been buddies since he was a wee little guy! I have had so many fun memories with him!!
We loved going to the China Buffets, Sonic, Panda Express and Fuddruckers together when I would come to Boise to see him. I even learned how to make Crab Ragoon for this stud!
Pretty much there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING I wouldn't do for him.
Things I want you to know about my Mac.....

  • He doesn't like speaking badly of anyone

  • He is so good with little kids

  • He is very athletic and wrestles like a champ

  • He loves EFY too

  • Girls love him

  • He always has a funny story to tell me

  • Has turned me into a fan of George Lopez on TV

  • Always tries his best at everything he does

  • Plays the guitar

  • Is full of determination (he can do anything he puts his mind too!)

  • Is a true boy through and through!

Mac you are the BOMB! I love you! I know you know that! Thanks for never being "too big" to give me a hug when you see me and always tell me you love me before bed or when I drop you off at your various activities.. Those three words out of your mouth make me so happy :)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Memory Monday: ONE YEAR ALREADY?!

One year ago today two different couples who I adore were married.
The first being my cousin Kylie and Brandon Blackwell
I had already been involved in planning another wedding so I didn't get to come to Kylie's but didn't she look radiant! Can't wait to join her at her sealing this Saturday!
The second: Sam And Sarah Pettit

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happy Flippin' Birthday Staci Misao Yamada!


Oh how I love this girl!! Stace is a girl after my own heart! She keeps very busy, is a perfectionist and doesn't believe in doing ANYTHING half hearted! See, why I love her?!

Stace is REAL that is something that I adore about her!! We talk so directly and giggle like little school girls!! Suprise, suprise when I tell you that I met Stace at EFY 2002 and we have been friends ever since.. it get's sweeter and sweeter every year!
Stace is a MAJOR planner. She is so talented and has FANTASTIC ideas. She and her sweet Mom have been so supportive of me and have helped me so much with wedding receptions, happily!
Stace has a deep love of family and the gospel. She does anything that is asked of her! People that know her, including me look up to her wisdom and testimony!Oh Stace, I love your giggle! I love our girl chats and our friendship! I hope that you had a FANTASTIC birthday my sweet Stace! We will have to celebrate together soon!


Friday, October 10, 2008


This year has been a magical year or in Disneyland's terms a year of a Million dreams! growing up with a single Mom the only vacations we ever went on were "death Vacations" to Iowa. Meaning someone in our family died and so ROAD TRIP! Sadly that is how I saw have to see the bright side to someone dying... right?!

At 15yrs old my Aunt and Uncle took me to California with them and their 4 kids for the first time ever. We spent a day at Disney and I had a blast, but I hadn't been back since.

This year my Sister in Law's family invited Mom and I to join them in Disneyland for their family vacation and stay at their time share. It was my Mom's very first time going to Disneyland in her 54 yrs of life and I thought she wouldn't enjoy it really cause she isn't much of a amusement park fan.... Proof that this place is magical is in these pictures!! Mom was in HEAVEN!! She was gleaming from ear to ear and completely mesmerized by the experience.. she told me we weren't there long enough to see everything that there was to see and we spent 2 full days there! It was a blast!

Chloe and I with Goofy in California Adventures!
Why is Andrea smiling so BIG? Cause I talked Pat into going on the Roller coaster, told him it is one of the smoothest rides. Andrea LOVES the thrill of it all anyways but never had Pat on a roller coaster next to her before! Way to be brave Pat!Here is my Kobe Boy with me on our JetBlue flight home!

Then this August after finishing our glorious cruise to Cabo San Lucas we met Brooks and Dee at Disneyland for a spontaneous day of FUN!!

In line for the Coaster!

On a water ride

After our second time on our favorite ride... TOWER OF TERROR

Two separate times in a year... it is the YEAR OF A MILLION DREAMS!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thankful Thursday: My sweet Le'o

How could I live without my sweet Sister Le'o. She and I have been through thick and thicker.. hahahaha I just love her.. we can boss each other around and laugh about it.

I don't know how familiar you are with the Polynesian Culture but there is a different way you speak to each other (when you are a younger poly) Words like "EW", "FAB" (pronounced FOB), Ugly etc are always in the conversations between us.. really we sound pretty ghetto when you think about it.. but we will say things to each other like, "EW, you are so UGLY" and it isn't meant rude. I probably sound so dumb talking about it if you don't know what I am talking about! hahah but this is one of things I love about Mafile'o, is we can total say these things and both burst out in laughter.
How could you not laugh at this :)

Le'o and I go through our different stages with each other... sometimes we can't get enough of each other and other times we are running so fast in separate directions that we don't get to spend time we each other and so when we do a year later, it is like it was yesterday that we saw each other.

I have had some of my most significant spiritual experiences with Le'o around and I am so thankful that she was there to back me up when I feel impressed to share so someone will believe me.

Le'o serves more than nearly anyone that I know.. she is a modern day Mother Teresa. She is always giving 150% to the church callings, piano students, school and family and still has times for friends (although she is never ON TIME!hahaha, oh well somethings we will have to work o n in the next life, right Mafi!)

I can share my biggest, fattest, deepest concerns with Le'o and she is such a good listener and sometimes listens so good, she falls asleep! hahha But even that is endearing, I can't blame her for the kind of schedule that she hold and the stress she holds onto that she needs her beauty sleep.

Above anything else funny or quirky I love Le'o because of who she is and what she represents! She stands strong in a world where it is sometimes hard to do that. She has integrity and tries really hard to be what everyone around her needs her to be. She has a charitable heart and will take the shirt off her floor and give it to you if that is what you need.. she is humble and teachable, loving and nonjudgmental, caring and selfless. She has dedicate her life to using her talents. She blesses peoples lives greatly with her gifts and abilities. And everyone that ever crosses paths with this giant, never is the same and never forgets her.

Le'o I love you and love who you are. Thanks for always shinning your light and example on me. My sister you will always be! Palangi or not, we are be here for each other through the good the bad and the UGLY!

'Ofa 'atu

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Justin and Gracie... this is for you!

My two youngest followers of this blog have been keeping there Mama busy looking at this daily, so I decided that it was time to give them something to look at that would reflect who they are!Let's hear big cheers for Justin!

And a hip, hip hooray for Gracie!

These two are not strangers to my blog, but recently they became the youngest Giggling with Meg fans! I get to spend lots of time each year with these Boise cuties! I love them and apparently when I am not with them, they miss me too!
This is on our road trip back to Idaho together... Justin is showing me his hot chocolate!This is my favorite! This is what Gracie does when you say, "SMILE!" That is her favorite baby "Lula".

The last few pictures were us at our favorite place to go together.. Fuddruckers!

This is our burial service for the potatoe bug they killed in the back yard.. thanks to Mitchell. I came out and found them conducting a funeral! Too funny!

I had to put this video on here.. this is our favorite video to watch and copy to eachother... but no teeth.. right Justin? hahha Here you go my babes...

Justin and Gracie, Meggie loves you and I am so glad that you want to see me everyday. I miss playing with you, cooking with you, tickling and giggling with you and using pretend names. You are growing up so big and I really do want you to stop!

Meggie loves you THIS MUCH!

Wedding Wednesday: Justin and Kassi Carr Sealing

My cousin Justin, Kassi, Jada and soon to be son were sealed in the Mt. Timp temple for time and all eternity on August 20, 2008. It was a beautiful ceremony with such a sweet spirit and love. I just kept staring at Justin and watching the love that was emulating off of him!

The group who came to share their special day...
all immediate family but Mom, Pat, Andrea and I.

Jada is their little girl and she is the cutest thing ever and she knows it!! Princess Jada!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

This is me in San Juan Puerto Rico
For those of you that don't know, I work Full time for JetBlue Airways as a Reservations Agent. I have ups and downs with this job. Sometimes I am ready to pull my hair out because customers are literally screaming at me from NYC/JFK delays and other times it is peaceful, calm and I am able to have great experiences with comforting my customers who are traveling for funerals or struggling with marital issues. They will open up to me and I can tell them that no matter what, The Lord loves them. Sounds like an unlikely place to have spiritual experiences while making an airline reservation? It really happens.
So today, I just wanted to give JetBlue a shout out! I have been loving my job lately. Why am I loving it? The customers are not mad cause we aren't having weather issues (HOORAY) and I have been able to trade schedules lately to travel, babysit and go serve people! Plus when I have been on the phones, I have had some stellar experiences.

Thank you Jetblue, for letting me live a life of adventure this year! If you haven't "jetted" with us before, now is the time!

I needed a laugh today, it has been one of those days.. you know the hard kind... so here is a bit of airline humor to share!

Tribute Tuesday: Ry Guy Tucker

My best friend Ryan celebrated his 30th Birthday this Sunday, and officially entered the 30 yr old club! I am so proud of him! Happy Birthday my Ry Guy!

I met Ry through my MTC teacher and good friend Jon West at institute in 2003. We instantly bonded and he has been my BFF ever since. Later we worked on the same team at EFY for two years in a row, he was such a lifesaver both summers! Ryan can make me laugh out loud on the worst days. He knows how to calm me down like no other person, if I have a dillema that I need to work through he is one that I call to bounce the situation off of. He is wise and really hears you out and listens to the situation so he knows how to best answer or counsel my woes. Most of the time a stressful situation will end in a Meg laugh because he says the funniest things about it.

Ry is very thoughtful and always knows how to make you feel so special. Recently, he invited me over for Sunday Crepes after I helped him move out of his old place. As a thank you, he had found me this beautiful black and white oil painting and suprised me with it upon arriving! I nearly jumped through the roof I was SOOOO excited!

Here are a few of the reasons that I love Ry Guy:

  • He is always where he says he will be

  • He is creative

  • He is honorable and stands for the right

  • He is loved by all

  • Ryan likes a variety of things

  • He cooks amazing food

  • Always tries to find ways to serve

  • When he sees something that needs to be done, he does it without being asked.

  • He makes me laugh

  • He is very patient

  • He loves deeply

  • I love that he loves to shop and then return it just to get the thrill of the shop! hahaha

  • I love that he can quote Anne of Greene Gable movie lines (sorry Ry the secret's out of the bag!)
I have watched Ryan serve people so selflessly for years and have loved the character that he shows in every situation. His heart is huge and when you are in it he will take care of you!

Ry, thank you for being such a perfect friend to me. You have calmed many storms, healed my broken hearts and comforted me when I was in need through your listening ear and loving demeaner. You are WONDERFUL! And I hope you had a awesome birthday with Sherri and her family!

HAPPY 30th RY!
We'll celebrate soon!