Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happy 15th Birthday Mac!!

It is one of my best buds birthday today!! We have been buddies since he was a wee little guy! I have had so many fun memories with him!!
We loved going to the China Buffets, Sonic, Panda Express and Fuddruckers together when I would come to Boise to see him. I even learned how to make Crab Ragoon for this stud!
Pretty much there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING I wouldn't do for him.
Things I want you to know about my Mac.....

  • He doesn't like speaking badly of anyone

  • He is so good with little kids

  • He is very athletic and wrestles like a champ

  • He loves EFY too

  • Girls love him

  • He always has a funny story to tell me

  • Has turned me into a fan of George Lopez on TV

  • Always tries his best at everything he does

  • Plays the guitar

  • Is full of determination (he can do anything he puts his mind too!)

  • Is a true boy through and through!

Mac you are the BOMB! I love you! I know you know that! Thanks for never being "too big" to give me a hug when you see me and always tell me you love me before bed or when I drop you off at your various activities.. Those three words out of your mouth make me so happy :)


My Mom and Dad said...

Meg! I just found your comment! I'm so glad I did too! It was weird how I stumbled across it. My hubby and I thought it would be fun last night to read all of our blog postings and comments! I would absolutely love for you to work during the sale! Your schedule is perfect, and you'll actually get to work with your cute cuz Alyssa! Give me a ring at the wash on Thursday if you can, and we'll discuss a little bit of training time for ya to learn the new system. I'm so excited! Thanks Meg!