Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thankful Thursday: My sweet Le'o

How could I live without my sweet Sister Le'o. She and I have been through thick and thicker.. hahahaha I just love her.. we can boss each other around and laugh about it.

I don't know how familiar you are with the Polynesian Culture but there is a different way you speak to each other (when you are a younger poly) Words like "EW", "FAB" (pronounced FOB), Ugly etc are always in the conversations between us.. really we sound pretty ghetto when you think about it.. but we will say things to each other like, "EW, you are so UGLY" and it isn't meant rude. I probably sound so dumb talking about it if you don't know what I am talking about! hahah but this is one of things I love about Mafile'o, is we can total say these things and both burst out in laughter.
How could you not laugh at this :)

Le'o and I go through our different stages with each other... sometimes we can't get enough of each other and other times we are running so fast in separate directions that we don't get to spend time we each other and so when we do a year later, it is like it was yesterday that we saw each other.

I have had some of my most significant spiritual experiences with Le'o around and I am so thankful that she was there to back me up when I feel impressed to share so someone will believe me.

Le'o serves more than nearly anyone that I know.. she is a modern day Mother Teresa. She is always giving 150% to the church callings, piano students, school and family and still has times for friends (although she is never ON TIME!hahaha, oh well somethings we will have to work o n in the next life, right Mafi!)

I can share my biggest, fattest, deepest concerns with Le'o and she is such a good listener and sometimes listens so good, she falls asleep! hahha But even that is endearing, I can't blame her for the kind of schedule that she hold and the stress she holds onto that she needs her beauty sleep.

Above anything else funny or quirky I love Le'o because of who she is and what she represents! She stands strong in a world where it is sometimes hard to do that. She has integrity and tries really hard to be what everyone around her needs her to be. She has a charitable heart and will take the shirt off her floor and give it to you if that is what you need.. she is humble and teachable, loving and nonjudgmental, caring and selfless. She has dedicate her life to using her talents. She blesses peoples lives greatly with her gifts and abilities. And everyone that ever crosses paths with this giant, never is the same and never forgets her.

Le'o I love you and love who you are. Thanks for always shinning your light and example on me. My sister you will always be! Palangi or not, we are be here for each other through the good the bad and the UGLY!

'Ofa 'atu


Mafi said...

Dang Meggie! Can we save this and use it for my obituary? ha ha ha ha nah, but FO REALZ girl, thanks for all the props. I really don't know what to say but THANK YOU. One of the scariest things for me in letting people into my life and into my heart is that they see me for who I really am...the good and the know all my weaknesses and my mistakes are so apparent to you. Now after knowing all of this, you still love me and are able to see past my imperfections. A lady in Atlanta told me that what you see in other people is really a reflection of yourself. If this statement is true, then I am happy to be a reflection of you, Meggie. You have taught me how to be a loyal friend and sister. You have shared great tips on cooking, cleaning, organizing, and dating with me...well and so much more that I won't bother putting down here. lol :) I love your honesty and your charity. Honestly Meggie, in so many ways I feel like you have raised me (and everyone else and their kids) to a higher road. You have influenced me most of all through your example. Meggie, you live what you believe. I love that about you. My association with you has led me closer to our Heavenly Father. How can I ever show my gratitude for that? Thank you for your kind words, Meggie. So what more can I tell than, "...keep on singing Mega Meg!" ofa lahi atu kiate koe, toko! your sister forever, Le'o

Amy Jensen said...

I remember her. She was so much fun. I saw back in the spring at the Tahitian Noni cafe for lunch. She remembered me and came up and said hi, which I thought was impressive b/c it had been years and plus I was pregnant. So cool that you guys are still such good friends!