Tuesday, October 7, 2008

This is me in San Juan Puerto Rico
For those of you that don't know, I work Full time for JetBlue Airways as a Reservations Agent. I have ups and downs with this job. Sometimes I am ready to pull my hair out because customers are literally screaming at me from NYC/JFK delays and other times it is peaceful, calm and I am able to have great experiences with comforting my customers who are traveling for funerals or struggling with marital issues. They will open up to me and I can tell them that no matter what, The Lord loves them. Sounds like an unlikely place to have spiritual experiences while making an airline reservation? It really happens.
So today, I just wanted to give JetBlue a shout out! I have been loving my job lately. Why am I loving it? The customers are not mad cause we aren't having weather issues (HOORAY) and I have been able to trade schedules lately to travel, babysit and go serve people! Plus when I have been on the phones, I have had some stellar experiences.

Thank you Jetblue, for letting me live a life of adventure this year! If you haven't "jetted" with us before, now is the time! www.jetblue.com.

I needed a laugh today, it has been one of those days.. you know the hard kind... so here is a bit of airline humor to share!


Monica said...

Okay that was Hilarious! We have seen a similiar comedian show on a cruise but I have to say that beat it! I can totally relate! People are hilarious! It's a good thing we can laugh at ourselves! That job is perfect for you! I bet you make everyones day! "Megan saves the day", like you did on June 21, 2008! I was watching Joslyns video tonight she just got back the final copy with their honeymoon! I feel like I got to relive it again! Thanks again for being my angel! He filmed the whole reception! It was fun to see everyone that was there--including you!
Love ya,

Angie said...


Mike & Valerie Hall said...

Brian Regan is so funny, we've got all of his DVD's but that one is one of my favorites!