Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Happy Birthday Alyssa Dear!

This is my sweet, talented and loving cousin Alyssa! Today is her 19th birthday! I wanted to let you know that I definately celebrate her birth. I even came home from my mission so that I would come home on her birthday (she wrote me a letter on my mission asking me to be home for her birthday) because of a plane delay I barely made that wish, but it did happen!

Alyssa has always been so dear to my heart! Alyssa was a very shy child who was very clingy to her mommy in her early ages. I remember a particular time in my life where she was such an answer to my prayers and she was only 2 years old.
I was going through a very hard, challenging part of my life. I was 13 years old and we had just moved from my childhood apartment to a new house. We were in a new neighborhood with all new people. I was feeling very lonely, very displaced, very sad. My Aunt Kay came to pick me up one summer afternoon (as she did often) and brought Alyssa with her. When we got home all the kids dispersed and went about all their activities but I wasn't feeling too well emotionally so I just kind of sat there. Alyssa who usually didn't give me the time a day (yet) came up to me with her blanky and her thumb in her mouth and just crawled up and cuddled on me for 2 hours! I needed that more than a 2 year old could ever know. It is amazing how much little children sense and even more amazing is the effect that it had on me that even 17 yrs later I remember that. Alyssa and I became quick buddies after that!
I loved to fix Lyssa's hair in big poofy curled pigtails with matching bows on either side(she probably hates me for it)! I loved taking her on stroller rides, bike rides, having sleep overs and just being with miss alyss!

Alyssa has always had such a peacemaker disposition and love just shoots out of her ever pour!

This year Alyssa graduated and got married just a few months a part to the man of her dreams Justin Sorenson. Although I told her she was on my poo poo list for not telling me she was engaged and finding out on facebook... I think she knew that I could never hold a grudge at my sweet wyssa!

I love you my lys! Thank you for being such a loving part of our family! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


alyssa and justin said...

Megan! I can't believe you went to all that trouble. I was seriously amazed! And you made me cry. That was the sweetest thing ever, and I didn't even know the story from when I was 2,so thanks for sharing it. You are the nicest person ever, and I am so glad I'm going to be working with you!! Thank you for making my day. I love you Meg!


Kelsey said...

This was such a sweet post! Made me a little sentimental myself...sweet little Lyssa. :) Thanks Megan!