Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Sweet Jen!

HaPpY BiRtHdAY WiLlIs!!!

Anyone that really knows me.. knows that this is my Willis!! I don't make many decisions without counseling with her! She has become such a HUGE part of my life in the last 5 yrs... I don't know what I did without her before it!

Jen is a LOVER! She loves people, pooches, family, friends, good food and diet coke, laughing, teasing, traveling, serving, the gospel, the scriptures, playing the piano, singing, concerts, road trips (even spontaneous ones!), hanging, she even loves me!

I have traveled from Mexico to London with the girl! We have so much fun together!! I wish it was more often but that is my fault, not hers!

Jen is truly A-mazing in every way!! Ask anyone that knows her! I love that she is tender and that she is close to the spirit. She gets teary eyed hearing a good story or even watching a Disney parade.. I LOVE THAT!! I think that is a good way to be!

Jen thanks for sharing so much of your time, talents and love with me.. I cherish you more than you will ever be able to comprehend!

***There is some more about her on my blog from last year check it out... you may want to turn off the music that is with the video.. it is pretty annoying. Just click the right hand bottom corner of the video.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It's my Bombee's Birthday

Today is our sweet Shelisa's Birthday. I have called her Bombee since she was 1. It is really Bambi but that is how I pronounce it. There is a reason but it is a long story.

Shelisa has been my buddy since she was a baby. I would watch her and love her. She was absolutely beautiful then and she still is today.

Shelisa is loyal. She is protective and she loves deeply. She has some great qualities that anyone would want to possess.

She is a second cook at her Dad's Mexican Restaurant Cocolitos by Harmon's in Orem. You should try it out if you haven't it is DELICIOUS! She is such a hard worker and I can tell she helps her Dad out immensely!

Shelisa has always been really responsible and put other's first before herself. She is also so faithful and puts the Lord first. Bombee has a GORGEOUS singing voice which I wish she would do something with.. I could listen to her sing all day!

Shelis, you are so special, talented and have a family of 106 people that ADORE YOU! Thanks for being you!


Monday, July 27, 2009

Kylie Smiley turns 21

Happy Birthday Ky Ky!

Today our sweet Ky Ky turns 21 yrs old!! There is a lot of celebration to be had in those short years!!

Kylie would ALWAYS keep us over-entertained. She was very theatrical and dramatic! She would talk and talk and talk to you some more. From the time she was a 4 she thought she was a teenager! She always talked like an adult.

Ky was a little rascal. Because she felt older than she was, she would always get herself in to mischief! But then you would look at the pretty little porcelain face and it was hard to get mad at her!

Ky has always had a good sense of humor and could always laugh at herself.. there is something to say about someone that can laugh at their blonde moments.. one of the many reasons I love Kylie Lynn.

Now all grown up and a mommy I love to read he blog and see her insights. I have always known she was wise, even as a child, but now I get to read it!
Kys thanks for sharing your life with us! You are a delight and I am proud to call you my cousin!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday Sampler: Broken things to mend

This subject has been resting in my mind for a little over a week. I had a deep discussion with a dear friend of mine last weekend and it ended in us talking about broken things.. that each are broken at one point in our life, and from one thing or another.

I remembered two powerful things in my life that had to do with this topic. First was a time that I felt the spirit so POWERFULLY at EFY while this principle was being taught. and Second how I felt when an apostle of the Lord addressed us with this very topic.

One of the Coordinators at an EFY counselor training shared a story about a time that he was able to go with a youth to meet with an apostle at church headquarters. This youth had been through some really hard family issues and this apostle has been made aware of them and had asked to meet with the youth to give an apostolic blessing. Fernando related this experience with us and the spirit completely filled the room and tears began to flow from all in attendance. The apostle shared with this youth an experience he had while visiting in Jerusalem a while back. While on a tour of this sacred city he saw a Shepard in the distance who was carrying a lamb around his neck. He thought that it was quite interesting seeing in person what he had seen depicted in pictures many times before. He asked the tour guide if he could go closer and meet this Shepard. When he got there he asked the Shepard, why he carried the lamb around his neck to which the Shepard replied that the lamb had broken legs. You see, this lamb wandered away from the flock and when lambs do this the Shepard would break their legs and carry the lamb around their neck until the lamb recognized the Shepard's voice and then they would put the lamb back down and the lamb would never stray because it knew the Shepard's voice!

This illustration has meant the world to me. There are so many times in our lives when we too feel broken or are broken. Whether it is something that we ourselves did or something that was done to us we are in the need of "The Shepard's" healing. We need to be picked up, carried around his neck, and then taught his ways and learn once again what his voice is saying to us. We each have those broken things to mend in our lives.

In this very talk by Elder Holland he teaches us that not only does the Lord know the way out, he knows the way up! He knows it because He has walked it. He knows the way because He is the way.

Many of you understand how much I have been deeply touched by this apostle of the Lord. I have had such intimate and personal experiences through his words and actions that I will never doubt that he is a man of God and a true messenger of Jesus Christ. The closing of this talk gives a plea to us all:

"Brothers and sisters, whatever your distress, please don’t give up and please don’t yield to fear. I have always been touched that as his son was departing for his mission to England, Brother Bryant S. Hinckley gave young Gordon a farewell embrace and then slipped him a handwritten note with just five words taken from the fifth chapter of Mark: “Be not afraid, only believe.” I think also of that night when Christ rushed to the aid of His frightened disciples, walking as He did on the water to get to them, calling out, “It is I; be not afraid.” Peter exclaimed, “Lord, if it be thou, bid me come unto thee on the water.” Christ’s answer to him was as it always is every time: “Come,” He said. Instantly, as was his nature, Peter sprang over the vessel’s side and into the troubled waters. While his eyes were fixed upon the Lord, the wind could toss his hair and the spray could drench his robes, but all was well—he was coming to Christ. It was only when his faith wavered and fear took control, only when he removed his glance from the Master to look at the furious waves and the ominous black gulf beneath, only then did he begin to sink into the sea. In newer terror he cried out, “Lord, save me.”

Undoubtedly with some sadness, the Master over every problem and fear, He who is the solution to every discouragement and disappointment, stretched out His hand and grasped the drowning disciple with the gentle rebuke, “O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?”

If you are lonely, please know you can find comfort. If you are discouraged, please know you can find hope. If you are poor in spirit, please know you can be strengthened. If you feel you are broken, please know you can be mended.

In Nazareth, the narrow road,
That tires the feet and steals the breath,
Passes the place where once abode
The Carpenter of Nazareth.

And up and down the dusty way
The village folk would often wend;
And on the bench, beside Him, lay
Their broken things for Him to mend.

The maiden with the doll she broke,
The woman with the broken chair,
The man with broken plough, or yoke,
Said, “Can you mend it, Carpenter?”

And each received the thing he sought,
In yoke, or plough, or chair, or doll;
The broken thing which each had brought
Returned again a perfect whole.

So, up the hill the long years through,
With heavy step and wistful eye,
The burdened souls their way pursue,
Uttering each the plaintive cry:

“O Carpenter of Nazareth,
This heart, that’s broken past repair,
This life, that’s shattered nigh to death,
Oh, can You mend them, Carpenter?”

And by His kind and ready hand,
His own sweet life is woven through
Our broken lives, until they stand
A New Creation—“all things new.”

“The shattered [substance] of [the] heart,
Desire, ambition, hope, and faith,
Mould Thou into the perfect part,
O, Carpenter of Nazareth!”

I am so thankful to know that I too can be mended of broken things. I have needed mending so many times and I have clung to the hope and called out "Lord, save me!" and he has done just that. He has sent someone my way, given me the words to read, or spoke peace to my soul in ways that no one else could have healed me and made me feel whole. I am thankful that it is never too late to be mended, that no matter how long we have held on to the broken things that we can be made whole again in every way. The Savior DOES LIVE! He DID atone for our sins! He is the ultimate healer of our hearts, minds, and souls. May we all be mended in the ways that only HE understands!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sammie-Sammo! Birthday Wishes!

I wish I had all my OLD photos on CD or I had a scanner. I have some real good ones of this girl from the years before my mission, my preschool teaching days!

Sammie is a wild one :) She is for sure an independent spirit. She has always been adventurous and never afraid of a little dirt! But the thing I remember the most about her is that she was SOOO creative and imaginative! I guess that is why Harry Potty would be one of her favorite movies right?!

Sammie loved food and if I remember right she loved JUNK FOOD! She would always beg for the treats!

One of the saddest days for me was the day that I went with her mommy to check out the new daycare in Springville cause I was leaving on my mission. I didn't want to leave them to be loved by strangers!

I haven't got to be around Sammie a lot since I have been home.. but when I do get to hear conversations she is having or be a part of it she can still make me chuckle!! I love you Sammie! Hope your Day is wonderful!

Birthdays Glore.. Celebrating Josh!

What more can I say about a cousin that was the same age as me growing up!! He is amazing!! I have always thoroughly enjoyed every minute of him!! Can you blame me?!

Josh will always keep you in stitches with his sarcastic ways. He was a pretty interesting kid. A few random memories. He would ALWAYS be in just his under ware. I am talking all the way until I was 16 I was seeing him in his under ware. At the time, I didn't think it was a big deal... now I think it is HILARIOUS!

Also I am envisioning his staple food from teens years.. a loaf of white bead and a pint of Sour Cream.. I know.. VERY weird.. but I swear he would eat it a lot!

He was the best of friends to me. He even had pity on me in high school and came to a Sadies Hawkins Dance with me!! Now that is LOVE! Funny thing is we just all dressed in matching shirts and went to get pictures and then ditched the dance. ha ha ha

It is so fun to watch him in love. I can tell that he REALLY loves his wife, can you blame him.. HE SCORED!They do a lot of fun things together. I will tell you what, I would have never thought that Josh would have an interest in running marathons but with her I believe he has run 2. I could be wrong on my numbers.. but just the fact that he ran 1 would be a FEAT!

And my favorite thing that I love to see as Josh has grown up... his even bigger role as Dad. He is such a good Daddy and you can tell he COMPLETELY enjoys the joys of Fatherhood!JOSHY WASHY!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Isn't 31 GREAT!

Friday, July 24, 2009

17 today.. Happy Birthday SCHWEE!

Today is Ashlee's Birthday. Ash has always shared her Birthday with Grandpa Schroeppel. I have never heard her complain or not show up to the family party on their birthdays. What a special girl she is!!

Ash is tender hearted. She has always been a cuddler, a lover and a peacemaker. And look at her she is also a LOOKER!!

I got to hang out A LOT with Ash when she was younger. Is always had a contagious giggle and a fun personality. I still remember all the songs that she would sing as a very young girl. At Christmas her Mom and I spent so much time in ShopKo she would sing, "help me make more of the magic HOPKO the store for you!" When her Mom and I worked at Casual Corner she would use the cash register hanging pole as her microphone and sing to her hearts desire!

I will always have a special place in my heart for my dear Ashlee Ann! I celebrate your Birth my dear girl! Thanks for being so loving, caring and selfless on your birthdays and always!!


Being 80 is a GREAT reason to celebrate!

See this Handsome guy... no this is not a movie star, this is MY Grandpa!!
Today Grandpa turned 80!! Now that is reason to celebrate!

We had a fun, family and friend filled day with Grandpa at Timpanogas Park, also known as The Storyteller Park. Lots of yummy food and lts of family sharing musical tributes as well as story tributes. Even though the sun was really hot that day we all seemed to leave with smiles on our faces knowing that this man was well celebrated!
Happy Birthday Gramps!!
So glad that I got to help celebrate you today!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Celebrating Rachel Squires!!

I am about to blog about someone that I think is absolutely PHENOMENAL! I tell her this every Sunday that I get a chance to talk to her.. but today I need to put it in writing cause she truly is!

Not only does she excel in everything she does in her callings she is also a chemist!! Yes I said it, a chemist.. atleast that is what I remember! She is one smart cookie!

Today is my sweet Rachel's Birthday and she deserves a MAJOR shout out on my blog. Why you might ask? The reason is simple.. her smile. That smile has cheered me up on SOOO many occasions! Seriously.. Rachel is in my ward and some Sunday's I am not gonna lie going into to a single's ward kind of bums me out.. then I see if from across the room her smile that lights up everything it reaches!

Rachel and I were in the RS Presidency together for a couple months and I felt so blessed to be able to sit next to someone every Sunday that has such an amazing spiritual presence to her. Rachel is a spiritual giant. I am in awe of how you feel when you are around her.

Now make sure to not let Rachel fool you though, she pretends to be so quiet and shy but my girl Rachel can hold her own.. she is so charming, funny, a tease and can recite movie lines with the best of you! She has a quick whit to her and I love it because if I find something EXTRA comical in church I can look over at two people and know that they feel the same about what is being said or done. Rachel is one of those I can count on to be getting a kick out of it too!

Although I don't know everything there is to know about Rach, I do know that I love her already and appreciate the meekness she brings into our presence every Sunday.. I think I need to be around her more often.. what do you say RACHIE BABY?!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Widdo Wowie is all growed up!

Valerie, Valer-ra, Valerie, Valer-ra-ha-ha-ha
Most people don't get a song written after them!
I have wrote about this cutie before and she is back on my blog for yet another debut! Let's just call it her Birthday Debut!

Read the blog from last year for a slew of reasons why I have the greatest cousin in the world!

Val especially made it to the GOLD STAR list this week when she dropped everything and took me to a Dr's appointment in Salt Lake only to have me have an emotional breakdown in her car... she handled it like a champ!

Her husband who I call "Janet" had a really sweet cousin surprise Birthday planned for her today but I blew it by sending a text question to him and Val accidentally seeing it. It was so sweet and thoughtful of him but Val is far too humble and knowing about it she had to say, no way HOSEA! So Val, even though I am not able to be with you today on your Birthday, know that I adore you! I CELEBRATE your birth and I have loved you since the beginning!

I love watching you as a mommy of two. You are a natural and act like it is no biggie! Your kids adore you! I love hearing of your fun adventures, your silly mishaps and the temperature differences just 12 hours away!I am so thankful for our phone conversations and venting sessions that we have now that you aren't here in person year round. You are an amazing person with such great talents that I rely on too much probably!

Thanks for being such a happy part of my life! I love the memories that we have together!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mitch.. today you get some attention!!

Sorry there is a random picture of Em in here but Mitch loves her.. and this is the only way I could use these pics and I love them!

You see this adorable face? This is the face of my Mitchy!! Oh how I adore him. When I get to go to Boise, he is always so excited to see me and so excited to come up with fun plans for the week.
He is one of the best helpers that you could ever get and has one of the funniest personalities. Mitch is the life of the party! He has had a personality since he was born. He could always melt my heart and make me laugh till tears!But above ALL else, I LOVE THAT MITCH WILL CUDDLE WITH ME! You are never too old to cuddle with those you love, right mitch (don't you dare out grow it!) Mitch and I have an understanding. We figured out a GREAT way to work with each other and that is anytime that he feels like he wants to start teasing one of his siblings.. instead he comes up to me and says, "Meg, I need attention!" and so I will tickle him.. sometime for just a second and sometimes for LONG periods of time and then when he is done with his "attention" he will sit next to me and we will cuddle and chat! ISN'T he the BEST?!!

Mitch, I think you are fabulous! I love you so dearly! We have so many fun memories and we will make SOO many more! Can't wait for you to be in Utah tomorrow.. need some attention?

HAPPY 10th and please let me still call you Mitchy (okay, okay not infront of your friends!)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Desiree' we have reason to celebrate you today!

Welcome to the THIRTIES! It is a great place to be!
Everyone needs to meet Des! She is a bucket of fun! She is ALWAYS planning get together's and always the life of the party! I often wonder how she keeps up with it all?! She always keeps up with her friends and knows what is going on. She is a social butterfly and makes things happen.

Another thing I love about Des is her laugh. It is contagious! When she laughs I cackle and you can only imagine what that combination does to the other's in the room!

Des NEVER does anything part way. She puts her whole heart into everything that she does. She is an extra-miler this girl! I mean she even started a funny face game at my Bday party this past February. Here were the instructions, "We were trying our classic funny face. You're supposed to shake you're head, bug out your eyes, stick your tongue out and blow, take a picture and see what you get"Natalie and Kev take a stab at it!
Next Bretters and Jen try to dominate
But who comes out TRIUMPHANT?! Des and Chuck
I told you she is an over achiever! Every time I see this picture... I nearly wet myself!

Des has a really good balance. She not only works FT, looks glamorous ALL the time, does fun things with friends, makes personal time for her husband, she also works in the temple! This girl has it all!

If you want to see someone that rocks red hair that would be our Des. She is not afraid to try ANYTHING and she looks good no matter how dramatic the style. YOU GO GIRL!
Des I love you! Thanks for being there to support me. I am looking forward to all the fun new things going on in your life. Thank you for being a shining light and an example in my life!


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Three Amazing Reasons Why today is a blessed day!

I am so lucky to have so many people that I LOVE so dearly in my life! And THREE of those have Birthdays today! Let's get started...

My sweet Cousin Amy Nicole is one of them. I grew up spending a lot of time with her. They would come over to be babysat by my mom on weekends a lot and then as she got older I would steal her away for myself. She was like my little sister.

Amy, Jamie, Val and I would take visits to the Tiffin Room and ZCMI and act like we were all grown up! We would play house and store and school and fight over who was going to be in charge.

Some of the things that I absolutely adore about my Amy is that she can always laugh or find humor out of situations. She has such a fun personality and will find a positive side to nearly anything.

She was always so pretty. But most importantly she is pretty on the inside and outside. I love to watch her as a mommy and see how much joy she finds in her family. She isn't afraid to ask anyone anything. I love her upfrontness. It makes her real. No games being played by this girl!!

Amy you have come through so many hard challenges and it has made you the amazing person that you are today. You are compassionate, loving and friends to all.

Thanks for being my cousin but more importantly my friend!
Happy Birthday!

Kelly Stayner was my beehive advisor (12-13 yr old girls in church) and has been one of my bestest friends ever since. I wrote a blog about her last year that sums up how much I love her. Kelly thanks for all the sacrifice and love you have given me! You have helped me with my wedding business more than your fair share. Anytime I have needed anything... you are always there!!

Click here to see what an amazing part of my life she is!

Mama Pectol, or Robin. The life of the party. Nurturer. Provider of all the goods. Love you til the end, regardless of how you treat her back. Protector. Heart or gold. Always gives more than she takes. Unconditional Love. Disneyland guru. Amazing cook. Sunday dinner yumminess. Decorator.

These few words don't even come to describe the amazingness of this women. She puts EVERYONE, EVERYTHING first. She loves you like you are her own. Her hugs, her laughs, her smile makes you feel like everything is and will always be okay. She has the Mom role down to the tee and has many adoptee's that love her just as they were her own.

Robin treats everyone like they are her family members and always has kind words, a diet coke and food to share... more than enough to go around.

Robin is humble and Christ-like. She makes fun happen and makes sure to always have something planned to keep the family together.

I love her stories, especially the ones that embarrass her children, her cooking skills and spending time just chatting with her. I love the little kid that is inside this grown woman. bottom line.. this woman KNOWS HOW TO HAVE FUN!

Love you Mama Robin!! Thanks for being born!
Life is just so much more enjoyable with you around!

See... I told you! I AM BLESSED!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mom's 55 Today and never looked Younger!

My Mom is no stranger to being written about on this blog! She is my everything and I am so lucky to have her... I know she doesn't always feel that way about me! LOL

My Mom IS my best friend and she takes care of me better than anyone can. Lately, I have needed a lot of "taking care of" and my Mom is there.. no matter what!

Here is the Birthday blog from last year so you can re-read what a woman I have for a Mom!

Mom as always thanks for saving me from myself as I go through this crazy whirlwind of single life! Thanks for your example. Thanks for your listening ear.

Happy Birthday to a woman with many names and many roles!
Mom, Mommy, Kim, Kimmie, Auntie Kim, Grandma, Sister Gazaway.
Can't wait to party with you at Brick Oven tonight!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Shout hooray! Meems is 25 today!

Today is a special day for one of my best-est friends in the whole world! Today is my "Meemsy" whose real name is Amy Pectol Oberhansley's BIRTHDAY!!!Amy is one I adore spending time with. She knows how to fulfill my "time" love language better than most anyone because she is hardly ever in a hurry. She is always content enough to sit down and chat or snuggle you and just talk, watch TLC with or chat about cooking or yummy food with. She is a great listener and really helps me work through the thoughts in my head a lot because she listens and is truly interested. I love that when I come around she doesn't have to be busy! She totally just sits and enjoys the time and if for some reason she has a busy day, she just takes me along with out me feeling like I am putting her out! You will never know how much I love you for that my Meems.

Amy is an people person. She never wants to make anyone feel bad or left out. Unloved or alone. She is the first to say sorry and to explain why something was done or said and she won't rest until all misunderstanding is cleared up. She is a peacemaker.
Amy is the snuggliest person I know. If you are sitting next to her or even walking next to her she is touching you, cuddling with you or holding your hand. It goes to prove that she has much love to give. She also will never hang up the phone or say goodbye to you without saying love you. I can always count on her telling me a few times a day that she loves me!

Amy is artistic and creative. She is a very accomplished artist. I keep telling her she needs to submit her church art to Deseret Book. It is touching and amazing!
(Wanna see more? Visit
Amy is a born leader. She puts her heart into anything she starts and she follows it all the way through. She took me on a trip with her to her fav non-profit organization that goes to Mexico orphanages several times a year it is called, Kaaizen. Amy left several pieces of her heart with those children in Mexico. Not only did she love them and spend many trips there serving them, she also drew murals all over their orphanages to brighten up their days when she was away from them.

Amy has a natural desire to be obedient.
She is always striving to make correct choices and to be the best that she can be. She has a strong testimony and love for God and shows that through choices in word, deed and art.

Amy made an absolute gorgeous bride. It has been so fun to see her transition to her wife role. I am ever more excited to see her as a mother. She has made her house such a beautiful home which will continue to grow as she adds to her forever family.

Best of all Amy is my dear friend who I love and cherish. She is so easy to love because she loves you just as deeply back. She is fun to tease, laugh at when she trips or says something funny, she likes a lot of the same things as I do, she is a great story teller and always has a dramatic memory to share, she is fun to plan things will and travel with as well.

Meems, I am thankful for our many fun memories and making it through life's ups and downs because each one makes us closer and love each other more each time. Thanks for taking the time to know me, love me and teach me things that I need to know.
Your birth is celebrated not only in Utah but in Mexico as well.
Feliz CumpleaƱos my dear friend.