Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sammie-Sammo! Birthday Wishes!

I wish I had all my OLD photos on CD or I had a scanner. I have some real good ones of this girl from the years before my mission, my preschool teaching days!

Sammie is a wild one :) She is for sure an independent spirit. She has always been adventurous and never afraid of a little dirt! But the thing I remember the most about her is that she was SOOO creative and imaginative! I guess that is why Harry Potty would be one of her favorite movies right?!

Sammie loved food and if I remember right she loved JUNK FOOD! She would always beg for the treats!

One of the saddest days for me was the day that I went with her mommy to check out the new daycare in Springville cause I was leaving on my mission. I didn't want to leave them to be loved by strangers!

I haven't got to be around Sammie a lot since I have been home.. but when I do get to hear conversations she is having or be a part of it she can still make me chuckle!! I love you Sammie! Hope your Day is wonderful!