Monday, July 27, 2009

Kylie Smiley turns 21

Happy Birthday Ky Ky!

Today our sweet Ky Ky turns 21 yrs old!! There is a lot of celebration to be had in those short years!!

Kylie would ALWAYS keep us over-entertained. She was very theatrical and dramatic! She would talk and talk and talk to you some more. From the time she was a 4 she thought she was a teenager! She always talked like an adult.

Ky was a little rascal. Because she felt older than she was, she would always get herself in to mischief! But then you would look at the pretty little porcelain face and it was hard to get mad at her!

Ky has always had a good sense of humor and could always laugh at herself.. there is something to say about someone that can laugh at their blonde moments.. one of the many reasons I love Kylie Lynn.

Now all grown up and a mommy I love to read he blog and see her insights. I have always known she was wise, even as a child, but now I get to read it!
Kys thanks for sharing your life with us! You are a delight and I am proud to call you my cousin!


Brand N' Kys said...

OH Meg! YOu are one of THE nicest people I know! Thanks for the love.

Amy Jensen said...

So true and so sweet!