Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It's my Bombee's Birthday

Today is our sweet Shelisa's Birthday. I have called her Bombee since she was 1. It is really Bambi but that is how I pronounce it. There is a reason but it is a long story.

Shelisa has been my buddy since she was a baby. I would watch her and love her. She was absolutely beautiful then and she still is today.

Shelisa is loyal. She is protective and she loves deeply. She has some great qualities that anyone would want to possess.

She is a second cook at her Dad's Mexican Restaurant Cocolitos by Harmon's in Orem. You should try it out if you haven't it is DELICIOUS! She is such a hard worker and I can tell she helps her Dad out immensely!

Shelisa has always been really responsible and put other's first before herself. She is also so faithful and puts the Lord first. Bombee has a GORGEOUS singing voice which I wish she would do something with.. I could listen to her sing all day!

Shelis, you are so special, talented and have a family of 106 people that ADORE YOU! Thanks for being you!