Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mitch.. today you get some attention!!

Sorry there is a random picture of Em in here but Mitch loves her.. and this is the only way I could use these pics and I love them!

You see this adorable face? This is the face of my Mitchy!! Oh how I adore him. When I get to go to Boise, he is always so excited to see me and so excited to come up with fun plans for the week.
He is one of the best helpers that you could ever get and has one of the funniest personalities. Mitch is the life of the party! He has had a personality since he was born. He could always melt my heart and make me laugh till tears!But above ALL else, I LOVE THAT MITCH WILL CUDDLE WITH ME! You are never too old to cuddle with those you love, right mitch (don't you dare out grow it!) Mitch and I have an understanding. We figured out a GREAT way to work with each other and that is anytime that he feels like he wants to start teasing one of his siblings.. instead he comes up to me and says, "Meg, I need attention!" and so I will tickle him.. sometime for just a second and sometimes for LONG periods of time and then when he is done with his "attention" he will sit next to me and we will cuddle and chat! ISN'T he the BEST?!!

Mitch, I think you are fabulous! I love you so dearly! We have so many fun memories and we will make SOO many more! Can't wait for you to be in Utah tomorrow.. need some attention?

HAPPY 10th and please let me still call you Mitchy (okay, okay not infront of your friends!)


Amber said...

I really love you SOO much!
Love, Gracie

Boise Buhrley's said...

love this meg! Mitch loves your "attention"!! I think i am in need of some too!!!:)