Sunday, July 12, 2009

Three Amazing Reasons Why today is a blessed day!

I am so lucky to have so many people that I LOVE so dearly in my life! And THREE of those have Birthdays today! Let's get started...

My sweet Cousin Amy Nicole is one of them. I grew up spending a lot of time with her. They would come over to be babysat by my mom on weekends a lot and then as she got older I would steal her away for myself. She was like my little sister.

Amy, Jamie, Val and I would take visits to the Tiffin Room and ZCMI and act like we were all grown up! We would play house and store and school and fight over who was going to be in charge.

Some of the things that I absolutely adore about my Amy is that she can always laugh or find humor out of situations. She has such a fun personality and will find a positive side to nearly anything.

She was always so pretty. But most importantly she is pretty on the inside and outside. I love to watch her as a mommy and see how much joy she finds in her family. She isn't afraid to ask anyone anything. I love her upfrontness. It makes her real. No games being played by this girl!!

Amy you have come through so many hard challenges and it has made you the amazing person that you are today. You are compassionate, loving and friends to all.

Thanks for being my cousin but more importantly my friend!
Happy Birthday!

Kelly Stayner was my beehive advisor (12-13 yr old girls in church) and has been one of my bestest friends ever since. I wrote a blog about her last year that sums up how much I love her. Kelly thanks for all the sacrifice and love you have given me! You have helped me with my wedding business more than your fair share. Anytime I have needed anything... you are always there!!

Click here to see what an amazing part of my life she is!

Mama Pectol, or Robin. The life of the party. Nurturer. Provider of all the goods. Love you til the end, regardless of how you treat her back. Protector. Heart or gold. Always gives more than she takes. Unconditional Love. Disneyland guru. Amazing cook. Sunday dinner yumminess. Decorator.

These few words don't even come to describe the amazingness of this women. She puts EVERYONE, EVERYTHING first. She loves you like you are her own. Her hugs, her laughs, her smile makes you feel like everything is and will always be okay. She has the Mom role down to the tee and has many adoptee's that love her just as they were her own.

Robin treats everyone like they are her family members and always has kind words, a diet coke and food to share... more than enough to go around.

Robin is humble and Christ-like. She makes fun happen and makes sure to always have something planned to keep the family together.

I love her stories, especially the ones that embarrass her children, her cooking skills and spending time just chatting with her. I love the little kid that is inside this grown woman. bottom line.. this woman KNOWS HOW TO HAVE FUN!

Love you Mama Robin!! Thanks for being born!
Life is just so much more enjoyable with you around!

See... I told you! I AM BLESSED!


Amy Jensen said...

Megs thanks for the sweet post! Thank you for always taking the time to be there and be MY FRIEND! We had alot of good times and great memories, I love you to death. Thanks again for watching Gracie on Saturday night so I could enjoy a night out with my hubby for my birthday, you are the best.

Nate and Jessica said...

And that Mama Robin is coming to OH this weekend!

Boise Buhrley's said...

What a wonderful post. For some reason...:) always attract wonderful people in your life! You are so good with words and such a great friend. I love you!!

Shane's Angie said...

Oh Megsy, that was so very sweet, kind, and true! I know our Mama Robin will be so very grateful for these kind words, just as I was! I love you Meg!

Shell said...

I don't know if you even remember me but I went to Jr. High with you. I was the quiet shy one! Anyway I just wanted you to know that I am Amy's neighbor across the culdesac. Small world huh? Amy is the best. She thinks the world of you too! I am glad to see you are doing great. You are such a beautiful & sweet Lady.