Sunday, July 5, 2009

Shout hooray! Meems is 25 today!

Today is a special day for one of my best-est friends in the whole world! Today is my "Meemsy" whose real name is Amy Pectol Oberhansley's BIRTHDAY!!!Amy is one I adore spending time with. She knows how to fulfill my "time" love language better than most anyone because she is hardly ever in a hurry. She is always content enough to sit down and chat or snuggle you and just talk, watch TLC with or chat about cooking or yummy food with. She is a great listener and really helps me work through the thoughts in my head a lot because she listens and is truly interested. I love that when I come around she doesn't have to be busy! She totally just sits and enjoys the time and if for some reason she has a busy day, she just takes me along with out me feeling like I am putting her out! You will never know how much I love you for that my Meems.

Amy is an people person. She never wants to make anyone feel bad or left out. Unloved or alone. She is the first to say sorry and to explain why something was done or said and she won't rest until all misunderstanding is cleared up. She is a peacemaker.
Amy is the snuggliest person I know. If you are sitting next to her or even walking next to her she is touching you, cuddling with you or holding your hand. It goes to prove that she has much love to give. She also will never hang up the phone or say goodbye to you without saying love you. I can always count on her telling me a few times a day that she loves me!

Amy is artistic and creative. She is a very accomplished artist. I keep telling her she needs to submit her church art to Deseret Book. It is touching and amazing!
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Amy is a born leader. She puts her heart into anything she starts and she follows it all the way through. She took me on a trip with her to her fav non-profit organization that goes to Mexico orphanages several times a year it is called, Kaaizen. Amy left several pieces of her heart with those children in Mexico. Not only did she love them and spend many trips there serving them, she also drew murals all over their orphanages to brighten up their days when she was away from them.

Amy has a natural desire to be obedient.
She is always striving to make correct choices and to be the best that she can be. She has a strong testimony and love for God and shows that through choices in word, deed and art.

Amy made an absolute gorgeous bride. It has been so fun to see her transition to her wife role. I am ever more excited to see her as a mother. She has made her house such a beautiful home which will continue to grow as she adds to her forever family.

Best of all Amy is my dear friend who I love and cherish. She is so easy to love because she loves you just as deeply back. She is fun to tease, laugh at when she trips or says something funny, she likes a lot of the same things as I do, she is a great story teller and always has a dramatic memory to share, she is fun to plan things will and travel with as well.

Meems, I am thankful for our many fun memories and making it through life's ups and downs because each one makes us closer and love each other more each time. Thanks for taking the time to know me, love me and teach me things that I need to know.
Your birth is celebrated not only in Utah but in Mexico as well.
Feliz CumpleaƱos my dear friend.


Amy Pectol said...

I love you Meg! You give me much much more credit than I deserve. It's me who is thankful that I have you!

Nate and Jessica said...

I'm missing me some Meems! Love you Amy!

Amber said...

Everyone needs an Amy in their life! She sounds wonderful. This is a very sweet tribute.

Love you, Meg! Thanks for the great salsas. I loved having you over at moms.

Scott said...

Happy happy day for Meems. Thanks Megs for your incredible words. You are such a wonderful friend! Love you.

Shane's Angie said...

Awwww...I'm all ferschnickity over that Megsy! So, so true! That Meemsie is a one in a million!


that could not have been better said. i feel like i wrote that myself because i feel the exact same way as you meg!!! i am sure that everyone that knows meemsie feels that way. i love you meemsie poo!!!!! great tribute meggie!!!