Monday, July 20, 2009

Celebrating Rachel Squires!!

I am about to blog about someone that I think is absolutely PHENOMENAL! I tell her this every Sunday that I get a chance to talk to her.. but today I need to put it in writing cause she truly is!

Not only does she excel in everything she does in her callings she is also a chemist!! Yes I said it, a chemist.. atleast that is what I remember! She is one smart cookie!

Today is my sweet Rachel's Birthday and she deserves a MAJOR shout out on my blog. Why you might ask? The reason is simple.. her smile. That smile has cheered me up on SOOO many occasions! Seriously.. Rachel is in my ward and some Sunday's I am not gonna lie going into to a single's ward kind of bums me out.. then I see if from across the room her smile that lights up everything it reaches!

Rachel and I were in the RS Presidency together for a couple months and I felt so blessed to be able to sit next to someone every Sunday that has such an amazing spiritual presence to her. Rachel is a spiritual giant. I am in awe of how you feel when you are around her.

Now make sure to not let Rachel fool you though, she pretends to be so quiet and shy but my girl Rachel can hold her own.. she is so charming, funny, a tease and can recite movie lines with the best of you! She has a quick whit to her and I love it because if I find something EXTRA comical in church I can look over at two people and know that they feel the same about what is being said or done. Rachel is one of those I can count on to be getting a kick out of it too!

Although I don't know everything there is to know about Rach, I do know that I love her already and appreciate the meekness she brings into our presence every Sunday.. I think I need to be around her more often.. what do you say RACHIE BABY?!