Saturday, July 25, 2009

Birthdays Glore.. Celebrating Josh!

What more can I say about a cousin that was the same age as me growing up!! He is amazing!! I have always thoroughly enjoyed every minute of him!! Can you blame me?!

Josh will always keep you in stitches with his sarcastic ways. He was a pretty interesting kid. A few random memories. He would ALWAYS be in just his under ware. I am talking all the way until I was 16 I was seeing him in his under ware. At the time, I didn't think it was a big deal... now I think it is HILARIOUS!

Also I am envisioning his staple food from teens years.. a loaf of white bead and a pint of Sour Cream.. I know.. VERY weird.. but I swear he would eat it a lot!

He was the best of friends to me. He even had pity on me in high school and came to a Sadies Hawkins Dance with me!! Now that is LOVE! Funny thing is we just all dressed in matching shirts and went to get pictures and then ditched the dance. ha ha ha

It is so fun to watch him in love. I can tell that he REALLY loves his wife, can you blame him.. HE SCORED!They do a lot of fun things together. I will tell you what, I would have never thought that Josh would have an interest in running marathons but with her I believe he has run 2. I could be wrong on my numbers.. but just the fact that he ran 1 would be a FEAT!

And my favorite thing that I love to see as Josh has grown up... his even bigger role as Dad. He is such a good Daddy and you can tell he COMPLETELY enjoys the joys of Fatherhood!JOSHY WASHY!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Isn't 31 GREAT!


Josh Carr Superstar said...

Thanks Meg - What a nice post, if it wasn't 100% true I would be totally embarrassed. I forgot all about that dance (thanks for not uploading the pictures) Probably forgot about it because it was just like every other day we would hang out just this time we happened to have the same shirts on.

31 is better than 30 for sure