Friday, July 24, 2009

17 today.. Happy Birthday SCHWEE!

Today is Ashlee's Birthday. Ash has always shared her Birthday with Grandpa Schroeppel. I have never heard her complain or not show up to the family party on their birthdays. What a special girl she is!!

Ash is tender hearted. She has always been a cuddler, a lover and a peacemaker. And look at her she is also a LOOKER!!

I got to hang out A LOT with Ash when she was younger. Is always had a contagious giggle and a fun personality. I still remember all the songs that she would sing as a very young girl. At Christmas her Mom and I spent so much time in ShopKo she would sing, "help me make more of the magic HOPKO the store for you!" When her Mom and I worked at Casual Corner she would use the cash register hanging pole as her microphone and sing to her hearts desire!

I will always have a special place in my heart for my dear Ashlee Ann! I celebrate your Birth my dear girl! Thanks for being so loving, caring and selfless on your birthdays and always!!