Friday, July 17, 2009

Widdo Wowie is all growed up!

Valerie, Valer-ra, Valerie, Valer-ra-ha-ha-ha
Most people don't get a song written after them!
I have wrote about this cutie before and she is back on my blog for yet another debut! Let's just call it her Birthday Debut!

Read the blog from last year for a slew of reasons why I have the greatest cousin in the world!

Val especially made it to the GOLD STAR list this week when she dropped everything and took me to a Dr's appointment in Salt Lake only to have me have an emotional breakdown in her car... she handled it like a champ!

Her husband who I call "Janet" had a really sweet cousin surprise Birthday planned for her today but I blew it by sending a text question to him and Val accidentally seeing it. It was so sweet and thoughtful of him but Val is far too humble and knowing about it she had to say, no way HOSEA! So Val, even though I am not able to be with you today on your Birthday, know that I adore you! I CELEBRATE your birth and I have loved you since the beginning!

I love watching you as a mommy of two. You are a natural and act like it is no biggie! Your kids adore you! I love hearing of your fun adventures, your silly mishaps and the temperature differences just 12 hours away!I am so thankful for our phone conversations and venting sessions that we have now that you aren't here in person year round. You are an amazing person with such great talents that I rely on too much probably!

Thanks for being such a happy part of my life! I love the memories that we have together!


Kelsey said...

I couldn't agree more, with everything said. Val is amazing!!

Jamie said...

Happy Birthday Val. Luvya!!
-Meg, if it weren't you blowing the surprise, it would be me. Mike should've just told her tough cookies and threw the party anyway! :)