Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Birthday, Princess Buttercup!

My sweet Natalie is celebrating a birthday today and I have not yet got the opportunity to do a blog for her on her special day so I am excited to let you know why she is one of my dearest friends.

Natalie just radiates the spirit of the Lord. The reason why is because she is so selfless and would give or do anything for anyone.

She has been to many foreign countries doing just that. Her most recent one was just a couple years ago when she went to Taiwan to teach English. She even made it on a billboard in Taiwan! (Look closely, she is in Blue on the left)

I met Natalie (like most of the greatest people I know) at EFY. Instantly I was drawn to her. I loved her. I could tell that she was real and sincere. Fun and loving. I wanted to INSTANTLY be friends with her!

In 2004 I got to work on the same BC (Building Counselor) team with her. We had so many laughs, sleepless nights and memories created during that time. I was so lucky to work side by side this spiritual, serving giant. The next year we got to be coordinators together (not at the same sessions though) and we did lots of our work to prepare for the summer together. The following summer I was working in the Midwest and able to drive over to her sessions in Buena Vista, VA and watch her at work. She really knows what she is doing and does a brilliant job!
Natalie has blessed me with so many awesome phone chats, gifts, lunches, sleepovers, problem solving, girl talk over our friendship. I am just so blessed!

Natalie became one of the 10%-ers for EFY when she married one of my other EFY buddies Kevin Peterson! What a match made in heaven, I tell you! I was so blessed to be able to go with Nat to pick out her dress. I nearly passed out from how radiant she looked in her wedding dress. The world hasn't seen too many brides as beautiful as she was! In fact, at their wedding photo shoot (following their sealing) Her and her husband were all the rave on temple square. Strangers were taking pictures of them, people were asking if it was a magazine shoot! It was a riot, it looked too perfect to be real!

Primary Children's is so lucky to have her as a nurse in the NICU. I am sure she makes a lot of very stressed out parents feel at ease.

Natalie is uber talented. She is an amazing friend, wife, scrap booker, baker, decorator, crafter, hilarious, thoughtful, service oriented, big hearted, coolest handwriting, planner, organizer, and I could keep going!Natalie, thanks for always being there for me. For caring, really caring about my needs, my feelings and my life! Thank you for living a life that is worthy of emulation! You make me strive to be a better person every time I am around you! I love you sweet Nat!
HAPPY, HAPPY Birthday!

Back for a good reason... Happy Birthday Auntie Leslie

I know, I know I have been struggling with the blogging lately. I intend to make up for lost time. And will eventually put things back in the order that they happened when I get settled here in AZ. But for now I had to take some time to do some honoring!

Anyone that knows me fairly well knows that my aunts mean the world to me!! I have such great ones. And although I haven't blogged about any yet, I thought today was a good as day as any to start!

My Aunt Leslie is a RIOT! She makes everyone comfortable, feel loved, gives the greatest non-pressuring advice, always good for a laugh, makes my favorite spaghetti on the planet, is the life of any party, loyal, loves family and celebrations and is one of the most talented seamstresses in Utah County who also runs the best Bridal shop in Utah county, (at least me and all my brides have thought so)Veronica Michaels.

When I was a teen Aunt Leslie was the highlight of all my birthday parties, ask any of my friends they would concur... yes I would invite her to my friend Birthday Parties! The nice thing about my Aunts is they aren't just my Aunts' they are my friends. I am so blessed to be able to say that!

I have so many fun memories with Lez. Some that I witnessed, others I have only heard about. But my top 3 favorite Leslie stories in order of favorite-ness would be...drum roll....

1. When she mooned the pizza delivery boy (no this was NOT on purpose) 2. One Christmas we had a family Girl's night out and made ginger bread houses. Late nights and Leslie don't go well together and she was so tired when she left that she proceeded to carry my Mom's broom out the door... we laughed till pants wetting about this one! And last but not least number 3. We were at my Grandma's house one day and someone told all of us around the kitchen table that they heard to be able to get ketchup that was nearly empty down to the bottom of the bottle that you swing your arm around in a circular motion (almost like a pitcher getting ready to pitch) and the gravity will force it down.. Leslie wanted to try it, grabbed the plastic Heinz bottle and proceeded to quickly rotate it in a circular swing and forgot to hold the top of the cap. Everyone got sprayed with ketchup including the walls and the popcorn long as I can remember the ketchup stain remained on the ceiling until the selling of the house!! hahaha

Auntie Leslie!! We love you! We celebrate you! You add such life and love to all of us! We are lucky to have you! The bride world is lucky to have you! And the Lord is lucky to use your strengths to bless so many!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of my greatest friends!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Blessed by Christmas Craziness... 3 families, such limited time!

Who knew that being away from home could be so INSANE!! My Christmas started at 7 am when I got back onto SKYPE with my family and watch the Christmas mania begin at Pat's house!! The kids were so excited (minus Chloe who was still in comatose state!)! It was fun to see their excitement and feel the spirit of Christmas magic in the air. After talking with my family, Verna and I took the yummy egg casserole and went to The Layton's for Christmas Brunch. The family really treats me well, it is always a riot and good company! They spoiled me this year with TONS of towels, 600 thread count sheets, different kinds of jewelery pieces, lotions, and accessories. I felt very loved and blessed by their generosity!
The all time favorite part was to watch the kids get their little go-carts from their Grandparents. They were all about it, lined up, helmets on and spent loads of times racing each other up and down the drive way!! (this is a tradition. Each year they get some kind of bike thing) The Mom's even got some action with it, even to the toddler's dismay :)
Many, many laughs! I love the laughing picture I captured with Verna too!

Afterwards I took Verna home to rest and headed to The Whitings who were ANXIOUSLY AWAITING my arrival. We had a relaxing Christmas Day together. We exchanged our gifts to each other, once again I was given WAY MORE than I deserved. Monica gave me a watch making kit and after hearing my love for Cabbage Patch kids and hearing my "splash em kid" story she bought me a "Giggling with Meg" cabbage patch doll. It is seriously the cutest thing and will make me keep giggling on the hard days! Monica, Laurisa and Jos even gave me new head gear.. I am obsessed and wear all of them, all the time! We watched The Christmas Blessing and just had such a relaxing afternoon!

Following our relaxing time, I went back to pick up Verna's and we headed to Jake and Kelly's for a panini party! They were DELICIOUS! It was so fun to just sit around and get to know them all a little more. I found out that they are cousin's of the Orem High Beeson's! Small world.

Returned Verna back home, helped her get ready for bed and then headed back to the Whiting's to play the game I gave them for Christmas, Sedarahc (Reverse Charades) . All of you need this game! It is such a blast and was developed by former EFY counselors. Here is the explanation so you can see how many hours of fun you can have playing!

SEDARAHC (“suh-DARE-ic”) is indeed, charades with a twist—spelled backwards and played in reverse! Instead of the usual—one person acting out words for the team to guess, SEDARAHC spices things up so the entire team acts out words for one person to guess. It’s fast-paced, fiercely fun team competition that’s an absolute riot with large groups, families, kids, at parties or among a few close friends. You can even play it with pets (although we don’t recommend it). Carry it with you to work, to the gym, to the DMV—the possibilities of SEDARAHC breakout sessions are endless. But be warned…you’re in for big and dangerous doses of fun!

This is the kind of funny that you have when you are playing this game! Seriously, every home needs this game!More fun and laugh's to come with this game.. I guarantee it!!

All in all, I was so BLESSED this season. I got to spend time with 3 families I love. Never felt lonely, always had something fun and adventurous and then I got to come home and finish off this day in prayer of Thanksgiving to my Heavenly Father and the one that made it all possible our dear Savior Jesus Christ with whom I celebrate his birth and glorify his name.
What a celebration!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Twas the night before Christmas...

This Christmas eve was completely different than ANY I have ever had and it was kind of fun to change it up a little and then end it with my family on skype.

Since I was in AZ I was able to go with the Wade Whiting family to Aunt Lynelle and Uncle Glen Jackson's house in Mesa. I am very familiar with them so it was fun to take part of this Wright family tradition! They have Mexican Fiesta Christmas Eve. Most of the siblings and cousins were there. We had yummy tamale's, quesadilla and I brought black bean salsa which was a huge hit!

We had many laughs (thanks to Richie, he is a hoot)! We had some performances by Kristin's little girl as well of The Whiting kids with the traditional "Sister's" song and Mitch and Jake gave us a fun Jack Johnson Christmas rendition. Richie, Terrie and Debbie were our crowd dancin'performers. The highlight was to have Santa come and I even got to get a updated Santa picture :) Thank you Jackson's for being so wonderful and ALWAYS hosting family parties! It was a great night!

After leaving the party we went back to the Whiting and did the traditional opening up jammies on Christmas eve tradition. We had Christmas music on and even got some more Whiting entertainment. After the opening of their PJ's I got to meet with my family on SKYPE and watch them all open the PJ's I had picked out for them and ready The Christmas Jars's book with them via SKYPE. I committed my family to work on Christmas Jar's this year and next year on Christmas eve we will choose someone to deliver the Christmas Jar too anonymously! I am so thankful for technology and that even though I am miles away, I could be a part of my family tradition and feel like I am there with them.. I miss these faces!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Never a dull moment in Boise

We are having a fun Saturday here in Boise.. We had to do our seasonal jibjab. Hope you laugh as much as we did!!

Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today!

We also had them record the favorite song amoung all my nanny kids.. My favorite is Grace really thinks it says your so fat, and I'm still working on that!! Makes me laugh everytime!

Thank you for everyone's comments already!! These kids feel like superstars and love to read them!! We decided that we are going to post the original music video for this song so that you can see the "real " words.. although, we think ours were pretty darn cute!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

General Relief Society Broadcast Fall 2009

There were GREAT things that took place both in the meeting as well as in my own heart. My mind has just been flooded with thoughts about this Relief Society meeting that I am anxious to get them in writing.

The General President, Sister Beck, made an announcement about the name of activities in the Relief Society. In my lifetime it has been Homemaking Meeting, Home, Family, and Personal Enrichment, and Enrichment Night. They have now changed it to the name, "Relief Society Meeting" with an emphasis of what you are focusing on that night! I love that! Go back to the basics, simplify, don't make it sound so foreign. I love how the church leaders really look into what is happening even in an "un required" activity in the Relief Society and then they bring that vision to us.

All the teachings were heartfelt, inspired, and touching to me but in this blog I am going to concentrate of the talk that stuck out the most with me and then end with a quote by President Eyring.

I bet you can't guess the one I am going to talk about? I will give you a was given by a sister that COMPLETELY understands the stage of life that I am now in, Sister Barbara Thompson, who has Enjoyed her Journey a lot longer than I have and has stayed POSITIVE in the midst of being single! I love seeing woman who are older than me and still practicing that positive, hopeful attitude. That is the way I hope I will be.
Sister Thompson, taught about a really neat principle "Mind The Gap". I really connected with this strongly. This caution, "Mind The Gap" is found in London subways. She taught that this helps people realize that there is "danger", a gap between the train and the loading dock and the sign "Mind The Gap" reminds people not to let their foot get caught in the gap or not to drop anything in gap cause it will go under the train and be lost. I loved that she taught this. Isn't there so many "gaps" in our lives that if we don't heed or are not worthy of the promptings of the Spirit we too may find ourselves in danger or under that train lost without realizing how it happened or how we got to that point.
She taught us, " that sometimes it is the difference between what we know, and what we actually do. Or the gap between our goals and what we actually accomplish. These gaps can be reminders of ways that we can actually improve or if ignored can be used as stumbling blocks in our lives."

She gave some great examples as to what some of those gaps can be. I have seen some others in my own life or in lives of people that I truly love and hope that this talk can help us to improve and narrow the gap so that we can be safe from letting ourselves fall under the train.

We are in a time where it is getting more and more confusing. The voices of opposition are becoming louder and louder. The world welcomes things in which I know are not right, in fact, I find them really wrong and yet so many of us who "know" seem to get caught up in them without even remembering what our main objective is in this life, our goal. Before you know it you have a gap that is getting further away from eternal things and closer to things of the world. I am not immune from the gap and neither is anyone else. But if I listen the caution given to "Mind The Gap" in all the choices that I make, I will be a lot closer to making choices with eternal value, then making choices that can ultimately lead me to danger or even worse being lost without direction.

She reminds us that the "IF'S" sometimes get in the way. Oh do they ever! If God loved me than why would he ____? If God loved me, wouldn't I get the chance to ______? She taught, "There is NOTHING that can separate you from love of God. We are all children of God and we should never doubt it and be assured that he loves us dearly and we are his precious children."

I am going to stand a little taller. I am going to proceed with caution the gaps that may come into my life and remember that I have a legacy to live up to, a legacy to fulfill. That I don't just have the responsibility to mind my gaps solely that I have the responsibility to remind those I love, to caution them when I see them heading toward that gap. We need each other to make it through these times, we need each other accomplish our goals, we need each other to keep this great legacy going!

"Just remember that the legacy is past from heart to heart. Charity, the pure love a Christ, is part of the mighty change of heart which the Lord promises to his faithful disciples so it is not hard to see what simple things you can and must do to pass the legacy along." -President Henry B. Eyring-

I am going to try everything in my power to keep the faith, to spread the love, and to be an example of the believers by showing that I believe and listen to the cautions myself!

My heart has been changed and my mind has been spiritually fed. I am so thankful for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the leaders that have been called of God to caution me and counsel me in the things that need to be focused on in my day. We live in a world that is loud with opposing voices, and because of the teachings of Men and Women of God, I still hear!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

"The Two Shall Become One": Meet the Peterson's!

I am still rejoicing over this eternal union! I have been a fan of this couple since before they were even a couple! Some people are just supposed to be together and these two are a PERFECT example of that!This is Kevin and Natalie. I was blessed to meet them both at EFY (are you all surprised?!) . I have always been SUPER impressed by them both and just wanted to be around them as much as I could manage because there was ALWAYS good conversation and lots of fun when they were around(together or separate).

Years ago I nicknamed Nat "Princess Buttercup" because anyone that knows her wants to do "as you wish" for her because she is so sweet and doesn't expect anything of you but to just be yourself! Kev was nicknamed "Ken" cause doesn't he just fit the part?! Practically perfect in every way!

I was so blessed and thankful to be involved in all of their wedding activities! They had such a fun dinner the night before at The Joseph Smith Memorial Building complete with a quiz we all had to do to figure out how well we knew them individually and as a couple!

A lot of neat things were said about them at their sealing. The sealer kept referring to the light that they possess as a couple that they just "twinkle". He even said that he was worried that they were going to be translated before they even made it to get sealed! They did look so beautiful and he was right the radiated true love!

Outside those temple walls it was no less beautiful! The weather was picture perfect! It was cool and breezy yet clear and sunny! There was some GREAT people who also were celebrating with me today! As you know these THREE are some of my fav gals.. they are NO STRANGERS to this blog! Wow they are glowing too! hahaha see Kev and Nat rub off on us all!

I don't know if I have ever seen a couple have more fun at their after wedding photo shoots! They were skipping, growling, Tarzan calls, and letting their true FUN values come out! Here is one such moment! The reception didn't disappoint either. It was just as gorgeous, just as exciting with so many fun people attending and I hear the chocolate bar was a HIT! Be proud of me, I stayed away with only a half of mint cookie eaten :) (It was the chocolate mint Schmidt's Bakery cookies, I just had to indulge!)

I was able to get to set up the centerpieces and chairs and decorate the cake with fresh flowers (my first time ever!) I had a blast helping them out a little bit. It was fun for once to not "be in charge" during the reception, especially with so many friends there! I have taken a TON of pictures at ALL the events so I am going to end with a collage of the reception. (to see bigger views click on it!) Kev and Nat, you will have a full life filled with love, the gospel of Jesus Christ and FUN! What more could ANYONE ever want?!
Love you both SOO much!

Eldredge Manor: A class act!

Wanna know of an EXCELLENT Reception Center in the Bountiful area?! You will find it at Eldredge Manor! This is gorgeous inside and out! It has several large rooms and fun Brides and Grooms rooms upstairs! Beautiful gardens out back where you can have the bride and groom situated and guests greeted before coming in for their deliciously catered food!
They have a first class staff that really ENJOYS there jobs and are eager to help with anything that you ask them to do.
You are assigned a hostess that is around all night making sure everything is running safely and also assures that the bride and groom get goodies packed up from the reception and all the cake gets boxed up to take home!
I have now been to this center for a few weddings and each one has all the elements that I would recommend to a bride to have! Way to go Willam's family for running such a CLASS ACT place that anyone would happy to include in their most anticipated day of their life!

To contact the Eldredge Manor you can go to

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dear Elliott

This is such a sweet story of a Dad who writes letters to his baby everyday he was alive! This is so touching and I wanted to share it with all my readers. Life is a gift!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

And the world has never been the same.. Happy Birthday Andrea!

Have you ever had a friend that you can't wait to get a hug from? Has anyone made you laugh so hard you fought to catch your breathe again? This person for me is Ms Andrea Aguiar!! She is the life of the party, the friend to all, has more talent in one hand than most have in their whole body and with all this said, she is still willing to be my friend!!

I met Andrea at EFY (of course!) and she was like a breath of laughing gas for me. She just has a way to put things that make you go into gut laughter!

A few quick snipets of the things that I admire about this girl...
  • She can laugh at herself
  • Although she has had many trials, she can joke through her pain
  • She has a good eye for fashion and decor
  • She is faithful even as a nursery leader ;0
  • She is so tall that she straddles you when she hugs you!
  • She is loyal to the core
  • She follows the spirit, does things even when she doesn't understand why
  • She is a family gal
  • Adventurous and spontaneous
  • Smart and organized
  • Thoughtful and serviceable
  • A good listen
  • Gives good advice
  • Stands for something
There aren't enough words to express my love and respect for this sweet girl! Drea, I love you and I celebrate your birth and love what you have brought to all who love you!
HAPPY 29th Birthday my dear!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Three's a Charm!

This day is a blessed birthday with 3 family members at once! (OK so Joslyn maybe an adopted family member but you can't tell me that) It is one I am thankful that can be celebrated!

  • Uncle Doug
  • Cousin Dakota
  • Joslyn Whiting

The birthday celebrations started off Whiting style with a family dinner for Jos. They made her favorites crepes and Pazookie's for dessert. She received a quilt from her mom with all the T-shirts from each event she was in as youth and a singing Hannah Montana card! We had a fun For Strength of Youth FHE knowledge bowl too!

For any of you that know Jos you know that she is a burst of positive energy! Finds joy in life both during hard times as well as the best of times! She is always seeking out high adventure (thanks Wade!) and you will catch her singing and dancin at any given moment if she has the chance. She also has a love for a pretty face! Believe me if she has a chance to talk about Zac Effron she will :) Jos is very creative and crafty like he mama. He recent love is making the CUTEST headbands ever!

She handle's lives challenges with faith and optimism and never let's anything get in her way! She is a girl that is dedicated to finding joy in the journey, reaching her goals, family time and the gospel. I am SOOO lucky to have sweet Jos in my life!

Next was Dakota's surprise 29th Birthday celebration! She has the best hubby around and he planned a birthday surprise that was RIGHT UP HER ALLEY! We all showed up at their old reception center and he had There she is, Miss America music on repeat so that when she walked in blind folded that was what was playing! Amazingly enough we got everyone including small children to stay quiet so she thought they were just going someone privately! When she was allowed to lift the blindfold, SURPRISE! He 3 small boys were in front of her with a cape, a sash a crown and 4 dozen roses!! Oh yes the reaction happened! Tears were flowing and kisses being handed out! She was a HUGE fan! Then we Karaokied the night away! So much fun!

Koty is one of the most amazing women that I have in my life! She is so on the ball! Not only does she have 4 boys under 7 yrs old, she runs a fully functioning farm, has a few side businesses, serves people freely and willingly, is the go to girl for EVERYTHING! Believe me I call her for food quanities for a wedding, sales, to borrow things, get advice, vent.. she rocks! You should check out the things that she shares on the If you care to share blog! Always useful items, sales, and crafts!
She was one of my bestest friends growing up and continues to be well into my adult years. She has never gotten tired of me.. now that is LOVE!

My Uncle Doug is one of my Mom's youngest brother's so he was always around as I was growing up. I remember writing him as a 10 or 11 yr old on his mission. And the way I felt when I got a letter back it was so awesome! He is so patient and loving. In our older years I have LOVED watching that loving, patient side of him shine through with how tender he is with my aging grandparents. He is always trying to help them and I can tell that he really enjoys serving them. He has always been so family focused! He comes to our family things even if for only a moment to lend that support! It means the WORLD to us! He even showed up while he could be out celebrating his own Birthday to Koty's surprise party! Now that is commitment and love! I think that says a lot about a person. I am thankful for his choice in who he married as well. His wife Kim was instantly my best friend and some of my fondest memories are with her! Way to go Uncle Doug! Lot's of reasons why we celebrate you!

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Whiting Family Reunion!

JULY 30 -August 2
I am thankful to Monica for doing such a great job with picture taking!! I just grabbed some of her photos from this glorious event and they are great!!
We stayed around Utah this year! It was so fun to explore our own state!
We went to The Mt. Oquirruh temple open house. It was much more reverent this time around. What a beautiful house of the Lord!

I got to go to This is the Place State park for the first time and would HIGHLY recommend it to ANY family, any age! There were pioneer crafts to be done, music played throughout, we got to go to see what an old school day would be like, there were pony rides for the kids, a little candy shop, a train ride all for $8! Well worth the money! I also heard that Christmas time is AMAZING there! I am planning to return!
I got to feed this great crew for 4 meals during the week and LOVED it! Thank you everyone for being so gracious and eating what I had prepared! You are troopers!

We had a blast whether it was trying on pioneer clothing, throwing horse dung (yes Wade started it!) or the lovely solo's that were sung in a church with some GREAT acoustics!This is the Place State Park is definitely a treat for young and old.. no chance you can get bored!

I love this family and really love when we are all together.. we missed Justin and least they both came a few weeks before to see us or we would have been ripped off!

My favorite of all the activities would be WHITING IDOL!! There is some serious acting talent in this family! From the parents on down! We got the privilege of seeing an older and younger version of Sony and Cher. I think the both were out of this world AMAZING!! We had Hans and Frans show up from Saturday night live with a rendition of "Muscular" from the wicked song Popular! Loved that! We had various children perform great delights! Jeff even wowed us with his poetry memorization and presenting skills!

Our Judges were: Simon (Matt Heaps) Paula (Jill Heaps) and Kara (Monica Whiting) Still Not sure what happened to Randy! These judges were true to their character and as Randy would put it...WE LOVE YOU DAWG!

Saturday I wasn't able to do any of the activities and heard I REALLY missed out. But I was able to be at Nunn's park for a fun night of laughter, food and Charades. We stayed up till 3 am that night ending it with a nice stroll in the neighborhood.

We didn't want all the fun to be over! Even the Buhrley's stayed longer than they planned to continue the family adventure!! Sunday we celebrated Lynn's Birthday and had a blast together!

What great adventure, family building and togetherness we enjoyed!! Thank you for adopting me in and letting me in on the FUN!!


Next year??? Bear Lake anyone?!