Sunday, August 23, 2009

Three's a Charm!

This day is a blessed birthday with 3 family members at once! (OK so Joslyn maybe an adopted family member but you can't tell me that) It is one I am thankful that can be celebrated!

  • Uncle Doug
  • Cousin Dakota
  • Joslyn Whiting

The birthday celebrations started off Whiting style with a family dinner for Jos. They made her favorites crepes and Pazookie's for dessert. She received a quilt from her mom with all the T-shirts from each event she was in as youth and a singing Hannah Montana card! We had a fun For Strength of Youth FHE knowledge bowl too!

For any of you that know Jos you know that she is a burst of positive energy! Finds joy in life both during hard times as well as the best of times! She is always seeking out high adventure (thanks Wade!) and you will catch her singing and dancin at any given moment if she has the chance. She also has a love for a pretty face! Believe me if she has a chance to talk about Zac Effron she will :) Jos is very creative and crafty like he mama. He recent love is making the CUTEST headbands ever!

She handle's lives challenges with faith and optimism and never let's anything get in her way! She is a girl that is dedicated to finding joy in the journey, reaching her goals, family time and the gospel. I am SOOO lucky to have sweet Jos in my life!

Next was Dakota's surprise 29th Birthday celebration! She has the best hubby around and he planned a birthday surprise that was RIGHT UP HER ALLEY! We all showed up at their old reception center and he had There she is, Miss America music on repeat so that when she walked in blind folded that was what was playing! Amazingly enough we got everyone including small children to stay quiet so she thought they were just going someone privately! When she was allowed to lift the blindfold, SURPRISE! He 3 small boys were in front of her with a cape, a sash a crown and 4 dozen roses!! Oh yes the reaction happened! Tears were flowing and kisses being handed out! She was a HUGE fan! Then we Karaokied the night away! So much fun!

Koty is one of the most amazing women that I have in my life! She is so on the ball! Not only does she have 4 boys under 7 yrs old, she runs a fully functioning farm, has a few side businesses, serves people freely and willingly, is the go to girl for EVERYTHING! Believe me I call her for food quanities for a wedding, sales, to borrow things, get advice, vent.. she rocks! You should check out the things that she shares on the If you care to share blog! Always useful items, sales, and crafts!
She was one of my bestest friends growing up and continues to be well into my adult years. She has never gotten tired of me.. now that is LOVE!

My Uncle Doug is one of my Mom's youngest brother's so he was always around as I was growing up. I remember writing him as a 10 or 11 yr old on his mission. And the way I felt when I got a letter back it was so awesome! He is so patient and loving. In our older years I have LOVED watching that loving, patient side of him shine through with how tender he is with my aging grandparents. He is always trying to help them and I can tell that he really enjoys serving them. He has always been so family focused! He comes to our family things even if for only a moment to lend that support! It means the WORLD to us! He even showed up while he could be out celebrating his own Birthday to Koty's surprise party! Now that is commitment and love! I think that says a lot about a person. I am thankful for his choice in who he married as well. His wife Kim was instantly my best friend and some of my fondest memories are with her! Way to go Uncle Doug! Lot's of reasons why we celebrate you!


Joslyn Marie said...

Oh meg, thanks for adopting me. I always haved loved you but now I get to live by you and love you! It's so much fun being in your same singles ward. Haha! I laughed at my zac efron portion.. cause its way true. You are so kind, love you megs.