Tuesday, September 1, 2009

And the world has never been the same.. Happy Birthday Andrea!

Have you ever had a friend that you can't wait to get a hug from? Has anyone made you laugh so hard you fought to catch your breathe again? This person for me is Ms Andrea Aguiar!! She is the life of the party, the friend to all, has more talent in one hand than most have in their whole body and with all this said, she is still willing to be my friend!!

I met Andrea at EFY (of course!) and she was like a breath of laughing gas for me. She just has a way to put things that make you go into gut laughter!

A few quick snipets of the things that I admire about this girl...
  • She can laugh at herself
  • Although she has had many trials, she can joke through her pain
  • She has a good eye for fashion and decor
  • She is faithful even as a nursery leader ;0
  • She is so tall that she straddles you when she hugs you!
  • She is loyal to the core
  • She follows the spirit, does things even when she doesn't understand why
  • She is a family gal
  • Adventurous and spontaneous
  • Smart and organized
  • Thoughtful and serviceable
  • A good listen
  • Gives good advice
  • Stands for something
There aren't enough words to express my love and respect for this sweet girl! Drea, I love you and I celebrate your birth and love what you have brought to all who love you!
HAPPY 29th Birthday my dear!


Andrea said...

megs you are so sweet and probably too kind in that post . . . but i appreciate it and you so much. thank you for all your kind words. LOVE YOU!

Joslyn Marie said...

I know andrea! she was my efy counselor one year!:)

Desiree said...

I loved that post meg! I kept saying "Yep, yep, Uh-huh!" With everything you said about Andrea. You nailed her. Love you both!

Laura Horne said...

I am a little behind, but I love this post. The picture of Andrea, Phil and Chuck is classic. And, I agree with Desiree, spot on!

deveney said...

love you both! sweet post miss megs:)