Thursday, September 24, 2009

Eldredge Manor: A class act!

Wanna know of an EXCELLENT Reception Center in the Bountiful area?! You will find it at Eldredge Manor! This is gorgeous inside and out! It has several large rooms and fun Brides and Grooms rooms upstairs! Beautiful gardens out back where you can have the bride and groom situated and guests greeted before coming in for their deliciously catered food!
They have a first class staff that really ENJOYS there jobs and are eager to help with anything that you ask them to do.
You are assigned a hostess that is around all night making sure everything is running safely and also assures that the bride and groom get goodies packed up from the reception and all the cake gets boxed up to take home!
I have now been to this center for a few weddings and each one has all the elements that I would recommend to a bride to have! Way to go Willam's family for running such a CLASS ACT place that anyone would happy to include in their most anticipated day of their life!

To contact the Eldredge Manor you can go to