Thursday, September 24, 2009

"The Two Shall Become One": Meet the Peterson's!

I am still rejoicing over this eternal union! I have been a fan of this couple since before they were even a couple! Some people are just supposed to be together and these two are a PERFECT example of that!This is Kevin and Natalie. I was blessed to meet them both at EFY (are you all surprised?!) . I have always been SUPER impressed by them both and just wanted to be around them as much as I could manage because there was ALWAYS good conversation and lots of fun when they were around(together or separate).

Years ago I nicknamed Nat "Princess Buttercup" because anyone that knows her wants to do "as you wish" for her because she is so sweet and doesn't expect anything of you but to just be yourself! Kev was nicknamed "Ken" cause doesn't he just fit the part?! Practically perfect in every way!

I was so blessed and thankful to be involved in all of their wedding activities! They had such a fun dinner the night before at The Joseph Smith Memorial Building complete with a quiz we all had to do to figure out how well we knew them individually and as a couple!

A lot of neat things were said about them at their sealing. The sealer kept referring to the light that they possess as a couple that they just "twinkle". He even said that he was worried that they were going to be translated before they even made it to get sealed! They did look so beautiful and he was right the radiated true love!

Outside those temple walls it was no less beautiful! The weather was picture perfect! It was cool and breezy yet clear and sunny! There was some GREAT people who also were celebrating with me today! As you know these THREE are some of my fav gals.. they are NO STRANGERS to this blog! Wow they are glowing too! hahaha see Kev and Nat rub off on us all!

I don't know if I have ever seen a couple have more fun at their after wedding photo shoots! They were skipping, growling, Tarzan calls, and letting their true FUN values come out! Here is one such moment! The reception didn't disappoint either. It was just as gorgeous, just as exciting with so many fun people attending and I hear the chocolate bar was a HIT! Be proud of me, I stayed away with only a half of mint cookie eaten :) (It was the chocolate mint Schmidt's Bakery cookies, I just had to indulge!)

I was able to get to set up the centerpieces and chairs and decorate the cake with fresh flowers (my first time ever!) I had a blast helping them out a little bit. It was fun for once to not "be in charge" during the reception, especially with so many friends there! I have taken a TON of pictures at ALL the events so I am going to end with a collage of the reception. (to see bigger views click on it!) Kev and Nat, you will have a full life filled with love, the gospel of Jesus Christ and FUN! What more could ANYONE ever want?!
Love you both SOO much!


jill said...

I 100% agree with what you said in the first paragraph. They are just such wonderful people :)

Monica said...

Beautiful couple! SO when are you moving to Arizona! Can hardly wait!!!

Desiree said...

I love Kevin and Natalie too! They are so great and their wedding was SO wonderful!!! Love them! Love you! Thanks for taking all of the photos of just the two of them after the sealing. They are BEAUTIFUL. :)