Friday, August 21, 2009

The Whiting Family Reunion!

JULY 30 -August 2
I am thankful to Monica for doing such a great job with picture taking!! I just grabbed some of her photos from this glorious event and they are great!!
We stayed around Utah this year! It was so fun to explore our own state!
We went to The Mt. Oquirruh temple open house. It was much more reverent this time around. What a beautiful house of the Lord!

I got to go to This is the Place State park for the first time and would HIGHLY recommend it to ANY family, any age! There were pioneer crafts to be done, music played throughout, we got to go to see what an old school day would be like, there were pony rides for the kids, a little candy shop, a train ride all for $8! Well worth the money! I also heard that Christmas time is AMAZING there! I am planning to return!
I got to feed this great crew for 4 meals during the week and LOVED it! Thank you everyone for being so gracious and eating what I had prepared! You are troopers!

We had a blast whether it was trying on pioneer clothing, throwing horse dung (yes Wade started it!) or the lovely solo's that were sung in a church with some GREAT acoustics!This is the Place State Park is definitely a treat for young and old.. no chance you can get bored!

I love this family and really love when we are all together.. we missed Justin and least they both came a few weeks before to see us or we would have been ripped off!

My favorite of all the activities would be WHITING IDOL!! There is some serious acting talent in this family! From the parents on down! We got the privilege of seeing an older and younger version of Sony and Cher. I think the both were out of this world AMAZING!! We had Hans and Frans show up from Saturday night live with a rendition of "Muscular" from the wicked song Popular! Loved that! We had various children perform great delights! Jeff even wowed us with his poetry memorization and presenting skills!

Our Judges were: Simon (Matt Heaps) Paula (Jill Heaps) and Kara (Monica Whiting) Still Not sure what happened to Randy! These judges were true to their character and as Randy would put it...WE LOVE YOU DAWG!

Saturday I wasn't able to do any of the activities and heard I REALLY missed out. But I was able to be at Nunn's park for a fun night of laughter, food and Charades. We stayed up till 3 am that night ending it with a nice stroll in the neighborhood.

We didn't want all the fun to be over! Even the Buhrley's stayed longer than they planned to continue the family adventure!! Sunday we celebrated Lynn's Birthday and had a blast together!

What great adventure, family building and togetherness we enjoyed!! Thank you for adopting me in and letting me in on the FUN!!


Next year??? Bear Lake anyone?!


Boise Buhrley's said...

sweet sis! You made the reunion so easy and fun for us! You spoiled us with all the food prep you did-how can we thank you?!?!!! How about next year it is your turn to just sit back and enjoy! We need to spoil you. LOVE YOU! YOU ARE THE BEST!

marilyn said...

We will be forever grateful for you Meg, our reunion was the best ever and you really were amazing, the food was awesome and the fact that we didn't have to worry about it was so great. And Lynn and I couldn't have begun to do Am Idol without your help. If we ever need anything you are always there for us. We love you!!!!!

Amber said...

Thanks for being such an awesome sis and friend, Meg! Thanks for your support. =)It was great to see you yesterday.

And about the reunion...Wow, you really made it work. Thanks for the laughs, amazing food and love. Just don't think you have to work that hard next time! We want you to WANT to be with us so we can't let you wear your self out. Love you!