Thursday, December 24, 2009

Twas the night before Christmas...

This Christmas eve was completely different than ANY I have ever had and it was kind of fun to change it up a little and then end it with my family on skype.

Since I was in AZ I was able to go with the Wade Whiting family to Aunt Lynelle and Uncle Glen Jackson's house in Mesa. I am very familiar with them so it was fun to take part of this Wright family tradition! They have Mexican Fiesta Christmas Eve. Most of the siblings and cousins were there. We had yummy tamale's, quesadilla and I brought black bean salsa which was a huge hit!

We had many laughs (thanks to Richie, he is a hoot)! We had some performances by Kristin's little girl as well of The Whiting kids with the traditional "Sister's" song and Mitch and Jake gave us a fun Jack Johnson Christmas rendition. Richie, Terrie and Debbie were our crowd dancin'performers. The highlight was to have Santa come and I even got to get a updated Santa picture :) Thank you Jackson's for being so wonderful and ALWAYS hosting family parties! It was a great night!

After leaving the party we went back to the Whiting and did the traditional opening up jammies on Christmas eve tradition. We had Christmas music on and even got some more Whiting entertainment. After the opening of their PJ's I got to meet with my family on SKYPE and watch them all open the PJ's I had picked out for them and ready The Christmas Jars's book with them via SKYPE. I committed my family to work on Christmas Jar's this year and next year on Christmas eve we will choose someone to deliver the Christmas Jar too anonymously! I am so thankful for technology and that even though I am miles away, I could be a part of my family tradition and feel like I am there with them.. I miss these faces!


Monica said...

You spoiled us all! Even the dogs!