Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Birthday, Princess Buttercup!

My sweet Natalie is celebrating a birthday today and I have not yet got the opportunity to do a blog for her on her special day so I am excited to let you know why she is one of my dearest friends.

Natalie just radiates the spirit of the Lord. The reason why is because she is so selfless and would give or do anything for anyone.

She has been to many foreign countries doing just that. Her most recent one was just a couple years ago when she went to Taiwan to teach English. She even made it on a billboard in Taiwan! (Look closely, she is in Blue on the left)

I met Natalie (like most of the greatest people I know) at EFY. Instantly I was drawn to her. I loved her. I could tell that she was real and sincere. Fun and loving. I wanted to INSTANTLY be friends with her!

In 2004 I got to work on the same BC (Building Counselor) team with her. We had so many laughs, sleepless nights and memories created during that time. I was so lucky to work side by side this spiritual, serving giant. The next year we got to be coordinators together (not at the same sessions though) and we did lots of our work to prepare for the summer together. The following summer I was working in the Midwest and able to drive over to her sessions in Buena Vista, VA and watch her at work. She really knows what she is doing and does a brilliant job!
Natalie has blessed me with so many awesome phone chats, gifts, lunches, sleepovers, problem solving, girl talk over our friendship. I am just so blessed!

Natalie became one of the 10%-ers for EFY when she married one of my other EFY buddies Kevin Peterson! What a match made in heaven, I tell you! I was so blessed to be able to go with Nat to pick out her dress. I nearly passed out from how radiant she looked in her wedding dress. The world hasn't seen too many brides as beautiful as she was! In fact, at their wedding photo shoot (following their sealing) Her and her husband were all the rave on temple square. Strangers were taking pictures of them, people were asking if it was a magazine shoot! It was a riot, it looked too perfect to be real!

Primary Children's is so lucky to have her as a nurse in the NICU. I am sure she makes a lot of very stressed out parents feel at ease.

Natalie is uber talented. She is an amazing friend, wife, scrap booker, baker, decorator, crafter, hilarious, thoughtful, service oriented, big hearted, coolest handwriting, planner, organizer, and I could keep going!Natalie, thanks for always being there for me. For caring, really caring about my needs, my feelings and my life! Thank you for living a life that is worthy of emulation! You make me strive to be a better person every time I am around you! I love you sweet Nat!
HAPPY, HAPPY Birthday!


julie said...

Amen. Happy Birthday, Natalie!

jill said...

Yes Happy birthday Natalie! I can just picture you working at Primaries! You are perfect for that job!

Mindy said...

I heart her!

Desiree said...

You were spot on as always, meg. I love Natalie. She is so good and so sweet. She's amazing. Love her, love you!

Monica said...

She really does look like Princess Buttercup. You are so amazing how you have such wonderful relationships with so many people. You touch so many lives, and you've definitely touched ours! We feel so spoiled that we have you in Arizona with us! I know everyone is so jealous!

{amy k.} said...

Hey Meg- i'm not in FL anymore... email me, we need a chat! amyandjeffmartinez @ yahoo . com