Saturday, December 26, 2009

Back for a good reason... Happy Birthday Auntie Leslie

I know, I know I have been struggling with the blogging lately. I intend to make up for lost time. And will eventually put things back in the order that they happened when I get settled here in AZ. But for now I had to take some time to do some honoring!

Anyone that knows me fairly well knows that my aunts mean the world to me!! I have such great ones. And although I haven't blogged about any yet, I thought today was a good as day as any to start!

My Aunt Leslie is a RIOT! She makes everyone comfortable, feel loved, gives the greatest non-pressuring advice, always good for a laugh, makes my favorite spaghetti on the planet, is the life of any party, loyal, loves family and celebrations and is one of the most talented seamstresses in Utah County who also runs the best Bridal shop in Utah county, (at least me and all my brides have thought so)Veronica Michaels.

When I was a teen Aunt Leslie was the highlight of all my birthday parties, ask any of my friends they would concur... yes I would invite her to my friend Birthday Parties! The nice thing about my Aunts is they aren't just my Aunts' they are my friends. I am so blessed to be able to say that!

I have so many fun memories with Lez. Some that I witnessed, others I have only heard about. But my top 3 favorite Leslie stories in order of favorite-ness would be...drum roll....

1. When she mooned the pizza delivery boy (no this was NOT on purpose) 2. One Christmas we had a family Girl's night out and made ginger bread houses. Late nights and Leslie don't go well together and she was so tired when she left that she proceeded to carry my Mom's broom out the door... we laughed till pants wetting about this one! And last but not least number 3. We were at my Grandma's house one day and someone told all of us around the kitchen table that they heard to be able to get ketchup that was nearly empty down to the bottom of the bottle that you swing your arm around in a circular motion (almost like a pitcher getting ready to pitch) and the gravity will force it down.. Leslie wanted to try it, grabbed the plastic Heinz bottle and proceeded to quickly rotate it in a circular swing and forgot to hold the top of the cap. Everyone got sprayed with ketchup including the walls and the popcorn long as I can remember the ketchup stain remained on the ceiling until the selling of the house!! hahaha

Auntie Leslie!! We love you! We celebrate you! You add such life and love to all of us! We are lucky to have you! The bride world is lucky to have you! And the Lord is lucky to use your strengths to bless so many!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of my greatest friends!