Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mom's 55 Today and never looked Younger!

My Mom is no stranger to being written about on this blog! She is my everything and I am so lucky to have her... I know she doesn't always feel that way about me! LOL

My Mom IS my best friend and she takes care of me better than anyone can. Lately, I have needed a lot of "taking care of" and my Mom is there.. no matter what!

Here is the Birthday blog from last year so you can re-read what a woman I have for a Mom!

Mom as always thanks for saving me from myself as I go through this crazy whirlwind of single life! Thanks for your example. Thanks for your listening ear.

Happy Birthday to a woman with many names and many roles!
Mom, Mommy, Kim, Kimmie, Auntie Kim, Grandma, Sister Gazaway.
Can't wait to party with you at Brick Oven tonight!


CHEERpy TALK said...

good to know that some sons exist to love their mom so much

Mandiloo said...

Saweeet...Megs, I love your Ma Ma La... :O)

Jamie said...

Happy Birthday Aunt Kim! Growing up with her around was so fun. I have fond memories of my dad getting her to laugh so hard she was in tears. She also would sing to me when I would sit in her lap when I was little. What a great aunt!!

JAMIE said...

Happy Birthday Kim, you are wonderful, I concur!

Monica said...

You give the most beautiful tributes! You should be a writer! I wish I could word things as well as you!

I'm so excited that you are going to feed us for the reunion! That is so sweet of you! You are amazing! I love you girl----we are so lucky to have you as part of our family!