Friday, October 10, 2008


This year has been a magical year or in Disneyland's terms a year of a Million dreams! growing up with a single Mom the only vacations we ever went on were "death Vacations" to Iowa. Meaning someone in our family died and so ROAD TRIP! Sadly that is how I saw have to see the bright side to someone dying... right?!

At 15yrs old my Aunt and Uncle took me to California with them and their 4 kids for the first time ever. We spent a day at Disney and I had a blast, but I hadn't been back since.

This year my Sister in Law's family invited Mom and I to join them in Disneyland for their family vacation and stay at their time share. It was my Mom's very first time going to Disneyland in her 54 yrs of life and I thought she wouldn't enjoy it really cause she isn't much of a amusement park fan.... Proof that this place is magical is in these pictures!! Mom was in HEAVEN!! She was gleaming from ear to ear and completely mesmerized by the experience.. she told me we weren't there long enough to see everything that there was to see and we spent 2 full days there! It was a blast!

Chloe and I with Goofy in California Adventures!
Why is Andrea smiling so BIG? Cause I talked Pat into going on the Roller coaster, told him it is one of the smoothest rides. Andrea LOVES the thrill of it all anyways but never had Pat on a roller coaster next to her before! Way to be brave Pat!Here is my Kobe Boy with me on our JetBlue flight home!

Then this August after finishing our glorious cruise to Cabo San Lucas we met Brooks and Dee at Disneyland for a spontaneous day of FUN!!

In line for the Coaster!

On a water ride

After our second time on our favorite ride... TOWER OF TERROR

Two separate times in a year... it is the YEAR OF A MILLION DREAMS!


Angie said...

Oh how I'd have loved to be there! Next time can I come?
Hey Megs, it was so fun dress shopping with you today and getting to chat! Love ya!