Monday, October 6, 2008

Memory Monday: Update on Emily

I have got a lot of Questions inquiring about how sweet Emily is doing. I haven't got to go see her lately, but I read her Mommy's update daily and it sounds like she is doing so well. She has her hard days and sometimes struggles with worrying if her friends are going to still love and accept her. But Jill says that she has been treated so well and the kids are playing with her just like old times. Here is our sweet Em as precious as EVER!
I wanted to let you know about this free benefit concert that is being held for Emily this FRIDAY! If you are local and able to come please come and support this family whom I love and adore! (click on the image to read more about it...)


Monica said...

Emily truly is all of our heros along with Jill. It was so wonderful to visit and see Jill in action! She is truly amazing! Emily really does seem to be doing well for the circumstance! She is a fighter. It's going to be a long road but the Heaps are an example of enjoying and living in the moment! That is something I am really working on! I am loving blogging and staying connected! Wade was teasing me because one of my strengths (from the strength finder profile test) is connection and he said wow blogging is the ultimate connection! I love it!!!
Love ya Megan! Thanks for being such a wonderful part of our family and lives! Joslyn just got a blog! You'll have to take a peak! Wish I were there for the benefit concert! Give everyone my love!