Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tribute Tuesday: Ry Guy Tucker

My best friend Ryan celebrated his 30th Birthday this Sunday, and officially entered the 30 yr old club! I am so proud of him! Happy Birthday my Ry Guy!

I met Ry through my MTC teacher and good friend Jon West at institute in 2003. We instantly bonded and he has been my BFF ever since. Later we worked on the same team at EFY for two years in a row, he was such a lifesaver both summers! Ryan can make me laugh out loud on the worst days. He knows how to calm me down like no other person, if I have a dillema that I need to work through he is one that I call to bounce the situation off of. He is wise and really hears you out and listens to the situation so he knows how to best answer or counsel my woes. Most of the time a stressful situation will end in a Meg laugh because he says the funniest things about it.

Ry is very thoughtful and always knows how to make you feel so special. Recently, he invited me over for Sunday Crepes after I helped him move out of his old place. As a thank you, he had found me this beautiful black and white oil painting and suprised me with it upon arriving! I nearly jumped through the roof I was SOOOO excited!

Here are a few of the reasons that I love Ry Guy:

  • He is always where he says he will be

  • He is creative

  • He is honorable and stands for the right

  • He is loved by all

  • Ryan likes a variety of things

  • He cooks amazing food

  • Always tries to find ways to serve

  • When he sees something that needs to be done, he does it without being asked.

  • He makes me laugh

  • He is very patient

  • He loves deeply

  • I love that he loves to shop and then return it just to get the thrill of the shop! hahaha

  • I love that he can quote Anne of Greene Gable movie lines (sorry Ry the secret's out of the bag!)
I have watched Ryan serve people so selflessly for years and have loved the character that he shows in every situation. His heart is huge and when you are in it he will take care of you!

Ry, thank you for being such a perfect friend to me. You have calmed many storms, healed my broken hearts and comforted me when I was in need through your listening ear and loving demeaner. You are WONDERFUL! And I hope you had a awesome birthday with Sherri and her family!

HAPPY 30th RY!
We'll celebrate soon!


Sherri Jacklin said...

Meg, I just want to say that I absolutely know why you think Ry-Guy is special. He is my cousin and I was lucky enough to grow up with him or maybe he was lucky enough to grow up with me. He is very special and I love him to death myself. I thought this was an absolutely wonderful tribute to one of my favorite people!!! Thank you!

Julia said...

not sure it is legit for me to comment on here. but your blog is great...thought you should know. so kind.. I mean I hardly know you and do not know any of these people you blog about but leave thinking they are really great. like who is this ry-guy-- sounds quality!

julia--met you through the infamous Jen

Meg said...

Sherri and Julia... thanks so mcuh for the comments!! I love visitors who comment and become part of my life!
Sherri I have heard all about you and yes, Ry is lucky to have you as a cousin.. he loves you just as much!
Julia, GIRL!! I love you already!! Sure wish we hung more! Thanks for your comment!! Dinner soon! Promise?! Megs