Sunday, April 5, 2009

Grandma's 76 TODAY!

Seventy-six years ago today one of my best friends was born. You've got it right,
My Grandma Schroeppel.

I got the awesome privilege to spend A LOT of time with my grandma growing up, since Mom had to work. I talked to my Grandma about everything. She taught me to cook, she played games with me and taught me my first lessons in service! Gram was ALWAYS serving someone.. everyday. She would write letters to missionaries and orphans, take in food ALL the time to the needy, drive people places, take her kids and grand kids (Pat and I) to places. My Gram taught me how to drive, I could always sucker her into to let me drive at least, she has been a pillar of strength and love to me all the days of my life.

Gram is Patient. A little background... When I was 9 months old my parents divorced and my grandparents moved my family (Mom, Pat and I) plus their other 10 children to Utah. I grew up with uncles around similar ages as me. One uncle is one year older than me and an uncle one year older than Pat. Grandma jumped right in and helped take care of us in any way that she could while Mom went to work to financially support us. Yes as you can tell, Gram has the PATIENCE of Job!

Gram plays with her grand kids. Some of my fondest memories include cooking with my Gram, playing dress up in all of her heals and handbags (someday I want to own them!), visiting people in her ward, hanging out with her when I was sick, her homemade popcorn, Sunday night popcorn and caffeine free Dr. Pepper for dinner, her sneaking homemade popcorn in the movies in the shoulder's of her coat, glass bottled soda pop, her swimming pool and the hours of fun and recreation that brought to us, her chuckle (her whole body shakes but not much noise come out), singing me silly songs, taking naps with her and hearing her snore, The red mercury and all the many adventures we had in it (pushing it down the hill with fireman, forgetting to take out the gas hose and pulling out the whole gas pump as we drove away, and then finally me ending up totalling it).

Grandma has a Mother Heart. I always admired Grandma's nurturing spirit. She always had needy friends and she loved them where they were at. She would let them talk to her on the phone for hours and never complained about it. She has for sure written and sent out hundreds of get well cards in my lifetime. She would give anything to anyone and has been reprimanded by our family for being too nice and getting taken advantage of.

Gram is selfless. Gram lives in St. George(Ivins) and really gets homesick there and wishes she could be with us in Utah County but stays and chooses to be happy cause that is what Gramps needs for his health. She has quite the people that miss her while she is gone. 11 children, umpteen grandchildren and we aren't even going to try to count the greats!! SHEESH! She is the WOMAN. (When Gram let's me know the counts after reading this, I will post the real numbers!) Growing up I wanted to have 12 kids cause Gram made it seem so easy and so I thought could get one more and be OK.. as you can tell, that isn't going to happen, but I thank Gram for letting me believe it were possible.

Grandma loves unconditionally. EVERYONE that crosses paths with my Gram has nothing but POSITIVE things to say about her and that always makes me feel so proud to call her Grandma, in fact anytime that you introduce her to any of your friends she says, "Hi, my name is Grandma!" and that is what they call her.

Grandma is prayerful. I don't know of any other women alive today that prays as long, as much, and as individually as my Gram does. I remember as a child waiting forever to talk to her in the morning cause she was saying her prayers. She is a spiritual giant and the FIRST person that I want praying for me when I going through something.

As you can tell, I have the best example, the most Christ-like friend, the most patient person in my life and it is an honor for me to call her Grandma!

I love you FOREVER Gram!!

Happy Birthday!


JAMIE said...

what a beautiful tribute to a lady that sounds like she would be amazing to know.

Mike & Valerie Hall said...

grandma is amazing! One of the best people I will ever know.

Brand N' Kys said...

you are awesome Meg. Thanks for doing our gma justice. I love her! Love you too!

marilyn said...

What a wonderful grandma, that is another way the Lord has shown Megan how much He loves her, its amazing how He is always there to gives us what we need. Your mom had to work and you were very blessed to have such a great grandmother, all of these blessings have helped Megan Gazaway become the beautiful amazing womean she is today. love you