Sunday, April 12, 2009

Nannying fun

Since I was 12 I have always told my Mom that I would be happy to be the mommy of a Down syndrome. I used to watch the sweet Robbie Mcclellan and loved every second of the things that he taught me. Since the first day I watched him, I wanted to one day be blessed with such an amazing spirit in my home. I got another little sneak peak of how great these sweet ones are when I was able to watch this family of three for 11 days. I had a blast and loved every minute of it!

Meet the sweet Macy

This 18 month old baby has my heart! She is so much fun. From signing more food to me every 3 seconds to her "gollum" crawl. I had a piece of heaven in my midst for those 11 days. I had fun playing dress up with her, laughing and snuggling. And even when she threw fits, there was still things to laugh about!
Now on to the two adorable boys. Andrew and Even ages 4 and 5. These two are such good pals. They love to play dress up and play games together. We had many adventures. We went to Color me mine, The Air force Museum, Fun center, Chuck-e-cheese and some fun restaurants and such. Can you tell they were having fun?! Evan was my pal. He loved to snuggle, watch movies and tease me. Andrew was a true BIG BROTHER. He was SOO helpful and really wanted to help with anything that he could. Another great time with some great kids!! Thanks Family H for the great experience!


Jamie said...

Macy is so cute. And one of the well-dressed babies I've seen. I admire your gift with children. You have more patience with peoples' kids than I even have with my own. Ha ha. You'll make a wonderful mother some day!!
-Your fav. cuz

Shane's Angie said...

Suc a cute little clan! You are amazing Meg!

Jeff said...

Meg, it was great to call and check up on the kids and find out they were having too much fun to talk - it made it easier for us to re-charge. You are awesome!!! Thanks for taking such great care of our kids and especially loving Macy. Andrew and Evan talk abou you every day. You made a lasting impression. Thanks so much!

Boise Buhrley's said...

Cute post! We miss you, May is not coming fast enough! I hope you can come out early or stay late so I can get you to!! I love you.xoxoxox

Amy Jensen said...

Adorable! You will be a great mom someday. Heck you raised all of us and we mostly turned out ok! lol