Monday, May 5, 2008

Ohana means "family" and family means nobody's left behind!

In my life family is extended through many families not just the family I was born into. I have so many families to me that are like my own.. atleast I would claim them as such!
First I have my own family. My Mom was born into a family where she is the oldest of 11. So my family from birth is HUGE!! Then I have my immediate family My Mom, brother Pat and his wife Andrea and 3 kids, Kobe 5, Dylan 4, and Chloe 1.
I never lived with Dad growing up but he is Married to Lisa and has 3 step children Andrea (1 child), Tyler (deceased), and Haley ( 2 kids+).
Now comes the part that may get confusing... So throughout my life I have always had "ADOPTED OHANAS" who in my heart are really my family. I need these families. Being from a only 2 child household with a single Mom it never felt quite complete until I started becoming parts of other families as well! I am so blessed to have the families in my life that I do.
In my early Childhood there were a few families that acted as my Ohana. My Babysitters the Farrar's as well as my friends the Carters.
Then came my new families: The Whitings/Wrights/Williams, The Stayners, The Drapers, The Latu's, Pat Terry, The Nilson's and The Pectols all of Orem, The Lewis/Cusak Family (Ohio), Browns in Carbondale, IL, Jen Willahan and Sam and Sarah Pettit Family. Of course I am sure there are a few that I am forgetting to mention that I just ADORE..all and all families or individuals such as this have shaped my life and given me so much love!
I thought this entry was a great way to start off my Blog!I will include as many pictures as I have of the families who have not left me behind..ENJOY!

I have NO idea how to put these in ANY bear with me!!This is the Whiting extended Family

My Dad and Step Mom Lisa (3 yrs ago)
2 Of my Carbondale Brown Family
My Mom and My Kobe
The Williams

The Pectols
Me and my Gram Gazaway

Sam and Sarah Pettit

The Boy Latu

Pat and Andrea and 3 kids
Pat Terry
Jen Willahan


Kris said...

MEG! I absolutely love blogs, and I'm so happy that you have one now too, it's a great way to stay current. Can't wait for more posts.

Meg said...

I love them too! Thanks for checkin it out! I am so bad at it right now... I will get better... that is my goal for the summer.

Cynthia said...

Love the new blog!! It's fun to learn more about you. You'll get addicted to blogging!!

The Burners said...

Oh Nutmeg! I'm so glad you are blogging :) Thanks for sharing your thoughts on what family is to you. I agree that there are people that shape your life and become your family, whether they want to or not! Lots of love from sunny az!

Angie Sullivan said...

Megsy, I can't believe you've been keeping this from me...after all- we're family!!! I can't wait to have these "virtual visits" with you and see how you are doing and your take on life. Don't worry, your blog will evolve and become just like you-beautiful, interesting, fun, imaginative...I could go on and on! You are now officially one of my "bloggin buddies". Love ya!

Meg said...

I have so much to learn from all of you bloggers... I have NO IDEA how to do this.. but I love it!

the fents said...

Hi Meg, glad to see you have joined the bloggin craze! Kepp it up.

Nicole & Weston Maughan said...

MEG!! So great to hear from you..thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, because I was able to see that you have a blog too!! Looks like you're doing well and having fun :) We need to get together soon!! Haven't seen you in the longest time!