Saturday, July 12, 2008

A sweet Farewell

Today was Craig's funeral and the service was beautiful, peaceful, hopeful yet still tearful!

His Brother's David and Kevin had everyone laughing about the CRAIGISM'S and his Sister Shelley gave a tearful reading of a short essay she had wrote in school about her hero brother and had read to him on his Birthday in November. It was precious. The Decker family (parents and siblings) joined together and sang Our Savior's Love and there was also a beautiful rendition of Abide with me played on the trumpet.

Craig's Mother gave the most humble accounting of the last encounter with her son and told us how heart wrenching it was to watch her son die right before her eyes and there was nothing that she could do about it! She taught us about what the atonement really is and how the Savior took her pain and guilt away completely and replaced it with overwhelming peace and re-assurance.
His Father Lynn bore a powerful testimony about not allowing fear to overtake us but taking that fear and turning it into action for good. He shared how his son was secretely, painfully shy but none of us would EVER know it because he refused to let fear paralyze him and mustered what ever courage it took to be outgoing and loving to all.

I will never be Craig Decker. I am not blessed with the same spiritual gifts that he has. But I do know that I can make some changes in my life that will make me a more sincere and a better example of my Savior, Jesus Christ.

Good bye sweet smiley Craig. Your legacy will live on throught the eternities!
All my love, Meg


Brandon and Erica said...

Meg. That was awesome. Thank you for sharing this...I want to do the same thing. It's amazing how a funeral can actually uplift us in ways unimagined!
Also, it was GREAT to see you and talk with you yesterday. You ARE a wonderful example of the Savior.

love you-

jill said...

i'm glad you shared this, I'm sad I couldn't be there.

Nicole & Weston Maughan said...

Meg, I haven't caught up on your blog since last week so I just noticed all these posts about Craig...that is the saddest thing I've ever heard. I heard about the ore accident at Utah lake, but I didn't know it was a fellow EFY counselor. Makes me so sad to read all about him and about how wonderful he is and that he won't be able to continue to influence so many lives on earth. Then again, he will in heaven. Geez, still makes me sad and I didn't even know him very well! That was a great tribute.

Andrea said...

thanks for posting that miss meg. i didn't ever get to work with him or really get to know him. . . but he touched a lot of people with who he was and by his example he leaves.