Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tribute Tuesday... Jen's Bday!

Anyone that knows me well knows one of my most favorite things in the world..My sister friend Jen Willahan. She goes by many different names.. some call her, Chicken, Willy or willis, Jenny, Sister, Sig-o, Sweet thing to name a few. Whatever you call her I am sure she loves it :)
Jen is such a fun, vibrant part of my life as you will be able to tell from the slide show you are about to watch. Anytime you need someone to tease you, cry with you, laugh gut laughter, be mad at someone with you (we call it bugged), enjoy yummy food, go shopping, LISTEN to your woes, take care of you (yes, when I was sick in IL she had to 'ice" my bare bum!), anytime you need a spiritual upbeat or someone to say a choice word, A diet Coke run.. you name it this girl is it all!

Willy I love us! I love that I can call you my significant other (because of Jetblue travel benefits). That we can share emails to help each other have a great day. That we pass the beautiful day list back and forth to each other. I am so glad that I have someone who likes to travel as much as I do. Thank for for all the charitable acts you have done on my behalf. Love all our laughs... lots of them! I love the llama face. I love when you are being silly and start food and water fights. I could go on and on..

"Friends are quiet angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering to fly"

This is you all the way my dear! Above all you make me want to be a better person.. to pray as hard as you.. read my scriptures as faithfully as you.. treat others as kindly as you.... I am blessed daily by my Heavenly Father because you are in my life! I love you dearly sweet Jen! I hope that you had a relaxing and rejuvinating Birthday!! You deserve it! Enjoy the memories and we will have A LOT MORE!

Dream Big - Ryan Shupe


Angie said...

Hey MEgsy, I couldn't get the slide show to load, but I went into imageloop and checked out the pictures! You are a crazy fun woman!

The Burners said...

I think I remember Jen from EFY. Happy Birthday Jen!! :) Meg-O, I love how much you love your friends! You are such a sweetheart!

Stephanie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENN! i don't know if she remembers me but I remember her and how sweet she is. I love her!