Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Celebrating the birth of Matt Dearing!!

Happy, Happy Birthday Matty!
Macho, Marvelous, Million Dollar, Matty-

Today is the Birthday of one of my dearest friends Matty! We have been through the ringer together... the EFY ringer that is!! hahhaa Matt has made me laugh, made me cry and has been a friend to me when other's didn't know how to. There are so many different reasons why I love Matt. Here are a few...

Matt always knows what he wants and will go for it regardless of the cost!

    Matt is rough on the outside but such a tenderheart on the inside

    He will cry with you or laugh at or with you.. whatever fits the situation

    He knows when he is wrong and will make an effort to let you know.

    He has a fire for the gospel and isn't afraid to tell you spiritual things

    He loves his Mom and his wife... they can do nothing wrong!

    He is loyal.. it's hard to get in his heart but once you are there... you are there forever.

    He loves kids and turns into one when they are around.

    He is a true friend through and through

I bonded close to Matt when I was one of the EFY building Counselor riding in the van ("cruiser") when he hit a parked car.. everyone else remained quiet but I was afraid Matt was going to start crying (although he would never admidt it.. there were tears a brewin) so I called him the "Cruiser Bruiser!" Everyone thought I was so rude.. but I think it endeared me to Matt and the rest is history. The next year we became Coordinator partners and had to totally take care of eachother to survive that summer. All the things that happed to us that summer I couldn't have survived with out his steady friensdhip and concern. Matt has saved me from sleepwalking, bought me food when I was physically weary, protected me from hard situations, tried to keep me posted on the comings and goings in his life while I was away in Illinois and when I came back for his wedding, he let me be in the all guy buddy picture outside the temple.

Even though life changes, people get married and everyone has to move on he lets me hang with his wife and him from time to time. I think Matt knows how I feel about him and cherish his sweet friendship. Heck, he let's me call him Matty which is a big step in itself!

I have been trying to upload this great slideshow I made for his birthday a few years ago with lots of fun pictures from his past.. Maybe someday I will get it to work! But in the meantime, I will just share some pictures of why we all celebrate this boy named Matthew Timothy Dearing's Birthday!!

Hope you and Aubs had a FANTASTIC day Matty!
Laughin our heads off in the middle of the night!
Cheesy EFY days! This is when I was in the wheelchair at EFY.. Always willing to show off! This kid is strong he could pick me up!The married Man! He got really lucky!

He's got the WHOLE world in his hands!! Always there to lift you up when you need him!

Everyone that knows the real Matt celebrates his BIRTH!


jill said...

I love matt dearing too...he really does know how to be a friend to someone when they need it most. Happy birthday Matt!

Angie said...

Megsy, you are a dear! What a sweet tribute to a good friend!

Andrea said...

we do love our matty! i just miss him at the dances..let's be honest i just miss dances. . .or i guess it's the dancing i miss! LOVE YA!

Amber said...

Nice to have good friends! Sounds super fun.

Matt said...

Thank you so much!