Friday, January 16, 2009

My Best Friends Wedding 1.15.2009


Ryan and Sherri were married yesterday by her Grandfather in the Salt Lake City temple. They looked great! I was able to do the decorating for their luncheon at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. It looked good... I was too busy that I didn't get any pictures of it. They ordered the Chicken cordon bleu menu and it was yummy!

It was crazy getting the luncheon all set up! I got there 2 hours before it started and went to find a cart. It took 30 minutes to get my hands on a cart and load everything into the cart and get up to the room took another 30 min. When I got there, all the mirrors and centerpieces were frozen and frosted over! I had to let them thaw all out... I was like.. not good! I didn't even start decorating until 45 min before sitting time. People started arriving early cause they had a quick sealing and it was very hard to finish the final touches because of that! It all got finished before the majority of the guests arrived so.. I think it was a success. Here is a sample picture of the centerpieces that I used.. it isn't the exact table setting .. it is from another wedding! But it is in the same room... and using similar decor..I was too busy to snap a pic.

I think my favorite part of their luncheon was when they gave tributes to each other. Ry talked to Sherri about how he sometimes forgets things now... but there are some things that he will NEVER forget. He said that he would never forget their day, he would try to never forget their kids at a public establishment but he couldn't promise that he wouldn't mix up their names, he wouldn't forget her birthday and most important he wouldn't forget how much he loves her! Sherri's was short and sweet, totally her, she talked about how she finally found HIM and how amazing he is and how lucky she is to have him forever. It was so sweet and touching.

Ryan and Sherri's reception was in Kaysville. There was some of my favorite fun EFY friends there and Sherri looked absolutely beautiful! I loved her choice on her dress! It was a fun night with fun people and good treats!

Ry and Sherri I am SOOO happy for you! What a sweet day that will turn into a sweet eternity! Thanks for being such a great part of my life! I love you both! Happy Wedded bliss!


Stef said...

they are such a cute couple!

Angie said...

Whoa Megs, you've had a TON of weddings are gifted, that table was gorgeous!

Monica said...

How many best friends do you have! I loved the are so talented! I hope things are going better for you! Love ya!

Jamie said...

It looks beautiful!