Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thoughtful Tuesday: A LOT on my mind...

I am sad that I fell behind in my many post entries.. there are birthdays and tributes that I missed and I promise they are coming... just wait and see.. better late than never. I could give many excuses but none are good enough... the ones I love deserve more!
Here is a few things on my mind...

Congrats to my best friend Ry Guy for popping the question to Sherri and getting engaged! It's been a Big year for him... turning 30 and getting engaged all at once! WOWZERS!

For the holidays I went back to work at Supersonic Car wash as a cashier (haven't worked there in 6 years, since I left to watch Jill's kids when Emily was first diagnosed). I have learned great things already from this experience.

  1. I miss being around people and having face to face interaction

  2. I don't like high school-like drama as a 30 yr old

  3. I am dang good at selling pre-paid car wash certificates

  4. It helps pay the bills

  5. I love that half of the employees are my relatives and I get to see them 3 days a week!

I had so much fun helping Megan Parish with her Sadie Hawkins group's dinner and even more fun laughing and sitting on the kitchen floor with Amber making bets of who was going to be a couple one day...YEE HAW!

Val, Mike and Emerson are back in town and it has been fun to spend time at Auntie Kay's again (2 times this week already!)

I am a fan of the Twilight books and don't think that they are evil, however I do believe that they are very adult material. I did go see the movie and loved it. Wasn't a big fan of some that they cast for the movie but by the end I didn't care.. I wish I could watch the second movie NOW!

I love the biggest looser on TV and cry to it every week.. however the last 2 weeks I have wanted to say VERY BAD words at Vickie and Heva and think that they are very evil and wish they would get kicked off... I don't like pot stir-ers on TV series or in real life and people that don't show integrity and are cruel to those who don't deserve it make me FURIOUS! However, I do believe that Amy made her own bed and now has to lie in it. It never pays to not follow your heart and do something out of peer pressure or to make yourself more popular, you will always fall. Would I ever try out for biggest looser is something people ask me a lot? Is that a fat joke? hhahah My answer to that question is... I really don't know if I could bear to "bare myself" in a sports bra on public television every week.. LOL I don't even wear those at the gym or around my own house for that matter!! All I have to say about this show in conclusion.. I think it is absolutely fantastic that they help these groups of people gain a healthy lifestyle and a healthy perspective.. I do however wish Vickie and Heva would gain some weight and be gone for good! Did I just say that out loud?!

The holidays... This year the holidays are feeling a little gloomy for me this is why..

  1. I work all the eves 14 hour shifts and all the days of the actual holidays 10 hour shifts

  2. It always feels a little lonely when you are single and you wonder where you fit in

  3. I will miss all the traditions with my family. Christmas Eve with brothers family and opening Pj's together, breakfast at Grandpa-ma's with table fairy gifts, and lunch/games at Grandpa-ma's with our huge family.

  4. However I will say that with the economy the way it is, I am VERY thankful to have a job.

Christmas decorations. Oh how I love Christmas! How I love to decorate, cook, have smelly candles or cinnamon sticks cooking on the stove. It feels like a home when all these elements are in place. With 6 strangers as roommates sometimes the home element is lost... so glad for holiday times when I can bring the feeling to my house with the wonderful spirit of Christmas present! What a glorious time of year... I CAN'T WAIT!

The most important things on my mind are the people in my life who are going through extra rough challenges. The medical concerns with family and friends, money struggles, spiritual struggles, job worries, loneliness, and stress. Life has a way of sometimes getting the best of us and sometimes making us feel so down trodden! To all of you out there who may be experiencing one or all of the things I am praying for you! Please know that the Lord is aware of you. That trials will be but for a moment but when we endure them well, we will be blessed above anything that we can imagine. My quote of the year that I have sitting right infront of my desk at all times is by one of my hero's President Gordon B. Hinckley,

"In all of living, have much fun and laughter. Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured."


Amber said...

Yep, laughing on the kitchen floor was the best part!

Davin read the part on my Sadie Hawkins's post mentioning that my kids probably don't know you're not blood related. Davin was startled; "We're nOT?!! Glad to have you in the family, Meg! Your stuck. =)Thanks for loving my kids.

joslyn and golden goodman said...

Meg! HI! Email me your email so i can invite you to our blog! Joslynmariegoodman@Yahoo.com! I can't believe we didn't see you in Utah!

Angie said...

Wow, what a thoughtful post! I agree with you about Twilight. That last book was NOT a teen fiction. Anywho, I missed you last night!

Boise Buhrley's said...

We missed you! Thought about you all day, knowing you were at work!!:(

I hope you are taking care of yourself while being so busy.(i hope your foot is feeling better!)

You are LOVED, we are so "thankful" for you!!!

Amy Jensen said...

Long post but I really enjoyed reading it! I thought you got lost for a while. I am thankful for you!! Love ya