Thursday, November 13, 2008


What is the likelihood that three of the most IMPORTANT people in your life celebrate the same Birthday!?

Well, the planets aligned three different years in celebration of the births of 3 ALL-STARS!

The first birthday that I am going to tribute today is JEREMY D WHITING (aka Jer Bear) and that is because he is turning the BIG 3-0 TODAY! Jer was a big part of me from age 12 to when I left on my mission. I feel like I pretty much spent most of my life with him. He can make me laugh more than just about anyone. He is loved by all, he has overcome so much adversity in his life and he is most likely the most AMAZING school teacher to ever live.
Next to my Mom and Grandmother I would have to say Jer is my biggest cheerleader, my best friend and someone I love more than life! A big chunk of the happiest, funnest, most memorable times of my life include Jer in them. He is the biggest teddy bear and would do anything for anyone unless someone treated me poorly and then he put on the boxing gloves! He just lives too far away from me now seeing him 1-2 times a year is simply not enough!
As you can see, I DEFINITELY celebrate this boys birth!

The second important reason that today is so great would be none other than my Brother Patrick Neal, Fat Pat Neal, Trick, Patter-rick, whatever you may want to call him!

Pat and I have a love/hate relationship. We love to be on opposing sides of issues. Yet, we have a deep love for each other that shines through in the things that we do for one another. Although growing up Pat and I were like oil and water we have become great friends. I love my brother and really respect how hard he works and how successful he has become. He loves to tease, rough house and do anything that is related to sports. His bark is definitely bigger than his bite.. deep down he is such a SOFTY! He is one of the most Loyal people I know and when you get into his heart.. he will do whatever it takes to help you and support you through any situation.
Pat I love you! I am so glad that you were born! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

And the third great reason today is such a FABULOUS DAY is my AUNT KIMMIE or Kimbadarling! I have so many sweet memories with this woman!! She is the funnest person to hang out with, do crafty things with, shop with (she is the one who taught me to SHOP.. shame on her!)and chat for hours with! My teenage years were so much richer because I had Kimmie in them! She would pick me up and I would just hang with her day in and day out. We loved to go to Hardee's and get mushroom Swiss burgers, she introduced me to CREST drinks, the dollar store, big lots, etc. Kim also has a mother heart and loves to take care of people. She works really hard to be a great friend and is so talented in fashion and decorating. She has tons of fun stories and is so fun to be around. She is always looking for things to get involved in and can do a million things at once. Most importantly, even though I rarely get to see her, when we are together again it is like no time has past! Oh how I love you Kimbadarling!

As you can see, these three are glorious reasons to celebrate today!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Pat, Kim and Jer!!!!


Jamie said...

I think half of the memories I have of you growing up involved Jeremy. I haven't seen him in years. You'll have to send him my best! And oh, Patricia! What a guy. You said it perfectly about his bark being worse than his bite. I don't know how you survived him growing up.... but luckily you both turned out just great! And what a beautiful picture of Kim!!! I second you by saying Happy Birthday to ALL of them!!

ConversationsWithACupcake said...

Oh! Happy Birthday to them all!
You are SUCH a kind friend to remember and celebrate them. This year, I didn't put ANY birthdays on my calendar because, either way, I miss them. So, now I can just call afterward and say, "I'm so sorry! I didn't put it on my calendar." Isn't that wicked of me?!

On another note, THANK YOU for your nice comment left on my blog. May it just be said that it made me giggle that it made YOU giggle until I realized how much more hilarious it would have been to watch it WITH you. Icing on the cake. So then, I was sad that I didn't get to watch it with you. Maybe you can call me, watch it again, and I can hear you giggle through the phone line. All the better, my friend. All the better.


justwhiting said...

Jeremy, would like to invite everyone to join facebook for his birthday.

The Burners said...

nutmeg - you are such a sweet friend to remember everyone's birthday. you are such an example to be of what a friend truly should be :) you rock, sista!

Amy Jensen said...

I love all those people too. I miss Jer what has he been up too?

wolf family said...

Can you please send me Jeremy's address or email address or something! I miss him and think about him alot and would love to get in touch with him!
:-) amber