Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's come in all forms


Today is Father's Day and for a girl whose Daddy hasn't been so much a part of my life I am still so blessed with some great Father's in my life.

My Heavenly Father. I go to him more than any of my other Father's. He always knows the right answers and the right ways to love and care for me. He knows the right storms to send my way and always finishes them up with great rays of sunshine. He knows how to love me where I am at and also is the best at putting me in my place. He will never leave me, I have him for eternity!

My Birth Father. After we reconciled when I was 18 he has tried to be more apart of my life. I have talked to him more, spent more holidays with him and even had a visit a couple years ago in Utah with him for a whole week. Although this relationship still isn't where I want it to be, I am thankful that my Dad helped create me because I love my life.

My Mother-Father. Have you ever heard of that? Well if you met my Mom you should know what that is. My Mom wore all the hats growing up. She not only nurtured us the way Mom's do but she also fixed flat tires of all kinds, played sports, made pinewood derby cars, cooked on Mother's Day, Did all the scouting things, mowed the lawn, worked FT, paid the bills you name it!

My Grandfather. He took me to Daddy-daughter dates, helped us financially where he could, took me shopping for Mother's Day gifts for my Mom, disciplined us when it was beyond Mom's control (OUCH), sang to me, told silly corny jokes, spent all my birthdays with me, protected me, supported me, picked me up from my mission and always encouraged me to be my best self.

My Self-Adopted-Father's.These men have been there to lend a hand or a much needed hug. A kiss on the forehead. Given me blessings in time of trial or illness. Been my biggest cheerleader. Make me believe that not all Dad's are absent Dad's. Teach me when I needed to be taught. Counsel me when I needed correction. Rejoice with me in good times. Pray for me in bad times. Help me see that heaven really closer than we ever knew. Shared their own families with me and let me be a part of them.

Father's really come in all forms and I am so thankful that I have been given many to watch over me throughout my life cause every girl wants to be a Daddy's Girl!


Rose said...

If you haven't found a place to live yet, let me know. I have a place you could probably stay for free. Big house!

Shane's Angie said...

What a beautiful tribute to fathers Megsy! I love that picture of Pops Pectol! I sure hope you are feeling better and that everythings is going well...we've missed you around here!

Mesha said...

...i tried to check out your other blog because I saw your comment on Kristin's page, however, I guess you must be invited to visit. *shrug* well, without going into detail, keep it up. :)

Surrounded by boys!!! said...