Monday, May 31, 2010

Birthday Wishes for one of my FAVORITE AZ Friends! Happy Birthday Stephy!

39 years ago today, 

I am so excited to do this Blog Tribute!  I met Stephanie the FIRST week I moved to Arizona.  She was in the Relief Society Presidency and came to visit me at Verna's house with Carole (the President) and her little 6 yr old Presley.

The minute these two woman walked in the door I thought I had known them for my WHOLE LIFE!  Stephanie sat there and got my whole life story out of me in the 30 minute visit. And poor thing has been getting more and more glimpses the past 6 month... I just can't stop blabbing my guts to her!

Within the month of moving to Arizona I was put into the RS Presidency working side by side these woman, and I soon found that Steph was THE REAL DEAL!  She was who she acted like.  She was real and I wanted to be around her all I could be!  Steph is also unique cause she has an identical twin Tiffany who sounds and acts like her, who looks like her, it is amazing how as adults they can still be so ALIKE!

Steph makes me laugh A LOT!  I feel comfortable sharing things that are weighing on my mind or to tell her how I am feeling whether it be funny, sad or frustrating! She was a pillar of strength to me as I went through challenging times with Verna.

Some of my favorite memories in the last 6 months have been: group walks, Tuesday Night tradition where I was invited to eat with her family and then we would watch the Biggest Loser together, Birthday Pedicure, Easter with her family, our love for food, cleaning out Verna's things, helping me set up her tribute at the funeral, decorating wedding luncheons and Laurisa's shower, helping me get Grandmother's funeral, She taught me what it REALLY MEANS to throw a party (this girl has more talent on one pinky than most do in their whole being), party throwing, hot tubbin', movies, daily texts, decorating her yard, her fun doorstep surprises, did I mention laughing?

One time I was shocked when she brought me a gift of "her favorite things" and they were all things I use on a daily basis!  I love when you find someone that just "get's you!" Steph has showered me with so much support, she even bought a one way plane ticket so she could drive me to Dallas for my new job (that is another post) and fly back!  Many times on an off day she has shown up with dinner, bread, a card or just let me come over and hang out so I wouldn't be alone and I have loved her for it! We shared our lives ups and downs and instantly I felt like I have known her forever!  

One of the MOST POWERFUL things that I have learned from Stephy Girl is SERVICE!  I call her SUPER STEPHY! There is no one I have witnessed serving 90% of their life.  She is an example that you are NEVER too tired, NEVER too maxed, NEVER too downtrodden to serve someone else.  If I am looking for Steph and she isn't available by phone or at her house, I can know that her feet are walking someones child in a stroller, picking up dinner for a new mother or struggling friend in the ward, redecorating some frustrated or overwhelmed friends home, taking her sister's children some times for multiple days to give them a break, volunteering at her children's school, sitting for hours at her Mothers side as she goes through chemo treatments, helping someone move or clean their own house (even when she has her own laundry, dishes, bed making to do).  There is a saying that I say to Steph almost daily, "Have you done any good in the world this hour?!"  And I am so glad to know that this is NOT an exaggeration it is just the woman that she is!

The highest form of worship is the worship of unselfish Christian service. The greatest form of praise is the sound of consecrated feet seeking out the lost and helpless. ---- Billy Graham ----
Steph, I know your feet get MUCH mileage every day!  I want you to know that example makes me want to get out of bed and do something good in the world that hour!  Arizona has been sweeter because of you!! So glad that we have connected!! I learn SOO much from you!  Thank you for being there for me and helping add to the goodness I have found in Arizona!  You are the real deal and I am so glad to have you as a true friend!


Monica said...

That describes Steph to the T! Love that girl and love you! Glad you two are friends!

marilyn said...

This is the kind of friend you are to everyone Meg, I'm glad that you have such amazing friends, thank Steh for letting Justin and Beth stay there, it meant so much to them, thanks Meg for being my friend! love you

karen louise said...

Meg! I just realized you had a blog...I saw it on your info on facebook (no I am not a stalker ;) You really are an inspiring was neat to see what your life is all about as I browsed through some of your blog entries. Your friend Steph sounds like an amazing person. Glad you found so much happiness there in AZ! :)

Amber said...

Meg, I called you back just a bit after you left your message. Did you get my message? I've left messages with you sometimes but not last week.
Love YOU!!!!!!!!!!! Talk to you soon.

Amber said...

I don't think I've ever gone so long without catching up with you! I hope things are going well! Are you getting my phone messages? Love you and miss you!!!