Sunday, December 21, 2008


Can I just tell you that when I first saw this I nearly lost it. Tears of joy and loud meg laughter consumed me.. I watched it again and again and even though I knew Brooke was brilliant.. I can now show you how brilliant that she is!

Brooke is the wife of one of the EFY Session Directors Brother John McClay.. the two of them are amazing! They keep me laughing that is for sure. Brooke has more energy and more creativity on one hand than I have in my whole body!

Well here is the wonderful scoop! Brooke entered a cooking contest for Solo foods.. I have no idea what that is since they live in Colorado.. but it was to cook something and be creative in doing so.. this is what she came up with!!!


Brandon and Erica said...

I loved the "Meg laugh" comment...I miss that laugh!

I love John and Brooke McLay! They are such an awesome, dynamic, and (obviously) creative couple!

She is so cute!

Monica said...

I loved it! Very creative! I hope she wins---that is if it is a contest!!! I can always hear your laugh in your mind! We've been watching family videos when my children were little! There is one of Jer dancing NEW YORK, NEW YORK doing weeelies in his will chair and you are in the back ground laughing hysterically! It made me miss you! So many fun memories we captured on tape!