Sunday, December 7, 2008


This lady is one of my dearest friends. She took such perfect care of me as a missionary in Englewood/Dayton Ohio. Her home was a safe haven for me in the last 6 months of my mission and her family continues to be such a beloved part of my life still today.
On Prep days on my mission countless times we spent them at her house (she wasn't even home) she let us come in and do our laundry and our email or letter writing to our families. I created many newsletters in her basement for my family and friends. When we would come to our house she also would leave us fresh baked bread to take home with us... she was SOOOO loving and accepting and willing to serve us! We knew that she loved us!
Since being home she has welcomed me into her home on several different occasions even with guests to stay at her home. On my second visit back she even gave me use of her car!!

Alicia has so many awesome talents. She is a great communicator. It is rare that you meet someone so talented as to so naturally have great communication with people that they have never met. We would take her on exchanges with us and the people loved her because she so openly honest and loving to all she meets.

Alicia is also a loyal. If you are in her heart she will do anything for you. She loves her family and friends so deeply and worries about them... not based on what people "may think" but based on true principles and love and concern for their spiritual well being.

She is a woman of faith and many miracles have happened in her life because she never ceased to pray or stop believing in the fact that they could happen.

Most importantly she is a great example of love, charity, devotion and compassion. She is one that I have and always will look up to. She is a mother of wonderful, loving children. A wife of a equally wonderful husband and a friend in all times. I love that in life we can have friends from all different ages and backgrounds and that we can all learn from each other. My life is blessed greatly through the talks that I have with Alicia. The encouragement we give each other and the love and wisdom that she can teach me!
Happy Birthday my sweet Alicia!! I DEFINITELY celebrate you birth! YOU ARE LOVED!