Monday, December 8, 2008


My long time EFY friends have Christmas party every year and this year was the first that I was able to attend.. it was themed Ugly Christmas Sweater party! I loved every minute of it and two of my best friends and I took it to a WHOLE new level!
Jen looked SMASHING in the outfit she didn't even have to doctor up!! It was way PRECIOUS!
Stace won the award of the night!! She went over and beyond in he dress up abilities from head to toe.. she jingled ALL the way!I would like to thank KMART for this lovely sweater score! For only 12.99 I was able to pull off this ugly, gotty sweater vest! (I hope no one that reads this has this sweater!)

Kev and Natalie looked great in their sweaters complete with Shoulder pads.

Some fun Dancing went on.. Stace put on her hip hop and Bret went to town!

A close up of my Shirley temple, foam roller hair design!

These next two picture are the white elephant exchange items. This is what I won! And Alissa's was my favorite of the funny ones.. Jen picked this one out... It was complete with a pink poinsetta.

I have the dearest friends!! I am so blessed with friends who like to have GOOD, CLEAN, FUN!


(YPM= Young Popular Mormons... we aren't so young anymore!)


Brandon and Erica said...

How fun!! I have to say, Megs, you looked SMASHING in the sweater ensemble.

Some of my very favorite people are YPMers. Seriously...that had to of been a rockin party.

Amber said...

I love your hat the best...where DO you shop? =)

Boise Buhrley's said...

LOVE IT!! We were looking forward to these pictures...and you did NOT disappoint!! The only thing missing is a picture of you going to work that day IN your rollers,(covered with a Santa hat of course.) It was worth it, the hair is B E A utiful!!
We love you!!

Brand N' Kys said...

NO JOKE meg, my awesome mother-in-law has that sweater you are wearing and loves to wear it for reals! She is a babe!

Staci said...

Love it Megs! So fun! I cannot wait for the next dress up dance party! We need one real soon! Love you!

Stephanie said...

That looks like so much fun! I think I want to throw an ugly sweater party now.

Amy Jensen said...

That is so funny I am still laughing! Sounds like a good fun idea for a party, wish I was there. Jamie and I were actually talking about this today. I told her that I was listening on the radio last Christmas about things that aren't in style anymore and the girl said "for those that wear themed sweaters or vests those are or were never in style" lol

Angie said...

I love that idea for a party! Andy had to do that at NuSkin one year, and we made him a sweater with the "Christmas Story" leg lamp on it. Needless to say, it was awesome! I loved your hair, I would seriously consider that for my girls on the Sunday before Christmas...

Stef said...

Those are great sweaters! love you Meg!