Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Birthday's all around....

Erica or "ER" as we call her has been my friend for many years. We met originally at EFY and then I got the privilege to be her roommate at Crestwood Apt's in Provo for 2 semesters! At Crestwood we had plenty of good times. From laughing so hard I thought my guts would fall out to late night chats with Jen, Er and I piled on my twin bed in the middle of the night talking about boys (Er would wake up for those... now that is a TROOPER!)
I remember Er's grandpa recliner in her room and how proud she was of that. I was more proud what she did in that recliner, I would wake up to go to my job at Mountain Ridge and find Er bundled up in the recliner reading her scriptures every morning. She was such a GREAT example to me of that.
While we were roomies we came up with "ISM's" of each other and then took a funny picture and put all the ism's around it and hung it on the wall. I wish I could remember all her ISM's cause we all laughed for hours coming up with them. Instead I am going to tell you some of the things I love that ENDEAR me to sweet ER!

Er is a born leader. She is now Young Women's President in her ward, was RS President in our single's ward, Administrator for the EFY program and served a mission to California and survived the food to tell about it:) Er has an AMAZING shimmy! Loves healthy food, especially 'dilly beans" and found a guy to marry that was also raised on dilly beans! She loves to play games especially Settler's of Catan. She is now a wife and mother of the cutest little girl Emmy.
She LOVES talking and watching politics and sports...she's a die hard. And did I tell you she is a killer soccer player? She is!
I am so thankful for Er! Our chats about life, love, hardships, kids, cooking, you name it we talk about EVERYTHING!

I will share two of my favorite Ism's I remember about Er: I never knew there was such things as "I'm having a skinny day" until I met her and she said that! I busted laughing out loud and said, "WHO SAYS THAT?!" and the second is, you can always tell when she is tired, she has what I called a quasi eye. It would droop when she is feeling tired and droopy :)

Er was even such a great friend that when Jen and I moved to Carbondale, IL she came and visited us for a few days!! We had a blast, just like ole' times although we couldn't find dry ice for her Graeter's ice cream so she could take it home.. thanks for the extra 10 lbs it put on me Er.. my body wil be forever thankful!! LOL

Once again you can see why I am so lucky, I have the best example's and greatest friends on the planet!!

Love you Er. I hope you skip mutual tonight and watch Lost and The Biggest Loser while eating a jar of Dilly Beans!
Happy Birthday BESTIE!