Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Ginga!!

Ok, I know that some think the word Ginga is a mean word to describe someone that is redheaded... but what if there name is Ginger and they are redheaded then I think it constitutes Ginga!!

This is my sweet Holli Dolly's Mom Ginger or Ginger spice, which she is SPICY!! Oh how I love this woman!I looked up the defination for her name and found: Definitions of ginger

n. - The hot and spicy rootstock of Zingiber officinale, which is much used in cookery and in medicine.
They have Ginger down pat.. she is hot and she is spicy..especially her famous salsa!! To die for!

Being friends with the Whiting's since I was 12 yrs old, I often heard Aunt Ging stories but when
I got to meet her a few years later I was in heaven!! We clicked!! I just loved her. She is the life of the party. Within seconds of being around her you are grinning from ear to ear and laughing gut laughter at the comical things that she is saying!

She is a headliner!! She is one of the trendiest people I know.. if there is something fashionable on the market, she has it and she wears it like no one else can!

She always has a smile on her face and a clever thing to tease you about. She will always be found with a diet drink with lipstick marks on the straw or cup! She is always made up beautifully and dressed to the nines.

But Ging goes much deeper than the style she wears! She is a devoted Mother who has shown such strength through the many trials she has faced. She is a dedicated sister and aunt who loves her family to death. She is a devoted, sexy wife who dotes on her husband and so in love and not afraid to tell you. But the most important part of Ging is that she is a daughter if God and knows it and shows it by the way that she lives her life.

I know, I know, just from reading this you all want to be friends with Ging, but she is mine, all mine and boy am I glad!!

Happy 30th Birthday my sweet Ginga Spice!! May you keep looking better and better through the years!! I adore you and Love you!!


Heaps Family said...

Beautifully said my friend! I agree with EVERYTHING you said! She is MY AUNT though and I have always felt VERY LUCKY to say so! There is never a dull moment when she is around! Happy Birthday Aunt Ginger!!!! LOVE YOU

~wendy~ said...

Meg that is so well said, I couldn't have said it better than that! I am so happy to have her as my My Mom!!!

Monica said...

You described her to a T! You are so good at describing everyone's special characteristics! We do all love Ginger. We missed you today for the birthday lunch! Wish you were with us! Love you girl! See you bright and early!

Ging said...

WOW!!!! That was soo sweet! I love you too Sweet Megs! I am so glad you are here in AZ. You are another daughter that I love so much and from the moment I met you, you were part of our family! Thanks for being you! You are AWESOME!

Amy Pectol Oberhansley said...

Happy birthday my Ginger! I hope it was a good one because you deserve it girl!

marilyn said...

Love it, Megan well said, I'm very lucky to have her for my sister, but you have the age wrong, she might act like she is 30 but I won't tell how old she really is because she is my baby sister!